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  1. Re: Player Concerns I'm probably a bit late for this point but oh well I don't think the game should differentiate a lot between 98 and 94 rated players. Imagine a real-life situation where Robinho can't get on the field because he has Ribery, Ronaldo and Messi ahead of him. Robinho's going to want a lot of games given his stature (rating) and if he isn't getting them he's going to want to move. On the other hand I don't know in the slightest how SM have programmed player concerns. It may be a blanket thing where the highest rated players have to play x percent of games, players say 3/4 ratings below are happy to play 100-x percent of games and the remainder are happy to play once or twice filling in for injuries or suspensions. If this is the case (in my opinion more likely as the same programming can cover the entire database) then the scenario above will be allowed to happen provided the team is managed well. In my opinion I don't think the above should be allowed to happen as it is clearly star-hogging so I hope the programming is more sophisticated and recognises players of say 93 and upwards as stars who need to play the proposed 60-75% of games.
  2. Re: Game World Jobcentres? Not a fan. Too many opportunities for cheating.
  3. Re: Pato vs. Benzema Pato by a mile. Also look at Higuain though
  4. Re: Player Concerns Would it not be a better idea for players with concerns to reject new contracts when they come to the end of their current deal? Make the system be that if a player has a concern they will not sign, be they at the end of their deal or in the middle. In extreme cases players should yes put in transfer requests but only in teams with say 92/93/94 players being forced to sit on the bench. I feel this solution mimics real-life as these superstars wouldn't be benched and would demand a transfer (a la Robinho). If however a player is concerned at a lesser level they may want that concern dealing with before they sign a new deal (such as Petrov at City).
  5. Re: My best Team? 442 diamond? Use Pato as target-man, Gourcuff as play-maker. Either go slow, defensive with normal tackling or fast, attacking with hard tackling. Try both Hart Ivanovic, Chygrinskiy, Barzagli, Cissokho Diarra Ramires, Valencia Gourcuff Pato, Suarez
  6. Re: Sell-on Clause I can't believe people are for this idea Anyone can do this to get money and there are always plenty of risers to be had from unmanaged and external sides. You're just trying to punish those who play the game well and scout players both from real life and on the forum because you can't be bothered doing it yourself.
  7. Re: Sell-on Clause Why is this a problem? It's the only way to make small clubs successful.
  8. I don't really know if this thread is in the right place but I just wanted to get peoples views on what they do if a player who is going to drop is a fantastic player in their team. I have Guiza in my Everton team in an English Championship. It's a fairly old championship so all the major players are there like the Messis, Ronaldos and Kakas of the world. Despite this, last season Guiza topped the scoring charts and was player of the season. Given the fact that he is 29, playing in a lesser league and not really playing internationally, he is likely to drop from his 91 rating and keep falling. My question is, given his past performances, would you keep him or sell because his rating is going to fall? Does anybody else have players with similar situations?
  9. Re: stephen ireland I'm also a blue I think our ratings are a bit strange tbh. We brought in a lot of high-rated players because they were at top 4 clubs. Now because they are at City people think they should drop Anyway he's my view on our first team: Given ~ vastly underrated. On his day he's the best in the Prem. Richards ~ about right for the time being. I f he continues his form under Mancini though he could easily break into the world cup squad so he'll rise. Toure ~ doesn't really warrant a 93. Then again the Ivory Coast are tipped to do well in Angola and South Africa. Lescott ~ has been dire. Will be lucky to stay in the England squad and hence keep his 90. Bridge ~ about right but we haven't seen him play under Mancini yet. De Jong ~ bit of a cult hero on form one of the best in the league. Makelele-esque. Barry ~ justified 91 because of England. Tevez ~ probably about right. A good WC could see him rise though. Bellamy ~ on this seasons form, hugely underrated. Robinho ~ needs to sort his act out sharpish. Could see a fall to 91/92. Adebayor ~ will be interesting to see how he plays after the Togo tragedy.
  10. Re: stephen ireland On performances from last year, under-rated. From this year over-rated. Judging by SM's system I don't know how he'll get higher than 90 though seeing as he's technically retired from international football
  11. Re: Tactics Help Thread Good stuff with regards to the captain, general consensus is to give it to a player with high rating and high morale. Personally, I'd always use a defender or midfielder but see what works best. I don't think it has a lot of influence in a game with the current match-engine.
  12. Re: Milner I'm keeping Guiza. He was top scorer and best player last season in an established English set-up I'll look into whether I can get a good CB replacement for Lugano though.
