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  1. It was both Mourinho and Pellegrini's first trophy in England. An excellent warm up act to build squad confidence and getting them to experience winning things. Not the hardest to win either and stupid to dismiss.
  2. We signed him after he was voted the best player at the U17 world cup a few years ago. He's played in the last 2 preseasons and looked good and extremely confident in both for a youngster. Got a work permit around Christmas last year but had a few injuries that limited him to the U21 side towards the end of the season. Looks like he's the third choice striker this season but he can also play behind a main CF.
  3. Nachooooo! Didn't see the game but 5 on the bounce conceding none is pretty damn good if you ask me. Hope Aguero is OK. Could do with him for the Juve game on Tuesday.
  4. Surprised at De Gea's new contract. Suspect he'll have been told that he'd need to commit to something in order to get games - which he needs prior to the Euros. Wouldn't be surprised if he was able to go to Real next summer. In other, much more hilarious news; read this - http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-3230745/Manchester-clubs-loggerheads-youth-policy-United-concerned-City-s-recruitment-drive-overly-aggressive.html. After our U14s spanked yours 9-0, United are apparently pondering boycotting matches against City! I guess when the going gets tough, the tough get going
  5. Here's how I would view United's transfer window: Goalkeepers Romero is not good enough. He's already cost you points that De Gea would have saved against Swansea and it says something that he was available as a free agent. I don't think De Gea still being at the club is anything to shout about - he'll be in no mood to play and is bound to be angry at United (justly or not) that a deal couldn't be pushed through. Plus, Van Gaal is far too stubborn to start picking him now. The same goes for Valdes, who Van Gaal has also fallen out with. With the sale of Lindegaard, that realistically leaves
  6. Canal+ reporting that Monaco have informed them that the Martial deal is worth €80m (£58.5m). That's bonkers. I'd also read the De Gea fee as worth £29m - not that amount plus Navas. They're including Navas' value in the reported fee.
  7. The issue at DM is that Coq can't do it all alone. All of the players you mention (bar Matic) have partners that are somewhat defensive in Yaya, Schweinsteiger and Henderson. Cazorla is a fantastic player but he definitely shouldn't be in the deeper layer of midfield. It's not a role that suits him and he's a bit wasted there really. Arsenal don't really have a player suited to that role. Wilshere is never fit, Arteta isn't good enough, Ramsey's better further forwards. One that might work is Ox. I think he played there last season against Bayern and bossed it. He's got the energy to get box
  8. Don't think City have had many better months than this August. 100% record, lots of goals from lots of players and still yet to concede. Some cracking signings with De Bruyne just confirmed give us a squad depth and flexibility that I think only Real and Bayern can match. Pellegrini deserves huge credit - he's got nothing wrong so far and had made some excellent decisions. Very hard not to get carried away.
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