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    Branislav Ivanović (Serbian Cyrillic: Бранислав Ивановић, born February 22, 1984) is a Serbian footballer, currently playing for FC Lokomotiv Moscow. His position is defender. He is unusual for his position as he makes many runs up field to help the midfield or even the attack. He is also very vesatile being able to play anywhere in defence and also being able to play midfield.
    According to the latest reports out of Italy, Juventus are close to reaching a deal that will see Serbia U-21 captain Branislav Ivanovic join their ranks in January.
    Lokomotiv Moscow confirmed that the Italian heavyweights have made an approach over the technically accomplished 23-year-old centre-back, and word is that the three parties involved are on the brink of agreeing a five-year deal worth 8.5m euro.
    Ivanovic would effectively put an end to Juve’s long-standing search for a top-class centre-back, and he would come with the added benefit of being versatile enough to play across the backline as well as defensive midfield.
    The former OFK Beograd standout is considered by many as one of Serbia's best young players.
    He earned international recognition when he was named as part of the 'UEFA Team of the tournament' after being instrumental in Serbia finished second during the U-21 European Championships held in Holland earlier this summer.
    Branislav Ivanović (Serbian Cyrillic: Бранислав Ивановић, born February 22, 1984) is a Serbian footballer, currently playing for FC Lokomotiv Moscow. His position is defender. He is unusual for his position as he makes many runs up field to help the midfield or even the attack. He is also very vesatile being able to play anywhere in defence and also being able to play midfield.
    Looked on search there was nothing on this player
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    playakid69 got a reaction from Ross.DAFC85 in Relegation Rebels Challenge - EC 388   
    Re: Relegation Rebels Challenge - EC 388
    bolton welcome new manager
    the manager has made few offers around the place
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    Re: Any ideas for a new setup?
    no i didnt
    and mondi_27 just to remind u have been nominated for rookie of the year
    and would u like to join this thing i started up saving a team from relegation
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    i would put teams down and anyone is more than welcome to auction there team as well
    Info Nat Player Pos Age Rt Con Morale Val TB AvP Ap GS As
    - BUFFON, Gianluigi G 29 96 100 Superb £9.2M - 8.25 4(0) 0 0
    - SCHWARZER, Mark G 34 89 100 Poor £1.2M - 0.00 0(0) 0 0
    VAN BRONCKHORST, Giovanni LB/DM 32 92 93 Okay £3.9M - 7.00 4(0) 1 1
    - AREIAS, Miguel LB 30 86 100 V.Good £3.3M - 0.00 0(0) 0 0
    - ZAMBROTTA, Gianluca RB/LB 30 95 89 Superb £7.8M - 7.25 4(0) 0 0
    TERRY, John CB 26 97 95 Superb £12.3M - 6.85 4(4) 0 0
    - PUYOL, Carles CB/RB 29 97 92 Superb £9.8M - 7.50 4(0) 1 0
    - MARQUEZ, Rafael CB/DM 28 95 93 Superb £9.2M - 7.25 4(0) 1 0
    JORGE ANDRADE, Manuel CB/DM 29 93 100 Okay £7.3M - 0.00 0(0) 0 0
    - LAVECCHIA, Luigi RM/RB 26 85 100 Adequate £4.0M - 0.00 0(0) 0 0
