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  1. Re: Gold Championship 1 News Yesterday was Easter Monday, it would have been my grandfather’s 103rd birthday and in the evening I reached for the first time a Champions League final with Boca Juniors in GC1. So while this was not the most important thing yesterday, it nevertheless made me realize that it is almost 7 years now since I joined GC1 in August 2008. And as it has been a while since my last post I thought this is as good an opportunity as any to reflect on all this time. Initially I joined GC1 as manager of Getafe in the Spanish second division. In those days one would put in a transfer bid just before 8am UK time and just after 8am know if the bid was accepted or not (those were the days, cheating did not seem much of an issue but teams would bid 99.9m in cash whenever a ManU or Arsenal youngster was added to the database . Getafe were quickly promoted to the first division and I picked up players like Schmelzer, Töprak, Piszczek, Glushakov, Canales back then – some of them still at Getafe to this day! After about a year I was offered the job as Boca Juniors manager (in September 2009). I have very rarely accepted job offers over the years across all GCs – but this was one of the rare occasions I accepted the position. In those days Teb and Spartak Moscow ruled GC1 and the ambition back then was to win the Champions League one day. But realizing fully well that it would take years and in the summer of 2010 I tried to make it even harder by imposing upon myself to give the Boca Juniors squad a more Argentine/Latin American flavor. The consequences were some horrific trades – the likes of Javi Martinez, Hummels, Alaba were traded for players that had little to no impact. Also bringing legends such as Zanetti to Boca Juniors had the price of giving a youngster such as Harry Kane away. Sometimes I wonder what a “best of” squad of the above former Getafe and Boca Juniors players could do However, a few years ago nobody cared much for young German, Dutch or French youth internationals and Boca Juniors were able to assemble the likes of ter Stegen, Rode, Jung, Mustafi, Clasie, Guilavogui for little cash. On the other hand, Rodrigo Palacio remained the one constant having been with Boca Juniors for all of the 21 seasons in GC1. On Jan. 6th this year (i.e. exactly three months before the Champions League final last night) another manager suggested to me in a private message that Palacio would drop in rating and I should get rid of him. Well, his assist last night for the only goal felt like a just reward for my stubbornness of holding on to him So now the urgency to win the Champions League in GC1 is off – and I rank it among my greatest results in my GC history over the years (incl. winning the World Cup with Scotland in GC1; winning the World Cup with Mali in GC 26; having built a top squad with Nacional da Madeira in GC 59 despite having a stadium with only 5,000 seats and hence being constantly broke). And now what? In recent seasons the American league in GC1 has become much tougher. Flamengo has by far the best team and rightfully won the league this season. Some of the most promising youngsters also seem to be with other teams in this league. However, only two teams will qualify for the Champions League – and unlike in real life there is no chance that good performances will lead to additional slots for the league (after all, the SMFA Shield has also been won by two teams from America in recent seasons so the trend is clearly up). There are still plenty of youngster I want to see developing further (e.g. Icardi as eventual heir of Palacio) and I assume winning the title will mean qualification for the Champions League next season (despite only finishing third in the league this year). As a result, every season just qualifying for the Champions League will likely get even tougher. Boca Juniors have always qualified for the knockout stages in the Champions League – so that is a streak I would love to preserve. This year this record almost came to an end actually. At the beginning of the season (i.e. last November) my work kept me busy and for a few weeks I had Boca Juniors on holiday mode. And I was horrified when I finally signed back in to see that a silly formation I had tried out for pre-season friendly matches had not changed and let to losses including the Charity Shield but also the first Champions League match at home to Milan. Any challenge looked well over after further draws with Yeovil and 1860 München being bottom of the group with two points at the halfway stage. But two wins and a draw in the remaining group matches were enough for Boca Juniors to progress once again. Yet it would have been a very disappointing season without any silverware until Palacio had a 25th minute assist for unlikely goal scorer Musacchio. And with ter Stegen making several fine saves Boca Juniors became the first American team ever in GC1 to win the Champions League – I may unlikely witness another Champions League title with them but surely enjoyed the team that did: GK Ter Stegen 22/89; RB Mustafi 22/88 (60min Rode 24/88); CB Bartra 24/88; CB Musacchio 24/89; LB Jung 24/88; DM Guilavogui 24/89; DM Clasie 23/89; RM Cuadrado 26/91; CM Grenier 24/89 (75min Rodrigo 24/89); LM Lamela 23/91; CF Palacio 33/90 (75min Benteke 24/89)
  2. Re: Gold Championship 100 Match Reports | Transfers That is a great shame to see you leave all those teams - best of luck to you and hopefully you will return one day!
