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  1. Hi All.. Sorry If Disturbing. My Brother Want To Make An Account For Forum But When He Registered,No Activation Link Has Been Send Into His Email Account.
  2. Re: Lobster League 2 Anyone Interest? Milan,Manchester City,Athletico Madrid,Juve And Lot More.
  3. Re: Non - Football Signature Thread. Programe/Video Game/Movie/Other*: Naruto Character:Uchiha Itachi Colour(s):Black Size: 400 x 200 And Can You Put My Name? Ahmad Shahir
  4. New Setup. Season Start At 28 February. Rule:Level 75 Can't Buy From Unmanaged Club I Hope This Setup Will FUll Of Forumer.
  5. Re: WC8497 Discussion Thread Quit Udinese And Manage FC Porto.
  6. Re: WC8497 Discussion Thread Akcent, Can I Buy F.Merida And Loan Walcott?
  7. Re: WC8497 Discussion Thread Hi. Got Udinese. All Player Can Go EXcept My Youth Squad:D
  8. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread Beat Bail's Liverpool 3-0. Yes.We Done It. Thanks To Defour,Delap And Gosling
  9. Re: Who should I buy and sell and need help with tactics please? Try 4-5-1 Casillas Albiol,Pepe,Chiellini,Maxwell, Benzema,Fabregas,Gourcuff,Pjanic Messi Rooney Men=Attcking Press=Own Area Pass Style=Direct Make Messi and Pjanic arrow up. Hope This Help:D
  10. Re: Same manager has 2 International teams? Really? We Only Can Managed 1 NT Per GW. You SHould Send The Ticket
  11. Re: strikers :DI Will Go For Falcao For Sure And The Maybe Nilmar. He Is Great Player And He Likely To Play With Brazil Along Side With Luis Fabiano. Nilmar Also Has Been Linked with Man Utd Before
  12. Re: Bent Bent DOing A Good Job As A Striker And 80% He Will Rise To 90 If He Keep Scoring And He Is The 3rd CHoice For England NT. Let See What He Will DO Against Arsenal Tonight And I Bet 65% He Might Score.
  13. Re: Kick out Reserve club Feature SM is looking a new way to get more money. And I Really Hope That SM Can Increase The Number of GW Like Before Because It Is Really Hard To Get A Good Team. I Hope At Least 2 0r 3 Gameworld Open At Every 2 Hour.
  14. Re: Arsenal News - Euro Champions - Fabregas Leave Arsenal For FC.Valencia Arsenal captain,Cesc Fabregas has agreed to join Valencia for 5 Million plus D.Silva and Juan Manuel Mata. The deal involving both club has been accepted and will completed soon. David Silva will wearing Fabregas's Ex-no,4,at Arsenal while Mata will wearing no.17. Arsenal fans are sad to lose their captain and so with Adam. "He[Fabregas] is the most valuable player of this squad and it really sad to lost him.However,we got a good replacement, David Silva and i hope he will proved that he can fill the Fab
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