    GERRARD, Steven CM/RM 27 97 93 Superb £11.5M - 7.25 4(0) 0 2
    XAVI, CM 27 97 91 V.Good £11.5M - 7.00 4(0) 1 0
    - INIESTA, Andres CM/AM 23 94 100 Superb £10.9M - 0.00 0(0) 0 0
    - COCU, Phillip CM/LM 36 90 100 Excellent £234k - 6.38 4(4) 0 0
    - CULINA, Jason M 27 87 87 Excellent £4.7M - 7.00 4(0) 0 2
    DECO, AM/CM 29 96 100 Superb £9.2M - 0.00 0(0) 0 0
    - ANDERSON, Luis AM/F 19 86 100 Superb £5.6M 17 Oct 0.00 0(0) 0 0
    - QUARESMA, Ricardo W 23 93 93 Superb £10.0M - 8.00 4(0) 3 0
    - ROONEY, Wayne F 21 96 90 Superb £13.4M - 8.00 4(0) 1 2
    - VILLA, David F 25 95 100 Okay £11.0M - 0.00 0(0) 0 0
    - SALPIGIDIS, Dimitris F 26 89 100 V.Good £6.3M - 0.00 0(0) 0 0
    ETO'O, Samuel CF 26 97 100 V.Good £12.3M - 4.00 1(0) 0 0
    DROGBA, Didier CF 29 95 81 Good £8.5M - 8.50 2(0) 1 1
    RONALDO, Luis CF 30 93 92 Okay £6.7M - 8.00 1(0) 0 1
    - IAQUINTA, Vincenzo CF 27 91 100 Superb £7.1M - 0.00 0(0) 0 0
    Manchester United
    Squad View > General
    General | Financial | Statistical | Loaned Out (0) | Youth Squad (0)
    Info Nat Player Pos Age Rt Con Morale Val TB AvP Ap GS As
    - CASILLAS, Iker G 26 96 88 Good £11.5M - 7.22 9(0) 0 0
    VAN DER SAR, Edwin G 36 94 100 V.Good £331k - 0.00 0(0) 0 0
    FOSTER, Ben G 24 88 100 Superb £6.1M - 0.00 0(0) 0 0
    - HEINZE, Gabriel LB/CB 29 92 74 Excellent £6.7M - 7.00 1(0) 0 0
    EVRA, Patrice LB 26 91 100 Adequate £7.7M - 6.63 8(0) 0 0
    - NEVILLE, Gary RB/CB 32 93 76 Okay £4.2M - 7.00 1(0) 0 0
    FERDINAND, Rio CB/DM 28 94 75 Superb £8.6M - 7.44 9(0) 0 0
    - PABLO, Ibanez CB 26 93 74 V.Good £9.1M - 6.22 9(0) 1 1
    - VIDIC, Nemanja CB 25 92 100 Superb £8.7M - 7.00 8(0) 0 0
    GIGGS, Ryan LM/AM 33 93 45 Excellent £3.0M - 6.00 1(0) 0 0
    - SCHOLES, Paul CM/AM 32 94 98 Excellent £4.6M - 6.14 7(0) 1 1
    - INIESTA, Andres CM/AM 23 94 76 Superb £10.9M - 7.33 9(0) 2 3
    - CARRICK, Michael CM/DM 26 91 100 Good £7.7M - 0.00 0(0) 0 0
    - ALBELDA, David DM 29 94 72 Superb £7.9M - 6.89 9(0) 1 0
    - RIQUELME, Juan Roman AM/CM 29 96 73 Superb £9.2M - 7.17 6(0) 0 0
    - RONALDO, Cristiano W 22 96 73 Superb £13.0M - 7.56 9(0) 2 5
    PARK, Ji-sung W 26 90 100 Okay £7.0M - 6.33 3(0) 0 2
    - ROONEY, Wayne F 21 96 75 Superb £13.4M - 7.50 8(0) 2 0
    ETO'O, Samuel CF 26 97 77 Superb £12.3M - 9.50 2(0) 3 0
    SAHA, Louis CF 29 92 100 Good £6.7M - 0.00 0(0) 0 0
    Squad View > General
    General | Financial | Statistical | Loaned Out (1) | Youth Squad (1)
    Info Nat Player Pos Age Rt Con Morale Val TB AvP Ap GS As
    BUFFON, Gianluigi G 29 96 88 Superb £9.2M - 8.11 37(0) 0 0
    PERUZZI, Angelo G 37 90 100 Adequate £117k - 0.00 0(0) 0 0
    - MIRANTE, Antonio G 24 86 100 V.Good £4.8M - 0.00 0(0) 0 0
    CHIELLINI, Giorgio LB/CB 23 90 100 Superb £7.7M - 7.73 11(0) 0 0
    - BALZARETTI, Federico LB 25 87 78 Okay £5.3M - 7.00 13(0) 0 0
    - MOLINARO, Cristian LB 24 87 100 Superb £5.4M - 6.94 18(0) 0 0
    - ZEBINA, Jonathan RB/CB 29 88 78 Superb £4.5M - 7.38 26(0) 2 1
    - LA VECCHIA, Luigi RB 26 81 100 Average £2.1M - 0.00 0(0) 0 0
    KOVAC, Robert CB/DM 33 90 71 Superb £2.3M - 7.27 26(0) 1 1
    FRIEDRICH, Manuel CB 27 90 100 V.Good £6.5M - 7.32 19(0) 2 1
    - TUDOR, Igor CB/RB 29 87 100 Good £4.1M - 6.86 7(0) 0 4
    - LEGROTTAGLIE, Nicola CB 30 86 78 Good £3.3M - 7.14 22(0) 3 1