  3. Re: Gold Championship 100 Match Reports | Transfers Well, your team had 60% of possession and 9:1 corners so with stats like that often the odds are against your team winning or drawing a final Thanks for your interest in Cuadrado but at the moment I would like to keep him as my RB/RM position is still a weakness. And ever since I saw him score goal of the month for Lecce last year on Italian TV I have a soft spot for him and he has been good for me ever since
  4. Re: Gold Championship 100 Match Reports | Transfers I completely agree that your team dominated the SMFA Super Cup and I lost these finals before except just one - looks like the SM match engine took a pity and that is probably the only explanation how Monterrey won this final.
  5. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread Last night I finally managed to win my first league title with AS Monaco in GC26. It surely took a long time – to be precise 458 games in charge since taking over the team on December 9, 2009. Back in 2009 the team was average at best and low attendance rates with a small stadium (i.e. always a tight financial situation) did not make it easy in a league that was back then dominated by the likes of Lyon, Marseille or Bordeaux. However, after finishing four times as runner-up in the league this time around Monaco won its first title in style with 90 points having won 27 games, lost only once and having scored 103 goals with only 41 conceded. Also Olivier Giroud won the golden boot with 22 goals while also collecting the player-of-the-season award. Of the Top 10 players with the highest rating in the player-of-the-season table 8 were from AS Monaco – so it was clearly a good season for the team. Overall 15 of my GC teams have now surpassed the 1,000 points mark (only Enyimba in GC14, AFC Wimbledon in GC102 and Arsenal in GC78 are still below that mark) and all but four of my GC teams have now won at least one league title. The four teams that still need to win their first league title include Palermo (once runner-up in GC13 where the league has being dominated by Roma for an eternity), Enyimba (three times runner-up in GC14), Millwall (once runner-up in GC37 but currently leading the division after 32 games into the season) and AFC Wimbledon (once runner-up in GC102). So onwards and upwards!
  6. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread Last night my teams had three Charity Shield finals scheduled. Usually my teams tend to start the season very slowly and I tend to lose these finals – however, last night I managed to win all three resulting in GC trophies 161 to 163. In GC6 Hertha BSC were always favourites as German champions against cup winners Paderborn. I was especially looking forward to this match following high-profile signings only last weekend of two German internationals. Mesut Özil 24/94 joined for 30m in cash + Rafael 22/90 + Granit Xhaka 20/88. Unfortunately, he will only return from injury at the end of May. However, other signing Holger Badstuber 24/91 (who joined for 5m cash + Joel Matip 21/89 + Mattia Destro 22/88) gave his debut and was named captain ahead of the match. A dominant display with a brace by Mariano (after 4mins and 39mins), a goal by Benat (after 35mins) was crowned by Badstuber scoring his first goal for the club after 71mins and the result was a comfortable 4-2 win as Hertha BSC won this trophy for the second time in their history. In GC38 VFL Bochum needed a bit of luck to beat Schalke 04 in penalties following a 2-2 draw in regular time. Mariano (after 57mins) and Javier Hernandez (after 66mins) scored to bring the team back from 0-2 down. As Bochum dominated the play with 66% possession the win seemed fair. Therefore, Bochum have now won the German title two seasons in a row as well as the Charity Shield competition as a long rebuilding process finally seems to bring the rewards. In GC37 Millwall managed to win their first ever Charity Shield with a 2-1 victory over Manchester United. Millwall had 58% of the possession against a strong ManU (with the likes of Vidic, Chiellini, Sergio Ramos, Schweinsteiger, Özil, Thomas Müller, Wayne Rooney) and goals by Susaeta (after 18mins) and substitute Michu (after 85mins) were enough to hold on to the victory after Welbeck had scored after 88mins to make it tense towards the end. Last season Millwall managed to win their first ever English Cup and managed to reach the semi-final of the SMFA Cup (only to lose 4-5 on aggregate against eventual winners Inter Milan) and hopefully this season will be similarly successful.
