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  1. Re: , Victor Ruiz, Gary Cahill or Alberto Botia? Yeah I know all of them have got potential that's why I'm confused which one to sell lol. I was thinking the same, but then Botia might return to Barcelona I heard.. so yeah :/ confused! And Bolton have been poor this season, I don't see Cahill getting 89 until he moves
  2. Which one should I sell? They are all in my reserve team so I want to get rid of one or two players? Cheers
  3. I'm really confused who's the better left-back out of the 2. Both of them seem to have potential. Can anyone help and tell me who's got a better future and what rating do you think they can get up to if they move to a bigger club? Thanks in advance
  4. Re: Juan Mata or Ibrahim Afellay?! Thanks guys, pretty one sided arguement I guess haha
  5. I know Mata is rated higher and is younger than Afellay at the moment.. But if I had to sign someone for the long-term.. who would it be? Who's got a better future and what rating do you think these 2 will be in the next 2-3 years? Thanks in advance
  6. Re: Joe Hart or Pepe Reina?! If this was on facebook, I would like this comment.. Thanks for your input everyone, but the Liverpool manager has decided not to sell Reina now, so I have to go with Hart .
  7. Hi, I haven't seen much of Lucas so I'm not sure if he's better or got potential to become better than Thiago.. Please only reply to this thread if you have seen Lucas and Thiago play before .
  8. Re: Joe Hart or Pepe Reina?!
  9. Re: Joe Hart or Pepe Reina?! Yeah that's what I was thinking guys because Reina won't play in champs league and that and Hart will, Hart's got more of a chance to rise, and maybe up to 93 in some years. But Reina has been consistent and will stay at 93. Confused ;/
  10. I can sign one of these 2 keepers. Who should I sign? Would help if you could tell me their rating predictions in the next 2-3 season as well. Thanks, need quick replies!
  11. Re: Alexis Sanchez or Dimitri Payet? Thanks guys, also I'd apreciate if you could help me on choosing between Cristian Ansaldi and Benoit Tremoulinas. I'm not sure how have their seasons been, so if you could help . Thanks again.
  12. Which one of these 2 will be better in the future?
  13. Hi, I want to get rid of one of them two.. and I'm not sure who ;l. I would appreciate some help, and also if someone could tell me how both of their seasons have been. A prediction of future ratings for both would help as well . Thanks
  14. Re: Are these players worth keeping? Thanks I wasn't too sure about Botia, as bought him when he was at Barca, but now I don't know how he's doing..
  15. Just wanted to get rid of some players in my squad, so I need help to decide which ones from the following list: Macedo Michel Marco D'Alessandro Denys Garmash Adam Matthews Joel Obi Alberto Botia Leornado Bonucci
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