    - MARCHISIO, Claudio CB/DM 21 83 100 Good £3.5M - 0.00 0(0) 0 0
    - NEDVED, Pavel LM/CM 34 93 100 Superb £1.8M - 7.48 27(0) 14 3
    - GUZMAN, Tomas LM/W 25 82 100 Poor £2.6M - 6.50 2(0) 1 1
    CAMORANESI, Mauro RM 30 92 75 Excellent £6.1M - 7.44 34(0) 7 10
    VERON, Juan CM 32 92 73 Superb £3.9M - 7.80 25(0) 8 6
    - ZANETTI, Cristiano CM/RM 30 89 100 Excellent £4.6M - 7.00 21(0) 0 0
    - BRIGHI, Marco CM 24 71 100 Poor £20k - 0.00 0(0) 0 0
    - PARO, Matteo DM 24 86 67 Adequate £4.8M - 6.69 26(0) 4 4
    - DE CEGLIE, Paolo AM 20 73 100 Okay £198k - 6.00 1(0) 0 0
    DEL PIERO, Alessandro F/AM 32 92 76 Good £3.9M - 8.10 29(0) 13 18
    BOJINOV, Valeri F 21 90 100 Average £8.1M - 7.86 7(0) 0 2
    - PALLADINO, Raffaele F/W 23 86 70 Excellent £5.0M - 5.63 8(0) 1 3
    VAN NISTELROOY, Ruud CF 31 95 100 Superb £6.4M - 8.77 13(0) 6 6
    - HAKAN SUKUR, CF 35 88 75 V.Good £382k - 7.47 15(0) 6 4
    - VIERI, Christian CF 34 86 100 V.Good £912k - 0.00 0(0) 0 0
    Squad View > General
    General | Financial | Statistical | Loaned Out (0) | Youth Squad (1)
    Info Nat Player Pos Age Rt Con Morale Val TB AvP Ap GS As
    BUFFON, Gianluigi G 29 96 100 Superb £9.2M - 7.45 20(0) 0 0
    - VICTOR VALDES, Arribas G 25 92 100 Average £8.7M - 0.00 0(0) 0 0
    VAN BRONCKHORST, Giovanni LB/DM 32 92 100 Excellent £3.9M - 6.86 7(0) 0 0
    - ZAMBROTTA, Gianluca RB/LB 30 95 76 Superb £7.8M - 7.21 14(0) 0 0
    - OLEGUER, Presas RB/CB 27 89 100 Superb £5.9M - 6.50 6(0) 0 2
    BELLETTI, Juliano RB 31 89 100 Excellent £3.8M - 6.50 12(0) 0 1
    TERRY, John CB 26 97 77 Superb £12.3M - 7.88 8(0) 0 1
    PUYOL, Carles CB/RB 29 97 77 Superb £9.8M - 7.25 8(0) 0 2
    - FERDINAND, Anton CB/RB 22 86 100 Superb £5.1M - 6.36 11(0) 0 0
    - VALDEZ, Efrain CB/RB 20 74 100 V.Poor £351k - 5.33 6(0) 0 1
    GALLAS, William D 30 95 70 Superb £7.8M - 7.44 11(3) 0 0
    STANKOVIC, Dejan LM/AM 28 94 69 V.Good £8.6M - 7.25 8(0) 1 2
    ROTAN, Ruslan LM 25 89 100 Superb £6.5M - 0.00 0(0) 0 0
    SCHWEINSTEIGER, Bastian RM/LM 23 92 100 Superb £9.2M - 7.28 5(3) 0 1
    XAVI, CM 27 97 69 Superb £11.5M - 7.50 14(0) 1 2
    GATTUSO, Gennaro CM/RM 29 96 74 Superb £9.2M - 7.64 14(0) 4 2
    - XABI ALONSO, Olano CM/DM 25 95 100 Superb £11.0M - 7.54 16(4) 4 2
    - MANUEL FERNANDES, CM/DM 21 89 100 Average £7.4M 27 Sep 6.80 9(3) 1 1
    GIULY, Ludovic W/F 31 92 100 Excellent £5.0M - 7.36 9(3) 1 3
    ANGULO, Miguel W/F 30 92 52 Superb £6.1M - 6.83 12(0) 0 4
    - ADRIANO, Leite F 25 93 100 Excellent £9.4M - 8.00 6(0) 1 0
    ETO'O, Samuel CF 26 97 75 Superb £12.3M - 8.79 14(0) 9 7
    CRESPO, Hernan CF 32 94 77 Superb £4.6M - 8.47 15(0) 11 3
    Let The Auction Begin
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    is it possible i can get liverpool
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    playakid69 got a reaction from Sinny in Who do you consider the best buys   
    50 MICHAEL CHOPRA (Newcastle United to Cardiff City, £500,000, 2006)
    Did not make the grade at St James’ Park but made up for lost time by scoring 22 times in his first season at Ninian Park, more than David Nugent managed for Preston. It is thought that David Jones could now get 12 times the fee that he paid Newcastle.