  7. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread I noticed that I finally joined the exclusive "10/1,000 club" i.e. 10 actively managed GC clubs with 1,000 points or more. Those clubs currently include: - Feyenoord in GC17 with 1,360 points since Nov. 2008 - Goias in GC60 with 1,161 points since July 2009 - FC Midtjylland in GC5 with 1,119 points since June 2009 - Fenerbahce in GC22 with 1,060 points since March 2010 - Hertha BSC in GC6 with 1,034 points since Sept. 2009 - Nacional da Madeira in GC59 with 1,032 points since June 2009 - VFL Bochum in GC38 with 1,029 points since April 2009 - Udinese in GC11 with 1,018 points since Dec. 2009 - Bor. Mönchengladbach in GC51 with 1,013 points since April 2009 - Millwall in GC37 with 1,010 points since July 2009
  8. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I assumed you have Benteke - and I would keep him as he is already rated 88, had in my view a very good season so far and potential to rise further in particular if he moves to a bigger club. Giefer has also a very good season and in the next ratings change should rise to 87. But that would still be below where Benteke is already and if he stays at Duesseldorf (which I think is likely) that would limit his potential. So while I am a big fan of Giefer (and own him in several GCs) I am an even bigger fan of Benteke and would prefer him in this trade.
  9. Re: Gold Championship 1 News Last night Scotland managed to lift the World Cup for the very first time in GC1. Having scraped through qualification with a home win in the very last match, Scotland suffered a set-back in the group stage of the World Cup when being hammered 0-3 by arch rival England. However, playing for 72 minutes one man down (following a red card for Bardsley after 18mins) Scotland recovered from being 0-1 to beat Ivory Coast 5-4 in a thrilling match to qualify for the knock-out stages. In the first round opponent Brazil looked like the final match for Scotland but the team dominated the South Americans and Steven Fletcher (after 38mins) and James Morrison (70mins) secured a 2-0 victory and quarter-final qualification. Following further wins against Portugal (in penalties) and 1-0 against Italy in the semi-final secured the first ever World Cup final for Scotland in this GC. After a goalness draw in extra time in the final with Cameroon penalties were once again the decider. Despite an early miss by Darren Fletcher Scotland managed to come back once again and Steven Naismith finally scored the decisive penalty from the spot to secure the title. Steven Fletcher shared the golden boot together with Ronaldo having played a fantastic World Cup while McGregor kept the team in the competition with several vital saves. And only today did I realize that this was my title 150 across GCs - certainly a memorable one and fitting the occasion
  10. Re: Bundesliga Ratings 2012/2013 Yes mate, unfortunately he is injured and that is why he was taken off in the 43th minute of that match. Same injury that forced him out of the line-up earlier in the season. Kicker magazine assumed on Feb. 10 that Philp may now be out of the season. As of now he is not back in training so there is a chance that is indeed the case.
  11. Re: Gold Championship 1 News Boca Juniors started the new league campaign with an emphatic 5-0 win at home against Palmeiras. Just over 50,000 supporters turned up to see goals by Cata Diaz (14mins), Leto (51mins), Wesley (76mins) and Rudnevs (82 and 83mins). Palacio (the leading scorer in the previous title winning campaign with 32 goals) was suspended for the match but the team compensated his absence very well. This was also the first competitive game for pre-season signing Erik Lamela who managed one assist in the game. Lamela did not come cheap – the cost was a combined 12m cash plus 84-rated GK Alvarado Esteban and 86-rated CF Vazquez Alvaro. But Boca Juniors has currently plenty of cash, the GK position is one of the best positions (with Romero, ter Stegen, Marchesin and Andrada) and also the CF/Fwd position has some young talent behind Palacio, Leto and Rudnevs. So Lamela will hopefully play for several seasons at Boca Juniors and joined along with some other young players since the last update – 18 y.o. German youth international Mitchell Weiser (a bargaining at 2.4m cash given that in real life Bayern München are considering to pay an even higher amount to purchase him), 16 y.o. Argentine Lucas Cano (for 428k + player) and 17 y.o. Uruguay U20-international Mateo Carro (750k + player). There were also a few players transferred away – 85-rated CM Felipe Seymour for 15m, 21 y.o. Fwd/Wing Knowledge Musona for 10m and 84-rated CF Shoki Hirai for 10m. All three players cost originally less than 7m combined and thus provided a nice profit which justified the significant cash outlay for Lamela. On Monday night Boca Juniors travel to Sweden to play their first SMFA Cup match in a while at Helsingborgs IF and on Wednesday the next league match follows at Corinthians.
