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  1. what me? or the dude below a bit thats telling us about his ramdom form?
  2. that is true but u also have to look at the amount of good players they had back in Keegans days.......i respect that that is your opinion but i think that all the players they have now would have made Keegans team am i not right? the game has gone far from what is used to be back then....but Keegan was a great manager for the club....... but i feel there are too many good managers who cant get the best out of there teams anymore......the game in england is becoming sluggish and players need to play more for the team then the cash they earn.... it is ridicolous
  3. that is true but did Keegan have a constently injured sqaud? i mean mourinho even said they have a great squad didnt he? must mean something i think Martins was a great by to be honest but thats mho Being a united fan i have also lyked Martins as a player for quite a long tym
  4. yeah i think they would be good aswell....makes it eaiser for us then to concentrate on the gaming and then just read a report piled up by the scout on the players current form and results good idea
  5. lolz kwl see my friend Aaron showed me this he is in the Gooner's league personal set up......i really enjoy it just some times hard figuring out the best formation with Porto.....am sure ill find something out sooner or later
  6. i actaully think Newcastle have a really good team at the moment and if they sort there injuty problems out then they should be solid......maybe they could but a new centre back or right back or try and loan or buy Mikeal Sylvertse or something im sure he would be looking for first team football......thats if he isnt injured im not sure
  7. yeah ive seen the other threads players lyk pato and vela and luis anderson.....who actually started at my porto team lolz am lucky there how long u been playing for? and league your team in?
  8. thank you mate ill accpet it at ten lolz what league are you in mate? erm and just wanted to ask erm when a season ends how long do you have to wait before a new season starts?
  9. i dont think he has shown that much as a player to get a higher rating.....maybe after a few games like after easter or so.....he could b a total flop at villa......depends on how he plays and hi btw am new to this
  10. oh kk kwl ill join wc 148 at ten then.....or ill see what teams they got how long you been playing for?
  11. erm yeah i mean ive noticed people have lyk tranfers discussed on here init? and erm i just wanted to know like in the forum how i would find sumone in my own league or wud i join sum one else's league? lolz and btw thanks for that found the other managers
  12. and thanks chris ill do that when matches are over lolz this game is actually wikid
  13. ok kool thanks mate erm just wanted to ask how do i find people from my own league lyk the same championship?
  14. hey im Rameez erm i just started playing SM lyk 2-3weeks ago erm......ive got a good Porto Team in Wolrd Championship 584 or 508 i cant check which one atm coz of the matches any just wanted to say hi and thank people cause after reaidn the threads i got sum good buys in on sum good young players and would like to make a few mates
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