    49 ZAT KNIGHT (Rushall Olympic to Fulham, 30 tracksuits, 1999)
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    Knight has played for England twice but seven years ago he was worth 30 tracksuits. Strictly speaking, Fulham were under no obligation to hand over the kit – there was no fee due for the central defender – but Mohamed Al Fayed was feeling generous.
    48 BRAD FRIEDEL (Liverpool to Blackburn Rovers, free, 2000)
    Graeme Souness has had his fingers burnt in the transfer market more often than most managers, but when it came to Friedel his judgment was spot on. The United States goalkeeper did not convince at Anfield but at Blackburn he has become one of the best No 1s in the top flight.
    47 CHRIS COLEMAN (Blackburn Rovers to Fulham, £2 million, 1997)
    Eyebrows were raised when Coleman dropped two divisions to the third tier to play under Kevin Keegan at Fulham but the Wales defender can have few regrets about taking the plunge. As well as captaining the side up to the Premier League, Coleman replaced Jean Tigana as manager in 2003 and kept the club in the top flight on a tight budget for three seasons.
    46 BILLY SHARP (Sheffield United to Shorpe United, £100,000, 2005)
    Failed to impress Neil Warnock at Bramall Lane and was sold to Shorpe for only £100,000 in 2005. Scored 53 times in 82 league appearances at Glanford Park before United, now under Bryan Robson, realised the error of their ways and bought him back for £2 million this summer.
    45 FRANNY LEE (Bolton Wanderers to Manchester City, £60,000, 1967)
    Anyone who can inspire Manchester City to win the title has to be on this list. In 1971-72, “Lee One Pen” scored 35 times, including 15 penalties, most of which he “won”. Set up a successful toilet roll manufacturing business after he retired in 1976.
    44 KERRY DIXON (Reading to Chelsea, £150,000, 1983)
    Terrible hairstyle, brilliant striker. Dixon was the heart and soul of Chelsea when Stamford Bridge was a dump and Roman Abramovich was selling toys on a market stall. Andriy Shevchenko needs to score another 180 times to overtake Dixon’s total of 193 Chelsea goals.
    43 PHIL NEAL (Northampton Town to Liverpool, £66,000, 1974)
    Before Gary Neville, there was Phil Neal. The dependable right back, who was Bob Paisley’s first signing as Liverpool manager, won seven league medals, as well as four European Cups at Anfield, where he made more than 600 league appearances and won 50 England caps.
    42 ROWAN VINE (Portsmouth to Luton Town, £250,000, 2005)
    £2 million may be loose change to most Premier League clubs but for the likes of Luton it can be the difference between survival and extinction. Vine moved to Kenilworth Road for £250,000 and was sold 18 months later for £2.5 million to Birmingham City. Kerching!
    41 DAVID JAMES (Manchester City to Portsmouth, £1.2 million, 2006)
    Harry Redknapp has landed some notable gems in the transfer market and, according to the Portsmouth manager, James has been one of his best ever buys. Old Calamity may drop a few clangers but who can argue with his Premier League record of 142 clean sheets.
    40 CHRIS WADDLE (Newcastle United to Tottenham Hotspur, £590,000, 1985)
    Forget “Diamond Lights” and the missed penalty in the 1990 World Cup semi-final, in his pomp at White Hart Lane Waddle was arguably the best winger in the world. Not bad for someone who used to work in a sausage factory. He was sold to Marseille for £4.5 million in 1989.
