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  1. I think that sooner or later the media are going to stop falling for his bull and might start to question these poor performances. He deflected from the Swansea result very well (at the expense of his medical team) and it'll be interesting to see if his bizarre claim that Chelsea had the best of the second half is swallowed up. City could, and would if not for Begovic, have been out of sight by half time. All that isn't to say he can't turn it around. Already 5 points behind though And all teams have lots of traveling in the off season - it's the price you pay for the big sponsorships which bankroll the big wages and signings. You can't have it all.
  2. Jose's losing it. It's beautiful to watch
  3. Fantastic first performance of the season, especially when all of our title rivals have dropped points. Not a single area of the pitch that I can pick fault with - we defended and attacked superbly. Special mentions to Silva, Yaya and Mangala who all stood out.
  4. You also need to remember that it is the people, not the businesses, that will be voting. Issues like the scenes at Calais and the treatment of Greece will be at the forefront of people's minds. Not the possible economic downturn. Besides, as Longnose says, we're the world's 7th largest economy. You're daft if you reckon the only way we can survive is to remain in a sheltered club with 20 far inferior economies.
  5. Happy with business so far. Sterling cost a lot but ticks every box on our wish list. I have confidence that if we come to sell in a few years, we could be looking at making a profit on him. He'll fit in brilliantly. Delph is a very useful squad player, especially at the price we got him for. Think his u-turn was a bit silly but would guess he got given certain assurances at Villa that were broken with the sale of Benteke. Roberts looks promising but I wouldn't expect too much first team action for him this season. Looks like some kids could be stepping up this year though, particularly Denayer and Iheanacho and hopefully Lopes too. Some of the even younger ones have really impressed in preseason as well - especially Manu Garcia who could be a long term replacement for Silva. Think we'll see Dzeko and Jovetic gone very soon and hopefully De Bruyne will join up.
  6. I like Firmino a lot. Hopefully he adapts to the Prem. Clyne's a good buy too. Spent the Sterling money pretty well!
  7. ... and signed Depay, spending the most of any club so far.
  8. Sources that have got stuff right in the past suggesting we have bids in for Sterling, Pogba and Firmino with De Bruyne to come. Big big summer Denayer may well be playing again for Belgium tonight against Wales. It'd be nice to not have to buy a CB.
  9. City have had a £25 + 5M bid for Sterling turned down. You're apparently looking for £50M. Can't envisage us going higher than £40M though.
  10. Your aim should be top 4 and I don't think Milner and Ings are significant enough improvements on Gerrard and Balotelli to get you any closer to a CL spot. Especially when you consider that the teams above you are likely to strengthen. Especially when it looks very likely that Sterling will leave.
  11. Re: Game of Thrones (includes spoilers) Best episode of the season so far tonight and by some margin. Looks promising for the last episodes too, especially in the North. Understand that they've felt the need to go at a faster pace than the books but I do feel they're taking it a bit quickly. The cinematography hasn't been nearly as good this season as in previous.
  12. Re: Official Spanish La Liga Discussion Thread Only in the moistest of your dreams.
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