  13. I can get Milner in my set-up but will have to sell players. I'm trying to keep a young squad but who will fall in the near future? SAGNA, Bacary RB 26 92 £8.4M £16.2M - - GUIZA, Daniel CF 29 91 £6.9M £11.4M - - DIARRA, Lass DM/CM 24 91 £8.2M £15.2M - - LUGANO, Diego CB 29 91 £6.9M £11.2M - - CAHILL, Tim AM/CM 30 91 £6.6M £11.0M - - VARGAS, Juan LM/LB 26 90 £7.0M £11.0M - - ZAPATA, Cristian CB 23 90 £7.7M £13.6M - - LESCOTT, Joleon CB/LB 27 90 £6.7M £10.6M - - ARTETA, Mikel RM/CM 27 90 £6.7M £10.6M - - NEGREDO, Álvaro CF 24 90 £7.4M £11.7M 1 Apr - HERNANES, Anderson CM 24 90 £7.4M £11.7M - - HOWARD, Tim Gk 30 90 £6.0M £7.9M - Int MENEZ, Jérémy Wing/Fwd 22 89 £7.2M £9.5M - - SONG, Alexandre DM/CB 22 89 £7.2M £9.5M - - BERG, Marcus CF 23 89 £6.9M £9.2M - - PJANIC, Miralem AM/Wing 19 88 £7.0M £10.4M - - JOVETIC, Stevan Fwd/AM 20 88 £6.8M £10.1M - - SAKHO, Mamadou CB/LB 19 88 £7.0M £10.3M 11 Mar - RAKITIC, Ivan AM/Wing 21 88 £6.6M £8.5M - - FOSTER, Ben Gk 26 88 £5.7M £5.1M -
  14. I realise there has already been much discussion on this topic with a lot of players interested in seeing it for aesthetic pleasure more than anything. A number of managers have also said that they'd like to see reserve squads for players who may not make the first team but are too old for the youth squad. I think that introducing squad numbers could kill these two birds with one stone. In my Everton team, where I need to buy risers to compete in the league, I would give my first team and youth players I wanted to keep squad numbers between 1 and 40. Any risers I bought would be given numbers counting backwards from 99. Allowing to then sort by squad number would allow me to see what players should be sold on once their transfer bans have expired. With the current system I can't distinguish easily between first team squad and risers and also between youth I want to hang onto and youth I want to sell on. Any suggestions?
  15. Re: Tactics Help Thread Haha I didn't see Maicon Yeah play him at right back and Lahm on the left. Up to you in the centre really. Just try and fit all of your best players into their primary positions. Obviously, through injuries and suspensions, you will have to change the first team around so change the formation accordingly
  16. Re: Tactics Help Thread 4-1-3-2? Casillas Lahm, Ferdinand, Lucio, Chiellini Alonso Ronaldo, Kaka, Iniesta Messi, Torres Get the attacking trio and full-backs on forward runs. Most advice says play with possession, defensive and slow. I think your side would do well countering so fast and attacking, normal tackle strength and closing in your own half. Use play-makers and target-men as you will, but with little variation in ratings there's no real gain to be had.
  17. Re: I need a winger Thanks guys. I've put bids in for Krasic and Ramires (the majority of the others are all at 1 club so I'll put loan bids in and snap them up when concerns come into play). I've transfer listed the others.
  18. I'm in an established WC with Internazionale. I think I need a new, high quality winger/RM/LM as I plan to play 3-5-2 next season. Does anybody know of any players who are likely to rise to 91/92 or above and can you recommend who I can sell out of my current squad (posted below) to secure funds. Most managers in my set-up seem interested in cash-only deals so I need to sell fallers. Player Pos Age Rt Morale SM Val Chair Val TB Int JULIO CESAR, Soares Gk 30 95 £9.2M £26.0M - - RUI PATRICIO, Pedro Gk 21 88 £6.6M £7.0M 14 Mar Int MAXWELL, Scherer LB/LM 28 92 £7.8M £13.5M - Int MAICON, Douglas RB 28 95 £10.0M £29.5M - Int CORDOBA, Iván CB 33 94 £7.6M £14.0M - Int CHIVU, Cristian CB/LB 29 93 £8.2M £14.6M - - SAMUEL, Walter CB 31 92 £7.0M £10.7M - - ZAPATA, Cristian CB 23 90 £7.7M £11.0M - - BURDISSO, Nicolás Def 28 90 £6.5M £7.3M - Int ZANETTI, Javier DM/Def 36 94 £6.6M £10.5M - Inj CAMBIASSO, Esteban CM/DM 29 95 £9.6M £27.7M - - STANKOVIC, Dejan CM/AM 31 93 £7.6M £13.2M - Inj FLAMINI, Mathieu CM/DM 25 92 £8.7M £14.6M - Int FELIPE MELO, Carvalho CM/DM 26 91 £7.7M £10.3M - Sus RIBERY, Franck Wing/AM 26 95 £10.7M £30.8M - Ln WALCOTT, Theo Wing/Fwd 20 89 £7.6M £11.7M - (on loan) - IBRAHIMOVIC, Zlatan Fwd 28 96 £10.7M £31.2M - Int AGUERO, Sergio Fwd 21 94 £11.5M £34.7M - Int JOVETIC, Stevan Fwd/AM 20 88 £6.8M £8.6M - Int BALOTELLI, Mario Fwd 19 88 £7.0M £8.8M - Int ACQUAFRESCA, Robert CF 22 88 £6.4M £4.8M - Thanks in advance
  19. Re: Inter Tactics Needed Badly Very good 1st team so play 3-5-2 with possession football. Slow defensive tactics. I'd suggest: Cesar Maicon, Nesta, Chivu De Rossi Ribery, Kaka, Silva, Ronaldo Ibrahimovic, Arshavin Keep De Rossi defensive but add forward runs to the attacking midfielders. Use Arshavin as playmaker and Ibra as targetman. Possibly make Arshavin run diagonally behind Ibra. I use that with Aguero behind Ibra in my Inter side with great results.
  20. Re: SOmethong I dont understand That could be an issue. Personally I don't start players if they are less than 70%, ideally 80% if they are easily replaced. Try using really fresh players next time because even against stronger sides they can win with the right formation. Obviously try and rotate in the future so your whole first team doesn't have to be rested.
  21. Re: SOmethong I dont understand You really lost out on possession which is the key in SoccerManager. Try slowing the pace down and using either a defensive or normal mentality. Did you have any problems with fitness?
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