    39 DAVE MACKAY (Heart of Midlothian to Tottenham Hotspur, £32,000, 1959)
    Scottish left-half and sweeper whose determination and skill inspired Spurs to the Double in 1961 and the FA Cup again in 1962 and 1967, although he missed the Cup Winners’ Cup triumph in 1963 through injury.
    38 RUUD VAN NISTELROOY (PSV Eindhoven to Manchester United, £19 million, 2001)
    Arsenal had Henry, United had Van Nistelrooy. Selfish and single-minded, the predatory Dutchman was only interested in scoring goals. Luckily for him, he rarely missed and his record of 150 goals in 219 appearances is awe-inspiring.
    37 DENIS LAW (Torino to Manchester United, £115,000, 1962)
    After failing to settle in Italy, Law moved back to England and set about becoming the King of Old Trafford. Scored 237 times in 409 appearances alongside George Best and Bobby Charlton.
    36 PETER SHILTON (Stoke City to Nottingham Forest, £250,000, 1977)
    Shilton was playing away at Mansfield Town when Brian Clough decided to snap him up. Forest had just been promoted to the top flight, but with Shilton in imperious form, Clough’s side won the title in 1978 and the European Cup the following two seasons.
    35 JIMMY GREAVES (AC Milan to Tottenham Hotspur, £99,999, 1961)
    It’s a funny old game. Greaves scored a club record of 266 goals in 380 matches for Spurs to become arguably the most lethal striker in English football history. His record of being the top-flight’s leading goalscorer for a total of six seasons has never been matched.
    34 ALAN SHEARER (Southampton to Blackburn Rovers, £3.6 million, 1992)
    Read it and weep: Shearer scored 112 Premiership goals for Blackburn in just 138 appearances and the Ewood Park coffers swelled by £15 million – a profit of more than £11 million – when he was sold to Newcastle United in 1996. Oh, and he helped to win Rovers the title.
    33 BRYAN ROBSON (West Bromwich Albion to Manchester United, £1.5 million, 1981)
    Ron Atkinson never won the title as United manager but he did sign Captain Marvel for a record fee. During the dark days of the 80s Robson was Mr United. Made more than 460 appearances and scored 98 goals – from midfield. Determined, skilful, uncompromising and arguably one of the best midfield players in United’s history.
    32 ALAN HANSEN (Partick Thistle to Liverpool, £100,000, 1977)
    Never ask this man to show you his medals. Arrived at Anfield as a raw Scottish defender and left in 1990 after winning the league eight times and the European Cup three times.
    31 DAVID PLATT (Crewe Alexandra to Aston Villa, £200,000, 1988)
    Rejected by Manchester United as a schoolboy, Platt took it on the chin and set about making himself one of the best midfield players in the world. Hit the headlines by scoring a last-gasp goal for England against Belgium in the 1990 World Cup finals and was sold to Bari for £5.5 million a year later.
    30 PAOLO DI CANIO (Sheffield Wednesday to West Ham United, £1.75 million, 1999)
    Manhandling referees, making fascist salutes and scoring spectacular goals was all in a day’s work for the forward with the shortest fuse in Italy. West Ham fans adore him, the rest of us worry about his fascination with fascism – “I am a fascist, not a racist,” Di Canio said. That’s all right then.
    29 NEVILLE SOUTHALL (Bury to Everton, £150,000, 1981)
    The Welshman worked as a binman, a hod-carrier and a waiter before finding his true vocation in life between the sticks at Goodison Park. Made more than 750 appearances – a record - and won two league titles, two FA Cups and the European Cup Winners’ Cup. Also won a record 92 Wales caps.
    28 LARRY LLOYD (Coventry City to Nottingham Forest, £60,000, 1976)
    Popped up on our list of the worst 50 players in the world but Lloyd has the medals to prove that he was more than a one-dimensional defender. Won league championship medals with Liverpool and Forest and has two European Cup winner’s medals which he can polish at home.
    27 STEVE BULL (West Bromwich Albion to Wolverhampton Wanderers, £65,000, 1986)
    Mr Wolves began his career at arch-rivals West Brom but hit his stride at Molineux. Left The Hawthorns for just £65,000 and finished his career 13 years later after a club-record 306 goals, including 52 in the 1987-88 season. Also scored 18 hat-tricks and played for England 13 times (eight as substitute).
