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  1. Is it better to have a player who has a higher rating in their second preferred position or a player with a lower rating in their first preferred position? Eg: Cambiasso is a CM/LM rated 93 and I put him LM and Solari is a LM rated 88. Who would be better to put LM? Need urgent help. Cheers.
  2. Re: goran pandev 91 maybe 92 mate. Rep me.
  3. Re: the best of the best setup Got it mate, just to confirm my PM
  4. Re: the best of the best setup Oh in that case I'll do a list of preferences:1.Inter Milan 2.AC Milan 3.FC Porto
  5. Re: 'New Forumers Setup being made'. What about me can I enter the draw?
  6. Re: the best of the best setup Can I please have Inter Milan??
  7. Re: Thank you Scouts Ali FUSEINI 70=>74 Liam DOLMAN 70=>75
  8. Re: Thank you Scouts Just signed Jonathan Grounds thanks to a tip-off by Ahmed, one of the forumers. Cheers mate 2 million deal on Bojan still pending...
  9. I have been managing a Fenerbahce team for a year already (and we're into the second season now) and I am finding myself in trouble regarding the strikers. Let me explain my situation: -I have Sanli Tuncay (rated 90) and his stats are: Season 1: 35(1) appearances and 17 goals (my Fenerbahce team won the title that season) Season 2 (ongoing): 21(1) appearances and 10 goals -Next up I have Fredric Kanoute (rated 94) and his stats are: Season 1: 26(1) appearances and 11 goals, with 8 assists Season 2 (ongoing): 20(1) appearances and 5 goals, with 6 assists -Up next is Dirk Kuijt (rated 91)
  10. Re: 'New Forumers Setup being made'. Can I go in the draw?
  11. Re: Brazilian JO Micah Richards and Vinicius Breno are future talents...
  12. Re: Rate My Team Thread LEHMANN, Jens G 38 91 £514k ALMUNIA, Manuel G 30 89 £4.6M VANHAMEL, Mike G 18 76 £831k BEGOVIC, Asmir G 20 74 £351k FERNANDEZ, Roberto G 17 74 £380k MANNONE, Vito G 19 70 £10k ROBINSON, Lee G 21 70 £10k YOUNG, Jamie G 22 70 £10k SENNAOUI, Mehdi G 21 70 £10k TOMOVIC, Stefan G 17 70 £10k CLICHY, Gael LB 22 91 £8.7M MATTOCK, Joe LB/LM 17 80 £2.3M SAKHO, Mamadou LB/CB 17 80 £2.3M BASEY, Grant LB 19 77 £1.1M SMID, Michal LB 21 75 £532k CISSOKHO, Aly LB 20 75 £547k SAGNA, Bakari RB/CB 24 91 £8.2M OMOZUSI, Elliot RB/
  13. Re: Thank you Scouts Joe MATTOCK 75=>80 Also bought Franseco BOLZONI and Lucas TRECARICHI. Only 192k in the bank. Anyone got any idea how I can get more money to buy Bojan? Which player should I transfer-list? Please help.
  14. Re: the name draw setup Joz are you going to PM us the password?
  15. Re: the name draw setup Btw what's the name of the setup and are you creating it now?
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