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  1. I had Aston Villa in GC419, but waned to leave them for Derby. Instead of applying for the Derby job, I quit Villa and then went for Derby, but then SMFA will now no longer allow me to enter the game world and they think Im linked to someone else. Why allow me to enter in the first place? Never had any problems or issue's with manager or SMFA in the past! Anyone explain?
  2. Re: Benzema/Higuian or Bale If it was me, I would keep Benzema and swap Higuain for Bale. I only play 1 up front in my teams so depends on what style you play. Just get a 2nd striker as backup for benzema if you play 1 up top. Just my personal opinion though
  3. I have PSG in a new setup and im currently in talks to sign Eden Hazard. As a Chelsea fan Im obviously really keen, but the manager is asking for Verratti and Lucas Moura. What do you rekcon? Really undecided.
  4. Im Atletico Madrid in a GC. I have signed torres and plan to play only 1 up front. So now I am trying to sell Falcao. All im looking for is a 90 CB & WINGER. I have been offered Luiz, Moses and £3m from Chelsea and Hulk and an 87 rated CB. Am I asking for to much or are they being to tight? ha Need help guys!
  5. I have Eriksen in my new Ajax team, latest GC. Had plenty of offers, as usual, but not sure what I should be looking for. I have been offered an 89 and 88 rated players in one deal, a straight swap for a 92 in another and few other deals of 2x 87's. What do you think i should be looking for in terms of rating, age, potential?
  6. Re: New User Interface [beta] Before the Beta came out, on the main page there use to be 'Game News Feed', which was handy for when GC were opening up. Is there anyway to find this on the new interface or am I being totally blind? All I can see now is friends news feed. Looked through all the folders.
  7. Re: Hernandez for Gotze both great talents but I would go Hernandez. He's at a better team, prob win the league and got a good chance of winning CL. Plus he's scored around 20 goals in his 1st season. He will rise again in my opinion and keep going. great little player.
  8. Re: Respuesta: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Sahin for long term, no question! Plus Im pretty sure ive heard or read that a deal with Real Madrid has been completed for next season. Never seen him play myself so be interesting to see how he does with the big boys.
  9. Re: My first Sig! hopefully be on a level as you soon, bit of competition for you lol. Yours is pretty awesome mate, nice one
  10. What you reckon? ok for a first timer. Hopefully the first of many. Takes a while getting use to. Feedback be great guys:) cheers
  11. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Personally I'd keep Yaya for now. He's playing in a team that will be challenging for the title and will also be in CL. Not that Falcao won't be, but its the standard of which Yaya will be. Premier league is alot tougher then the Primeira Liga. Falcao rating may not improve untill he is proven in CL or moves club. Tough choice tho. Can't go to wrong. Good Luck fella:)
  12. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... In another game world, Ive agreed to swap Hoilett and Formica for Lukaku at my blackburn team. He still transfer banned but its a verbal agreement. good deal?
  13. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... getting mixed reviews on the Sneijder deal. Just proves there both pretty much on a par. Im still no clearer haha. All good fun hey. I might try offering Bastian and someone else other then Kroos. Cheers guys:)
  14. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Need help guys. Im Bayern Munchen and the Inter Milan manager has offered me Sneijder for Toni Kroos and Bastian Schweinsteiger. The unfortunate thing with Bayern is squad size, but I have managed to bring in Stankovic, Honda, Willian, Granero who can play attacking positions. So, is this deal worth doing? Who's gonna be better value, wesley or bastian? Any help appreciated
  15. Re: Kaka= Neymar + Ganso + 20m? Like alot of people have said, long term its ideal, you prob couldn't really ask for much more as they will both be superstars, especially Neymar. But short term, no. Kaka, although he is currently sat on the bench, he is still very talented and could yet force a move if it stays that way. Not saying Neymar and Ganso are no good now, but Kaka is proven at pretty much every level. Hence his high rating. If Neymar was 90-91 and Ganso 89-90, and they gave £20m, ill say yes. But thats me. Every manager has there own opinions on players. Do whats right for your team good luck
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