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  1. Re: Loic Remy, Micah Richards, Juan Agudelo Agudelo has a bright future ahead of him as a US national team player, unfortunately with regards to SM that doesn't translate into big profits or high ratings especially in the near future. He also plays in the MLS which is a bit of a limiting factor, but I could see him rising maybe even as soon as next USA review. Yesterday he was subbed in at the 55th minute for RedBull New York and scored 2 goals. Of all the match time he's seen this season, half was as a sub and half as a starter (in 19 games he's made 13 total appearances.)
  2. Re: Georgi Schennikov Agreed, he's due for a definite rise. How much is the question, but a +2 isn't unreasonable.
  3. Re: Gennaro Gattuso . I do like De Rossi.... anyhow, thanks for the feedback!
  4. Re: Gennaro Gattuso . Do you know if he will continue to play for Italy over the next few years?
  5. Re: Struggling Teams - Need Veteran Help! Thanks for the feedback guys, I'm definitely leaning towards Valencia now. I'd still love to sign Rossi if I can scrape together the money after this big purchase. I'm tempted to just sell off some talent and buy Ribery, but I don't like heavily investing in one player, plus Im not sure one top talent surrounded by 90 rated players would make as much of a different as signing 2 or maybe even 3 ~92 SM rated players this season. No one likes Lisandro? If I recall correctly, I looked up his stats and he's been on a bit or a terror this season. Althou
  6. Re: right winger - need help! With the likes of MARIN and HAZARD probably taken already, how about: LENNON PJANIC TURAN They're some solid talents that might be under the radar if there aren't too many managers in your league.
  7. I miraculously placed fourth in the top division last season in my gameworld, thanks to an incredible run of good luck and form. However, my Ajax team is high on prospective young talent but relatively low on SM ratings. Things have come crashing down this season, and with 20 games played and only 16 points, I'm sitting in 18th place and looking at relegation. I'm a decent tactician, but most of the clubs I'm playing have multiple 92+ rated players and I just can't seem to compete any more! My idea is to sign some key veteran, high SM rating players that will hold their value or possibly e
  8. Re: Bundesliga Winter Transfers 2011 Picked up Leitner for my SM Borussia Dortmund team, thanks for the heads up.
  9. Re: Adam BOYES - 40k Player. Any update on this kid? I tried looking online for some stats, but he hasn't been playing lately?
  10. Re: Adding (Rising) Midfield Talent... That's a great tip! So if I can poke around online for the real life roster of a club, then buy a player on SM who is listed under a different team, he'll sell back to the SM equivalent of his current real life squad?
  11. Re: Adding (Rising) Midfield Talent... I just learned that Hulk and Jovetic are both on unmanaged teams that have the bare minimum of players in my Game World, so no player from those teams can be signed. Frustrating! That leaves me with Ramires, and I can't decide whether or not I think things will pick up for him at Chelsea... I guess I'll wait and keep an eye on his situation to see if performance picks up. In the mean time, I did sign Mats Hummels from Dortmund, although he is a Defensive Midfielder he's on the rise and I really like him.
  12. Re: Adding (Rising) Midfield Talent... Think Bender will hit 90 next ratings and keep going? Think Sahin will go to 91? I checked his stats, he's playing well but not exactly lighting things on fire...
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