  12. Re: Gold Championship 1 News Last week Boca Juniors finally managed to secure the league title in Latin America with a 2-1 victory at rivals River Plate in the Superclasico. River Plate were ahead 1-0 after 26mins but goals by Wesley after 35mins and Sebastian Leto after 49mins with his 14th goal of the season ensured the win in a match that Boca Juniors dominated with 68% of the possession. In the end Boca Juniors finished the table top on 84 points ahead of Chivas on 79 and Independiente on 74. This is finally the third league title after wins in seasons 6 (albeit under a different manager) and 10 therefore guaranteeing qualification for the SMFA Cup next season. Palacio scored the most goals in the league with 32 – thus equaling his personal best since the title winning season 6. There was a bit of activity on the transfer market since the last update. Argentine RB/RM Gonzalo Prosperi (26/85) left for 12.5m in cash and Austrian Wing/AM Daniel Royer (21/82) for 6.2m cash. Royer joined by P/E in Nov. 2010 when he was rated 80. In real life he is playing for Hannover 96 but requested to join 1860 München in the German 2nd division next season in order to get playing time. As he will turn 22 y.o. next month and would likely develop concerns I was willing to let him go and take the cash due to his limited rating upside near-term. Similarly Prosperi had joined in August 2010 in a P/E plus cash but never managed to improve his rating to at least 86. In the meantime there are several better prospects in particular for the RB position in my squad – so again happy to pocket the cash and let him move on. Players joining included Argentine AM/Wing Leonardo Jara (20/78) in a P/E + 725k cash, Brazilian youth international RB/RM Rafael Galhardo (20/78) in a P/E from an unmanaged club, Colombian international RB/RM Juan Cuadrado (23/86) in a P/E + cash from an unmanaged club and Argentine AM/CM Juan Cavallaro (17/75) in a P/E from an unmanaged club. These transfers allowed to trade away some non-Latin American players who were above 21 y.o. and thus had the risk of concerns but limited potential for ratings increases in the short-term. In return I picked up Galhardo (who in real life plays for Flamengo and is part of Brazil’s extended Olympic squad), Cuadrado (who did well this season at Lecce on loan from Udinese and is thus apparently tracked by various teams including Arsenal, Milan, PSG or Napoli) and two Argentine prospects in Jara (who seems to have made it into the first team at Estudiantes) and Cavallaro (currently in the Argentine 2nd division but tracked by Anderlecht for a potential transfer). For the season this means Boca Juniors spent around 72m on new players (about half of that amount on the three Argentines Villagra, Yacob and Viatri) while realizing 129m from players sold.
  13. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread GC59: On Thursday night I managed to win my first ever SMFA Super Cup with Nacional da Madeira beating Barcelona 3-0 thanks to goals scored by Götze, Pinilla and Oscar. I became manager of the team in June 2009 and it was a huge struggle competing in the Portuguese league with a stadium of 5,000 maximum capacity against giants such as Benfica, Porto or Sporting. Unfortunately, the chairman never increases the stadium capacity which means around 150k gate receipts per home game is the maximum the team will ever receive (plus any additional income which is not that much more). Needless to say the weekly balance is thus always very negative given a much larger wage bill. Therefore, it has been a constant struggle to balance the budget for almost three years, trying to keep out of the red and yet remain competitive as a team. So I am extremely pleased that these "Portuguese minnows" allowed me to obtain the last major title in GC (besides Playoffs Champion) that I was still missing
  14. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread On Friday it will be exactly two years since I took the job at AFC Wimbledon in GC 102. Last night the team played their first ever fixture in Div. 1. We managed a 4-3 away win at Burnley with Paulinho, Ilicic, Mariano and Dede all scoring. Somehow our Chairman expects the team to mount another title challenge. However, that looks too optimistic and having won four consecutive league titles since Div. 5 that may have caused too much euphoria. I assume that must be the only AFC Wimbledon team in Div. 1 in a GC? When I took the team in 2010 I had just moved to Wimbledon less than a year earlier. In real life the team at the time was playing non-league football but I was impressed how involved they were in the community – they would participate in the Christmas parade on the high street or the summer party in the park nearby. So during the summer party I decided I must pick a Wimbledon if they ever become added to a GC. I was very pleased when I finally was able to pick up the team in GC102 – albeit ten games or so into the season already (and lingering somewhere in 11th place or so). I believe there was at the time only one team with lower value in the division which made it initially tough to compete and in season one I missed the playoffs by a single point. The key problem from the beginning was the small stadium and the finances – having started