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  1. Liverpool captain's hospital visit By Pink Football 2 October 2007 Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard arranged a special hospital visit to the ten-year-old boy who ran in front of his car Monday, bringing him a signed shirt and boots - the boots coming courtesy of Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney. Gerrard said he phoned Rooney after discovering schoolboy Jamie Hellawell was a Man United supporter and arranged for the boots to be collected overnight. Jamie is in stable condition after the accident, though he is scheduled for surgery on a compound fracture of the leg. Gerrard, who made the visit to Alder Hey Children's Hospital after a Liverpool training session, also met other children on the wards and posed for photographs and signed autographs. He said: "It was a real relief to see Jamie sitting up and smiling. I wasn't too sure how pleased he'd be to see me, given he's a United supporter, so I thought an England shirt might be a bit safer than a Liverpool one! "Wayne has been really supportive too. I hope Jamie's up and about again very soon." The accident occurred Monday evening, when Jamie dashed out from behind a parked car and collided with Gerrard's Bentley.
  2. Re: *NEW* " >>> Europeon AllStars <<< " Setup - Apply NOW!
  3. Re: *NEW* " >>> Europeon AllStars <<< " Setup - Apply NOW! has the setup being made yet, can i plz have manchester united
  4. 1 G A. VICTOR VALDES 91 100 - 2 RB/LB G. ZAMBROTTA 95 100 - 3 LB/CB E. ABIDAL 93 100 - 4 CB/DM R. MARQUEZ 94 100 - 5 CB/RB C. PUYOL 96 100 - 6 CM H. XAVI 96 100 - 7 AM/CM A. DECO 95 100 - 8 CM F. FABREGAS © 94 100 - 9 F Z. IBRAHIMOVIC 95 100 - 10 F T. HENRY 97 100 - 11 F/AM E. GUDJOHNSEN 90 100 - G A. JORQUERA 84 100 - S2 CB/RB L. THURAM 92 100 - S5 S3 CM/AM A. INIESTA 94 100 - S4 DM/CB J. EDMILSON 91 100 - S5 F/AM L. MESSI 95 100 - 17 CB/LB G. MILITO 92 100 - 18 CF F. QUAGLIARELLA 88 88 - 19 LB M. SILVINHO 88 100 - 20 RB/CB P. OLEGUER 89 100 - 21 F/W R. VAN PERSIE 92 100 - 22 CM/DM Y. TOURE 91 100 - 23 CM/DM P. LUCAS 88 100 - 24 F/W S. EZQUERRO 87 100 - 25 CF J. FERNANDO TORRES 93 100 - 26 RB M. VALIENTE (yth) 74 100 - 28 CB/RB E. VALDEZ (yth) 74 100 - 29 CM M. CROSAS (yth) 76 100 - 30 F/AM d. GIOVANI (yth) 82 100 - 31 CF K. BOJAN (yth) 80 100 - 32 CF C. PACO MONTANES (yth) 68 100 -
  5. Re: Shelbourne's "Glory Hunters" Setup im sure shelbourne is trying to explain that if every person got there favourite or self choosen team he would have to create 10 different leagues, he gave people who choose teams that no one else picked
  6. Re: Save a club from relegation Southend United 18th out of 20 plewsys league not sure how much money they got reply back to see if they dont have any money
  7. Re: Save a club from relegation what league do u want english world or custom or if possible europe
  8. Re: Save a club from relegation Setup With A Twist 4th last Sydney Fc Formerly own by me in the past 4th last just defeated chelsea 2-0 30 something million 7 games remaining
  9. Re: Save a club from relegation oops sorry m8 do u want me to get u another team
  10. Re: cheat well done for not revealing name of cheater
  11. Re: Italian Ratings Anyone know what rating these players will get buffon pallladino pirlo gattuso gilardino
  12. Re: Save a club from relegation once people have confirmed they got the club i will set up a match report thread so u can tell the other managers how u are going
  13. Re: Save a club from relegation csteadmans setup Stafford Rangers 26.9 million big challenge
  14. Re: Gender Of Forum after 3 shemales and 13 males no females pretty dissapointed i expected the forum to be mixed
  15. Re: Shelbourne's "Glory Hunters" Setup yes i have managed them before and my stay will be for a long period
  16. Re: Save a club from relegation come on people if ur going to stay, stay! until you at least get the club out of relegation when u join ask if u wont english championship world championship or custom setup
  17. Re: Decent long term riser could have died from a car accident
  18. Re: Shelbourne's "Glory Hunters" Setup did i get sydney fc hey shelbourne
  19. Re: Save a club from relegation big big big challenge Sydney fc God's monster muchers. 6.7 million objective is to guide them away from relegation and bring 3 top name players there anyone up for it
  20. Re: Save a club from relegation Sunderland 18.5 million 4th last lovedayelite league 1
  21. Re: Save a club from relegation Everton 30.8 million 5th last plewsys league
  22. Re: Save a club from relegation thnx hope to have u on here in the near future
  23. Re: Save a club from relegation in ur area what time is it
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