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  1. Re: The Veneratio League Well it should be a city
  2. Re: The Veneratio League The great city of Darlington welcomes it's new manager
  3. Veneratio means Honor in latin. I'm looking for 20 commited managers who are looking for a challenge! The Veneratio league has no big clubs. So you need some tactical skill. These are the tentative rules so far: 2 Divisions 2 teams promoted/relegated per season 1 team promoted via the playoff system No buying from unmanaged teams No players over a rating value of 82 allowed. If they rise you sell. NO QUITTERS PLEASE! These are the tentative teams based on the English league system, however if you would like to manage a team from anywhere in the world that's fine as long as they are in the same type of financial/rating condition. PM me with your team and I will approve or deny your request. I will not start the league untill I get about 80% of the positions filled. Hopefully that won't take to long League Div 1 Darlington Burton Albion Chesterfield Wycombe Wanderers Gillingham Stockport County Exeter City Yeovil Town Southend Utd Leyton Orient League Div 2 Rotherham Shrewsbury Northampton Town Bury Rochdale Notts County Bournemouth Tranmere - Me! Crewe Alexandria Morcambe Please pm me with any questions or suggestions. Please join and make this one of the great leagues! I'm commited to it and I hope you will be too!
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    Re: hellllooooo How you doin' mate. Welcome and enjoy...
  5. Just wondering how other members prepare for each game. Lately I have been bypassing the match report (dosen't really show much IMO) and go straight to my oppositions team page. There I look at the 'physical' page, there I check into each positions physical condition, and therefore potential weakness. Then I go to the teams schedule page and see if there is a pattern to their formation preferences. Its amazing how many managers stick to the same old formation and even the same player patterns week in week out. After doing that for all four teams I go and talk to the wife so she won't leave me. Any suggestions on how to pick up more info on the opposition? Cheers!
  6. Re: Highest squad value My Tranmere Rovers team is worth One Pound Fifty but they are playing like they are worth ten quid:cool:
  7. Probably another stupid question but what does direct passing mean? I know it's directly passing the ball to one of your team mates but isnt that a bit obvious?, I mean your not going to pass it to anyone else are you?
  8. Re: Free agent To find free agents use the search tool under Transfers. Fill out the drop down menus and if there are any free agents that meet your criteria they will show up.
  9. Re: More important: value,form,morale,fitness?
  10. Re: Buying a free agent Well alrighty then. Thanks guys.
  11. I am trying to buy a free agent at 75% of $10,000 ($7,500) but the drop down menu on the make transfer bid page will only allow me to do $10,000 Is there a way around this?
  12. Re: More important: value,form,morale,fitness?
  13. Re: Need help, please. You have to wait until the match report comes in. Normally a couple of hours after the kick off.
  14. Re: More important: value,form,morale,fitness? Thanks for the feedback. Just to expand, does the computer even recognize recent form or is it just random...
  15. I have really been analizing my tactics and the tactics of other teams to improve my results. When choosing a team is it more beneficial to choose a player with better value,form,morale or fitness? e.g a player rated 85 but with a morale in the 50's or a 79 rated player with morale in the 80's? and so on... Any thoughts:confused:
  16. Re: Won't let me change tactics? It cleared itself up later.
  17. Re: Two questions on risers and euro transfers Thanks very much. Makes sense.
  18. I read it's good to buy risers. What the hell is a riser and where do I find the info on them? I'm in the English league. How do I find the european transfer list? Sorry if these are stupid questions...
  19. It is 6:15 hrs on Saturday the 23rd. My match is at 20:00 hrs same day. I just went to check over my selected tactics and went to change out a sub. A message came up that said Team Sheets Submitted - No Changes can be made. Why? I thought changes where allowed until 20:hrs on game day.
  20. Re: Erm.. Hello? ay-up mate!
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    Hello, Glad to be here. Looks like a fun game!
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