with less than 5,000 even in Div. 2 the 12k capacity were still the smallest in the league. So players had to be cheap but with potential to improve relatively soon. Now at the beginning of the first season in Div. 1 the average is 87, close to reaching 88. GKs Zieler (88) and ter Stegen (87) cost a total of 2.9m and allow for the luxury to send ter Stegen on loan for the season. The CBs Dede and Papadopoulos (both rated 88) cost a total of just below 2m and have been playing as regulars since Div. 5. The starting LB Moisander and RB Mariano (both rated 87) though cost a whopping 7m and 6m, respectively. DM Brazilian international Paulinho (rated 88) also cost 6m, back-up Guilavogui (86) cost much less at 390k. Ilicic (rated 88) on the left-wing cost 800k also starting since Div. 5, on the right wings either Zahavi 2.8m or Fabian Frei (P/E for De Jesus who had cost 420k) can start. The starting CMs can be Kucka, Constant or Corgnet (all rated 87) who cost a total of just over 13m. Bacinovic was just sold for a record 18m after having cost 2.2m in November 2010. Fwds are 87-rated Yilmaz (3.8m) and Rudnevs (who just joined today for 306k plus two youngsters). Other promising youngsters with potential include the likes of LB Rodriguez (710k in cash), Jenkinson (16k), El Ghanassy (3.3m) or Carrillo (P/E) among a youth squad around 80 players. Overall it has been a fantastic journey so far and I am looking forward how our first ever season in Div. 1 will turn out in the end – go Dons!!!
  15. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread
  16. Re: Gold Championship 1 News With only 5 league games and 15 points to play for it looks an opportune time for another season update on Boca Juniors. Halfway through the season all looked well with the team eight points clear at the top on 50 points. It took about two games or so and Boca Juniors found themselves one point behind Chivas in second place for a large part of the second half (of course, any math wizards will quickly realize that its is not possible to squander an eight point lead in two games – but annoyingly it wasn’t far off and certainly evaporated too quickly). However, the team stabilized its performance and now is back in the lead on 77 points ahead of Chivas 75 points and Independiente on 72. Flamengo had a good run but now with 63 points in 4th place looks all but mathematically out of the title race. Palacio would get my vote for Boca Juniors player-of-season having amassed 30 goals and 15 assists out of a total of 70 goals scored by the entire team so far. Looks like he could even eclipse thes 32 goal career best he achieved in season 6. In the transfer market Boca Juniors were able to complete a few deals since the last update. By far the most money was spent by paying 8.5m to allow Lucas Viatri to return to Boca Juniors. He is also playing at the club in real life and I have been tracking him for some time. While he is injured in real life at the moment he has a unique quality that no other player in my (certainly vast) squad currently possesses – having been accused in 2008 committing armed robbery to a hairdressing saloon! But seriously, he has been playing for Argentina before his injury and I believe his 85 rating has upside. And the money spent is not that much higher than what some newly-added 18 y.o. 75-rated players have been selling for recently in this GC. Speaking of youngsters, Boca Juniors also added a few of those – in came the likes of Steven Zellner (German youth international for 460k), Gaston Rodriguez (460k), English youth internationals Jamaal Lascelles (3.3m) and Adam Webster (1.7m), ex-Liverpool Argentine Gerardo Bruna (2.4m), Venezuelan international Alexander Gonzalez (2.6m), 16 y.o. Carlos Gruezo (P/E) and the player with my favourite name – Yaya Banana (438k + Selim Aydemir) who subsequently already increased from 75 to 82. Players traded away were Baris Basdas (5m), Moritz Stoppelkamp (10m), Zvonko Pamic (5.5m) and Sinisa Andjelkovic (10m) resulting in 110.2m received from transfers out this season vs 68.0m spent so far. There were also some notable risers in recent week – LB Monzon finally rose to 87 making him the starter now over Strinic on 86. Also LB Garcia has improved to 83 – having in real life finally become a starter at Novara (on loan from Palermo). CF Rudnevs was a pleasant surprise with his rise from 85 to 87 and he has now replaced 86-rated Alvaro in the pecking order to back up Palacio. In real life Rudnevs looks set to join Hamburg next season (that is if Hamburg can void the drop from the Bundesliga). So there could be more to come from him in the coming 6-12 months. Finally, ter Stegen increased from 85 to 87 as well and is now #2 in the pecking order to back up GK Romero. He is currently on loan but interest for him seems high – already some of the best players have already been offered for him (such as Christopher Samba! ). Now the season will continue with a match on Monday in the Cup quarter-final at home to Cruz Azul – the team to knock Boca Juniors out of the Shield at the same stage a couple of months ago. Then in the league the remaining five games are all relatively tough with the away leg at Chivas in round 36 possibly playing a key role in deciding the title race. With all that in mind: Viva La Boca!!!
