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  1. Re: Official Red Devils Thread Buttner is apparently injured
  2. Re: Official Red Devils Thread What's this got to do with United?!?!?!?
  3. Re: Official Red Devils Thread Wow - seriously WOW! United fans are tweeting that they hope the plane carrying the banner crashes! And others comparing it to the Malayasian plane that is still missing Wow - seriously WOWOWOW! Manchester United fans - the new shame of England! EDIT...what depths will the spoiled children go to NOW?!?!?! 1 nil the Villa!!!!
  4. Re: Official Red Devils Thread There has been a big crash on the A56, which has been closed - kick off COULD be delayed, as this is the main road into the area from the airport/motorway Just look at the congestion being caused on the M60 by United fans struggling to get in from the airport THIS IS NOT TROLLING - THIS IS FACT BASED HUMOUR
  5. Re: Official Red Devils Thread You mean this?
  6. Re: Official Red Devils Thread All this furore about a fairly abysmal mid table team - the UK press should be focusing on the battles for 1st-4th and around the relegation zone, not a team who has lost a third of it's matches! They also shouldn't be reporting non stories about pathetic spoilt brats who want rid of their manager because he is making them suffer a season of mediocrity which undermines the reason why they started supporting the club in the first place - guaranteed glory. God forbid what the fans of United would be like if you were nearer relegation! It is up for discussion'
  7. Re: Official Red Devils Thread According to the source close to the club*' date=' the Glazers have booked the second plane They have long been accused of not caring what the fans think, but they have booked the following [img']http://www.nycaviation.com/newspage/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/f16-iraq-usaf-620.jpg[/img] I live "close" to the club....I am a 'source' - therefore from now on I shall refer to myself as thus - everything I say is not my opinion, and is COMPLETELY fabricated and is not based on any real person/events/charcoal!
  8. Re: Official Red Devils Thread Now reports of Foulanyone SPITTING on Zaba after trying to knock him out! I will be appealing any ban he gets to make sure he stays in your first team! That is because you will never go to Old Trafford and have the opportunity! I will never break the speed limit in a Ferrari, because I will never own Ferrari!
  9. Re: Official Red Devils Thread Manchester United thug - Marujana Foullanyone: Zabaleta 'bounced his jaw against my elbow' Really? Deary, deary me - looks like he will fit in perfectly with Giggs, Rooney, Cantona, Ferdinand and SM Mod (Tony) etc
  10. Re: Official Red Devils Thread There is photographic evidence?!?!?!?!?
  11. Re: Official Red Devils Thread Reports on various news sites that United fans were shouting abuse at SAF - wow! Also reports that security guards had to protect the "Chosen One" banner from people trying to rip it down!!!! If you don't want it, I am sure we could put it up at the Etihad when you visit
  12. Re: Official Red Devils Thread It seems there has been an undiscussed truce and all discussion has moved to the Premier league forum....just letting you know!
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