    26 MICHAEL ESSIEN (Lyons to Chelsea, £24 million, 2005)
    Not cheap at £24 million but arguably the best midfield player at Stamford Bridge. Frank Lampard may score more goals, Michael Ballack may earn more, but Essien is irreplaceable. According to Jose Mourinho, he has “incredible physical power and unending tactical abilities”.
    25 WAYNE ROONEY (Everton to Manchester United, £30 million, 2004)
    Once a blue, always a Red. Rooney may be Public Enemy No 1 at Goodison Park, but the England forward has not looked back since joining United. Scored a hat-trick on his debut against Fenerbahce and will wear Denis Law’s No 10 shirt next season.
    24 CARLOS TEVEZ (Corinthians to West Ham United, 2006)
    Only a forensic accountant – and Kia Joorabchian – would be able to unravel the details of the Argentina forward’s move to England but his impact at Upton Park was, eventually, breathtaking. Scored seven times in the last 10 league games of the season to save West Ham from relegation before packing his bags for Old Trafford – once those contract issues have been resolved.
    23 TONY CASCARINO (Crokenhill to Gillingham, training equipment, 1982)
    Cascarino has learned to live with the rumours that he was sold to Gillingham for a job lot of corrugated-iron, but, according to the former Ireland forward, his transfer was facilitated by the handing over of “some training equipment, tracksuits, stuff like that”. He was sold to Millwall for £250,000 five years later.
    22 DIMITAR BERBATOV (Bayer Leverkusen to Tottenham Hotspur, £10.9 million, 2006)
    The Bulgaria forward was not cheap when he swapped the Bundesliga for Spurs last summer but he looks a bargain after catching the eye with impressive displays in his first season in the Premier League. Now valued at about £25 million and attracting interest from Manchester United and Chelsea.
    21 MARC OVERMARS (Ajax to Arsenal, £7 million, 1997)
    Another Arsene Wenger masterstroke. Bought for £7 million, sold to Barcelona for £25 million three years later. He loved scoring against Manchester United. And he was useless in Spain.
    20 DARREN BENT (Ipswich Town to Charlton Athletic, £2.5 million, 2005)
    Ipswich’s decision to sell their star striker in the summer of 2005 did not cause a stampede. Charlton were in pole position and tied up a deal for £2.5 million. Two years and 31 Premier League goals later, the England forward was sold to Spurs for £16.5 million – a profit of £14 million. Of this Ipswich receive about £2.5 million through a wise sell-on clause.
    19 ROY KEANE (Nottingham Forest to Manchester United, £3.75 million, 1993)
    Nearly joined Blackburn Rovers before setting his heart on a move to Old Trafford. Kenny Dalglish’s loss was United’s gain. Anyone who doubts just how good he was should watch a video of his performance away to Juventus in 1999. “It was the most emphatic display of selflessness I have seen on a football field,” Alex Ferguson said. “Pounding over every blade of grass, competing as if he would rather die of exhaustion than lose, he inspired all around him. I felt it was an honour to be associated with such a player.”
    18 DAVID NUGENT (Bury to Preston North End, £100,000, 2005)
    Failed to make the grade at Liverpool and had to go back to basics before earning himself a move to Preston North End for just £100,000. Two years and a goal on his England debut later, the forward is close to sealing a £7 million transfer to Portsmouth.
    17 IAN RUSH (Chester City to Liverpool, £300,000, 1980)
    His name still turns the stomach of Manchester United fans, but who can argue with his scoring record. Scored for fun – except against United and when playing for Juventus. Never mind the quality, stand back and admire the stats - 346 goals in 658 games, five titles, three FA Cups, one European Cup, five League Cups and four Charity Shields. Not bad for an Everton supporter.
    16 PETER WITHE (Newcastle United to Aston Villa, £500,000, 1980)
    Aston Villa’s record signing when he moved south, Withe justified his transfer fee by scoring 20 times as Ron Saunders’s team won the title in 1981. Also scored Villa’s winning goal in the 1982 European Cup final against Bayern Munich.
    15 NICOLAS ANELKA (Paris St-Germain to Arsenal, £500,000, 1996)
    Arrived at Highbury as a moody 17-year-old and threw his toys out of the pram two-and-a-half years later before Arsenal accepted Real Madrid’s £23 million offer. Could anyone else but Arsene Wenger make a £22.5 million profit on a 17-year-old in such a short time?
