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  1. I am looking for a GK 81-82 rated who will rise in few months, any ideas?
  2. Respuesta: +10 Risers Balde plays 500 minutes in 18 games. 76 to 81/82. Ruiz plays 1800 minutis in 22 games. 75 to 83/84/85 Not sure, i am not very good at predictions... xD
  3. Respuesta: +10 Risers See Ibrahima Balde, Victor Ruiz or Diego Contento...
  4. Respuesta: Bundesliga Risers, Talents & Droppers 2010 What about BOATENG, Jérôme? He will rise to 90?
  5. Respuesta: players under 90 who will become 90 in the next change? I am interested in this topic too, thanks.
  6. Respuesta: Re: 86 rated midfielder Make a screenshot of ur squad, will be better bc this link to my own squad xD
  7. Respuesta: Re: DutchEredivisieRatings I have BUKHAROV in my team and i was thinking to trade him for Suarez, good idea or bad...? He will cost me only 2M + Bukharov...
  8. Respuesta: DutchEredivisieRatings Should i buy Suarez from Ajax if i have money?
  9. Respuesta: Youssef El-Arabi - Caen Riser Thanks, i bought him
  10. Respuesta: Potential Ligue 1 Risers...The Unofficial Version Should i buy RÉMY, Loïc ?
  11. I am all ears, i want to listen you opinions Youth: I want to say that i will trade N'DY ASSEMBE, Guy for JOURDREN, Geoffrey And i will trade too Dani Pacheco for Diego Contento. I will also trade Mertens for Johnson and buy Muniain
  12. Respuesta: Adam Johnson or Muniain?? Don't talk about R.Madrid, is my team in real life... EPIC FACEPALM I will see, right now i have some players that i can sell soon, if i get some money i will try to buy both Right now i have this wings in my team (Osasuna): Kross, MENEZ, AGBONLAHOR. I think i will try to pick Johnson because i found another reason: Left feet
  13. Respuesta: Re: Adam Johnson or Muniain?? Yes, i think you are true, in my opinion Munain is too young to reach a high rate faster... If i get sufficient money in this months i will try buy both, but now i think i will decide Johnson...
  14. Respuesta: Spanish Rating Changes & Analysis (09/10) What do you think Muniain will be his next rated prediction?
  15. I am thinking to buy one of them, his stats are: Muniain (17 years): 663 minutes / 21 app / 3 goals He is a F/Wing Johnson (22years): 785 Min / 11 app / 1 goal He is a Wing I think Muniain is the better decission, but i am not sure... If you can add any similar player with a better future, i am all ears
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