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  1. when players are put on the transfer list, external/unmanaged teams bid for transfer, and we can sell out player to such clubs. but what about loan? do external clubs bid for loan too? or is it only the human managers that will bid for loan????? does anyone know?????
  2. Re: Tactics Help Thread my next opponent uses 4-3-3 formation,with all default tactics. his team has an average rating of 82. my team has an average rating of 86, and i use 4-3-1-2 formation. will my team beat his? i am concerned because last time my team beat 80 rated unmanaged 4-4-2 team by 2-1......
  3. Re: Tactics Help Thread can somebody explain the player runs........i mean what does the arrow signify - forward, backward, diagonal, horizontal......
  4. Re: More important: value,form,morale,fitness?
  5. Re: no of clubs you are right mate. anyone ever heard of alex ferguson managing two teams? so only one team should be allowed to manage. i wonder how do people managa 10 clubs plus international at the same time......dudes, get a life!!!!!!!!
  6. this is in response to my other thread that has been "closed down" (because freedom of speech is a thing of the past): http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?t=58917 MY APOLOGIES TO EVERYONE WHO WERE OFFENDED BY MY COMMENTS. BUT I HOPE YOU UNDERSTAND MY FRUSTRATION FOR BEING "PUNISHED" FOR A MISTAKE IN THE SYSTEM, AND MORE OVER NOT EVEN GIVEN A REASON FOR IT. THANKS FOR EVERYONE WHO TOOK THEIR TIME TO READ AND COMMENT ON MY THREAD. FOR HESSE: YES I AM MOVING ON NOW. AND I WOULD BE GLAD IF "Air your dirty laundry in public so that we can all see why you had your rep reduced in the first place". I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW TOO. FOR TEBTHEREB: SORRY DUDE!!!!! NO MORE COMMENTS FROM ME OK. ALREADY BEEN WARNED TWICE....
  7. Re: Rep Reduced this is comedy::::: i sent a sm ticket and they replied (within 45 minutes) and it is their reply:: Dear SM Member, The Soccer Manager cheat prevention system (CPS) has caught you blatantly breaking the rules. The sophisticated CPS system monitors all suspicious transfer activity, club activity, taking over control of clubs and user registrations. We know when dummy accounts are set up in order to benefit yourself and/or friends by doing dodgy transfers, all activity is logged, all the transfers you do or try to do and with who are logged. This matter is now dealt with and the SMFA will not reverse their decision. Regards Jordan, Community Support Admin This response has been made from another SM manager, who has volunteered to help with support. now i don't understand this:: 1. i've transacted with numerous managed/unmanaged/external clubs (at max twice with each clubs - and some deals were blocked by smfa - for which me and other mgrs were puzzeled) 2. is "club activity". i've fielded the strongest side in all competitions. 3.i have a life and i want to dedicate all my free time to manage my one club (that is why i was only managing one club instead of two available) also if they suspected cheating in transfers why the hell they didn't (falsely)punish other managers. i contacted them and said their rep was not reduced.... this is all a piece of bull (including some of the replies - not all)
  8. Re: Injustice!!!!!! for ur information - everybody starts with 40....after a week it increased to 41 and now it is down to 35..........
  9. Re: Rep Reduced thanx evbdy for replying.......pardon me for my language - obviously english is not my first language and i am not particularly good with it.... i m just disgruntled with SMFA now - and it was just to make me heard (I know they don't give a "****")... it wasn;t me who edited it - it was SM Dev.....and i am still and the bloody SM help alz says "no open tickets" - hence i sent email to support and no response...............DAMNIT SM DEV(STE) ALL I AM ASKING IS FOR REASONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. i have been a victim of grave injustice from SM....my reputation point has been deducted from 41 to 35 - with a level 3 warning....I AM NOT A CHEAT...... :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:
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