    14 GIANFRANCO ZOLA (Parma to Chelsea, £4.5 million, 1996)
    Won trophies at Stamford Bridge before Roman Abramovich’s millions transformed the club’s fortunes and all because he spent hours watching Diego Maradona in training while they were team-mates at Napoli. “He’s a clever little so-and-so,” Sir Alex Ferguson said. Thousands of defenders would agree.
    13 KEVIN KEEGAN (Shorpe United to Liverpool, £35,000, 1971)
    Forget the dodgy perm, the Brut ads and the England job, Keegan is the only Englishman to have been voted European Footballer of the Year twice. After 323 appearances and 100 goals, he said goodbye to Liverpool with a European Cup winner’s medal in 1977. “When they start singing, ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’, my eyes start to water,” Keegan said. “There have been times when I've actually been crying while I've been playing.”
    12 PETER SCHMEICHEL (Brondby to Manchester United, £550,000, 1991)
    Sir Alex Ferguson has signed some dodgy keepers but he made no mistake when he bought Schmeichel. The Denmark goalkeeper was a key member of United’s all-conquering sides of the 90s and Ferguson described him as “the bargain of the century”.
    11 CRISTIANO RONALDO (Sporting Lisbon to Manchester United, £12 million, 2003)
    Love him or hate him, the Portugal winker looks a bargain at £12 million. Sir Alex Ferguson was unconvinced about his talents until Ronaldo tore apart United’s defence in a pre-season friendly for Sporting Lisbon. Loves himself a little too much, otherwise would be in the top five.
    10 PETR CECH (Rennes to Chelsea, £7 million, 2004)
    Jose Mourinho is convinced that Chelsea would have won the title for a third year in a row if the Czech Republic goalkeeper had not missed three months of last season, and who can argue with the Chelsea manager? If it wasn’t for Gianluigi Buffon, who cost Juventus £32 million, Cech would be the best goalkeeper in the world.
    9 DENNIS BERGKAMP (Inter Milan to Arsenal, £7.5 million, 1995)
    Bruce Rioch is remembered by Arsenal supporters for two things: signing Dennis Bergkamp and being a rubbish manager. Edged out by Thierry Henry as Arsenal’s best ever player, Bergkamp’s defence-splitting passes stunned Highbury regulars. “It's a miracle,” one admirer said. “One moment the pitch is crowded and narrow, then suddenly it is huge and wide.”
    8 PAUL MCGRATH (Manchester United to Aston Villa, £400,000, 1989)
    McGrath liked a drink, Alex Ferguson did not like drinkers. McGrath was shown the door at Old Trafford and went on to prove that he was the best defender of his generation. Admitted in his autobiography that he often played while drunk. Frightening to think how good he would have been without dodgy knees and the refueling problem.
    7 JOHN BARNES (Sudbury Court to Watford, set of kit, 1981)
    Graham Taylor, he did not like managing England but nearly everything he touched at Vicarage Road turned to gold. Barnes was 17 and playing for Sudbury Court when Taylor gave him a chance in the Watford reserve team. Barnes repaid the faith by scoring 92 goals before joining Liverpool for £900,000 in 1986.
    6 GARY PALLISTER (Billingham Town to Middlesbrough, set of kit, bag of balls and a goal net, 1984)
    Daisy, as he was known to his team-mates at Old Trafford, won four Premier League titles and three FA Cups at Manchester United. In 1984, the 19-year-old central defender was playing for Billingham Town when he caught the eye of Middlesbrough scouts and was snapped up in exchange for a set of kit, a bag of balls and a goal net. Was sold for £2.3 million in 1989.
    5 IAN WRIGHT (Greenwich Borough to Crystal Palace, set of weights, 1985)
    Wrighty had resigned himself to a career as a plasterer in 1985 playing part-time for Greenwich Borough when Steve Coppell offered him a trial and, impressed by what he saw, decided to swap the raw striker for a set of weights. Scored 117 goals in 277 appearances before he was sold to Arsenal for £2.5 million in 1991.
    4 THIERRY HENRY (Juventus to Arsenal, £10.5 million, 1999)
    Juventus fans were glad to see the back of the moody French winger who scored only three times in the 1998-99 season but little did they know that they were saying goodbye to one of the best players in the world. Skill, pace and good looks – some guys have all the luck.
