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  1. Re: The Politics Thread A socialist mob has descended on Downing Street, seemingly to protest against democracy. They've been violent and vandalised a war memorial to boot. Savages.
  2. Re: The Politics Thread Izod's Palpatine.
  3. Re: The Politics Thread Just gone back to the start of the thread. They do say that you move right on the spectrum as you get older, but I seem to have aged significantly in 4 and a half years
  4. Re: Official Premier League Discussion Thread I don't think they will, but I think that they'll think they have a chance and that that chance would be improved by not having to compete in the Europa League.
  5. Re: Official Liverpool Thread That is a comparison, isn't it?
  6. Re: The Politics Thread
  7. Re: Official Premier League Discussion Thread That, or the Villa takeover has some legs to it...
  8. Re: The Politics Thread I have absolutely no problem with immigrants who are here to work and have skills that the UK population cannot provide. It's the mindless mass immigration that the EU makes so simple that grates on me.
  9. Re: The Politics Thread Nobody is arguing that the global financial crisis caused the mess. What people are arguing is that we were very badly prepared for the mess because the Labour government was borrowing money when it shouldn't have been doing, prior to 2008. I would add to that argument, that Labour's plan in 2010 was to borrow and spend their way out of the crisis. France went down that route and are in a far worse place than the UK is in right now with far fewer jobs being created and many more unemployed. So why was that a better idea?
  10. Re: The Politics Thread 6) I want a referendum on the EU. I don't know if I'd definitely vote to leave, but I'm incredibly uneasy about the fact that a significant proportion of UK laws are devised by unelected EU bureaucrats in an organisation that nobody has ever voted to be a part of. 7) The rest of the manifesto contains several sensible, fully costed (and independently checked) policies. Can you name me any positives to uncontrolled mass immigration? Immigrants do make a positive net contribution but how much of that is down to a handful of incredibly wealthy foreigners zooming round Kensington in their Ferraris? I don't believe that any of the calculations take into account the huge strain that the influx of people from the EU has had on the NHS, schools and housing. We need to be building a city the size of Oxford every year to cope and we can't afford to do that, even with the immigrant's net contributions.
  11. Re: The Politics Thread I like them as they're straight talking and offer something different. Lots of their policies away from immigration and the EU also sit well with me and haven't often been discussed by the media. On the other hand, some of their candidates and some of the voters they attract do come across as utter knobs.
  12. Re: The Politics Thread
  13. Re: The Politics Thread So, very simply from that first graph it looks like Labour started well when they got into power, building a healthy surplus from 1997 to 2001. Since the recession only hit in 2008, what on Earth compelled them to decimate that surplus in those 7 years? The article states that 'none of these organisations, or indeed almost anyone, was suggesting at the time that the UK economy was experiencing a large boom, it makes no sense to criticise policy based on these numbers', but that doesn't justify working to a deficit. You could probably make a case for breaking even. As it is, we were in a very poor place when the recession hit and that, IMO, is Labour's fault. Not the recession itself.
  14. Re: The Politics Thread
  15. Re: The Politics Thread Labour borrowing money when the economy was booming is absolutely unforgivable. If anyone can point me directly to a decent counter argument, I'd be happy to listen. The alternative to the 'austerity' (which isn't really particularly austere since we still have a deficit) is the free spending of France who are now up the economic swanee. They've created fewer jobs than Yorkshire and have an unemployment rate that's twice that of the UK. In their recent elections, they've voted in a right wing government to sort things out.
  16. Re: The Politics Thread The poor feel the slight cuts more than the rich feel the harsh ones. Give the rich too many harsh cuts and they'll swan off somewhere without harsh cuts. Having rich people in the country contributing some portion of their wealth is far more beneficial than having them in another country contributing nothing. Not exactly fair, but that's the way the world works.
  17. Re: The Politics Thread Think they'll need the Libs but that's 1,000,000 times better than Labour needing the SNP to prop them up.
  18. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread Not sure why you've put City on there then. I'm the only regular, City supporting person on the boards and I'd have Chelsea as the most entertaining top side this season. But cautious against the other good sides, but that's very sensible.
  19. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread Messi's on a completely different planet.
  20. Re: Riferimento: Re: Riferimento: Re: Riferimento: Re: Official Manchester United Thr
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