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  1. Riferimento: When is the next GC? same question for me, smfa stop opening GC... don't know why..
  2. is it a good deal to sell xavi and tello (mine players) for cavani?
  3. Riferimento: Team offered duration no, 5 days maybe is the duration when smfa offer the job, when a manager offer a unmanaged team to another manager, the duration is much longer. I see a team offered to a manager for about 4 weeks in a gold world, this manager don't use his account since 2012. Team is blocked and nothing happen...
  4. Riferimento: Team offered duration so a team can be blocked forever?
  5. Riferimento: Team offered duration I want know how long someone has to accept or rejects... because some managers do nothing and the team stay "blocked" for weeks and weeks...
  6. How long is the application to offer a team from a manager to another? I see a team for weeks and weeks blocked by a manager candidature that no accept and no reject his job. Someone knows?
  7. after transfer to rubin will he drop?
  8. Riferimento: Gold Championship 170 waiting Amelia and my Celtic is almost ready!
  9. Riferimento: Gold Championship 170 I'm with Celtic!
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