    3 KENNY DALGLISH (Celtic to Liverpool, £440,000, 1977)
    Eat your heart out Fernando Torres. Bought by Bob Paisley to replace Kevin Keegan, Dalglish scored 31 times in his first season including the winning goal in the 1978 European Cup final. Came top in a poll of more than 110,000 Liverpool supporters on 100 Players Who Shook The Kop.
    2 DIXIE DEAN (Tranmere Rovers to Everton, £3,000, 1925)
    The forward who became the most prolific goalscorer in English football history cost Everton just £3,000 – or about what Andriy Shevchenko earns in an hour these days. Still the only player to score 60 league goals in a season in England, his record of 383 goals for Everton in 433 appearances astonished even Bill Shankly. “Those of us privileged to see Dean play talk of him the way people talk about Beethoven, Shakespeare or Mozart - he was that good,” the former Liverpool manager said.
    1 ERIC CANTONA (Leeds United to Manchester United, £1.2 million, 1992)
    He came, he turned up his collar, he conquered. Howard Wilkinson rang Alex Ferguson to ask him if Denis Irwin was for sale, Ferguson put in a cheeky bid for the Frenchman and the rest is history.
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    Re: patrick da silva
    player needs to be added to database hes played in sau paulo in the senoir side top side and many other clubs
    why is it when a player goes to manchester united chelsea or even championship sides it takes them less then a day to add them in the squad and when a player joins the a league it takes them over a week
    sorry if i ever acted rudely to sm and appoligise if i did
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    sorry brazil are taken can i have greece and what do i do after that choose a club team which one
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    what reward is there of gaining alot of rep points and i obviously read it
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    playakid69 got a reaction from tebthereb in Dani Pacheco wonder kid   
    Liverpool have raided Barcelona to sign one of their prized young talents in the shape of Dani Pacheco.
    The 16-year-old has shunned their offer of professional terms at Camp Nou in order to pen a three-year deal at Anfield.
    Barca youth coach Garcia Pimienta admitted losing Pacheco was a huge blow to the club.
    "It is a great loss for the club because he is a forward with a lot of quality," Garcia told Sport.
    "He has been our top goalscorer and has already played for the youth team.
    "Alongside Thiago Alcantara and Gai Assulin, he is one of the cadets we had the most hope for, but nothing can be done anymore.
    "Everything happened very suddenly."
    Liverpool have continued their youth recruitment policy with the latest acquisition being teenage striker Dani Pacheco, who has arrived at Anfield on a three-year deal rejecting professional contract at Barcelona.
    16-year-old Dani, who had joined Barca from Malaga three years ago, goes by the nickname of The Killer, will join new arrivals Alex Kacaniklic, Marvin Purie, Mikel San Jose, Nikolai Mikhailov, Krisztian Nemeth and Andras Simon at the Reds reserves.
    Barca youth coach Garcia Pimienta said that Dani’s move to England is a “great loss” to the Catalan giants.
    "It is a great loss for the club because he is a forward with a lot of quality," Garcia told Sport. "He has been our top goalscorer and has already played for the youth team.
    "Alongside Thiago Alcantara and Gai Assulin, he is one of the cadets we had the most hope for, but nothing can be done anymore. Everything happened very suddenly."
    Pacheco, one of the pearls of the youth team, 'flees' to Liverpool
    The never ending story. England has set it's sights yet another one of the emerging figures in the blaugrana youth setup and, this time, they've managed to pry it away from Barça. In this occasion, the 'robbery' has been committed by Liverpool, who have taken Daniel Pacheco with them, central forward of the you-16 team.
    The young player, who, despite having just turned 16 this past January, has already been used regularly for Alex Garcia for the you-18A, has decided to accept the 'Reds' offer to play in England for the next 3 seasons. Although Barça has tried to keep the player under it's wing, the agreement between the English club and the player is irreversible.
    Garcia Pimienta, his manager at the you-16A's this season, considers that he is "a big loss for the club because we're talking about a striker with lots of quality and a goalscorer. He's been our top goalscorer, reaching almost 30 goals and he's already played with the you-18A's, so i don't think this is a sporting issue, because he is highly valued at the club". The coach considers that "along with Thiago Alcantara and Gai Assulin he is one of the you-16 players with best prospects that we have, but there is nothing we can do now. It all happen very fast".
    Dani Pacheco arrived in Barcelona from his native Malaga and has spent the last four years at the club. Now, like Cesc, Pique or Fran Merida before him, he's gone to England.
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