  17. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread While SM is busy updating its servers is blatant cheating in GCs making a comeback? I am quite frankly stunned this morning to see the following in GC17: - Vertonghen has completed his transfer from Hamburg to Bologna for 22m in cash - Hamburg just accepted an offer of 17m cash for Remy for...drum roll...you guessed it Bologna It is of course worth mentioning that the managers of both clubs joined the teams only yesterday, according to their profiles both are based in Germany and ManU fans...so I would have expected this to be picked up but I am unable to report these transfers in the GC. I could report it manually - but I tried twice (and failed both times) last week to point out to SM in GC13 that a 4m cash transfer for Barkley had occurred from Carlisle. Only for the Carlisle manager to resign shortly after that trade (no surprise there)... I was told both times that the transfer system apparently is "highly tuned" and thus no suspicious transfer had occurred. I guess working as well as the servers then?
  18. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread I would not give up on him just yet - e.g. late last year in GC1 I had a couple of players developing level 4 concerns with their ratings in the 70s which I still wanted to keep until they improve. The avg. squad was on a rating of 88 so having them as starters was not really an option. In the end I increased their wages (to keep them from developing a wage concern as well which surely would have put them on the transfer list) and brought them in at every match as a substitute in the 75th minute. This way they were always fresh and could play every match, they performed decent (usually a performance of 8) and did not seem to harm the team (i.e. I don't ever recall conceding more than scoring after they had come on as substitutes). Now they are back at level 2 concerns and I removed them from the squad to give other players with concerns a chance to play a bit.
  19. Re: Gold Championship 100 Match Reports | Transfers Monterrey advance to the second round of the SMFA Shield following a 4-2 win at Sporting Braga last night with a score of 7-3 on aggregate. The win last night came despite playing some of the second squad. Braga could have clearly been helped by a stronger goalkeeper - and Monterrey are grateful that Stuttgart took the bait and bought 88-rated Artur from Braga just before the first leg So Monterrey would also like to return a favour by pointing out that the nickname of Stuttgart is "Die Roten" (as can also be verified e.g. by the English wiki site about the club). "Rotten" is also a German word - but probably this was a typo rather than intentional use
  20. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread Nacional da Madeira managed to win the SMFA Shield tonight in GC 59 beating an excellent LB Chateauroux (fielding the likes Badstuber, Schürrle, Shaqiri) on penalties. This is exactly two years after Madeira reached their first ever SMFA Shield final (and my first ever SMFA Shield final in a GC) in March 2010 - only to lose (but not surprisingly the 85 or so avg. at the time). With a stadium of 5,000 maximum capacity and in a Portuguese league with giants Benfica and Porto it was tough in the past two years just to balance the budget and I was often tempted to quit the team as debt piles were so high (even with the SMFA Shield cup win expenses this season are still 15m+ higher than income). 7 of the 14 players fielded by Madeira in tonight's final cost 1m or less to obtain - the only way to keep the team afloat. But two years of being patient paid off tonight and I am glad I stuck with the team
  21. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread Congrats for winning the title, well done! Maybe you should get rid of Rooney or RVP and get Mlapa At least Palermo recover from the previous defeat in the cup at Roma with a 3-0 win away at Juventus
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