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  1. Is it better to have a player who has a higher rating in their second preferred position or a player with a lower rating in their first preferred position? Eg: Cambiasso is a CM/LM rated 93 and I put him LM and Solari is a LM rated 88. Who would be better to put LM? Need urgent help. Cheers.
  2. Re: goran pandev 91 maybe 92 mate. Rep me.
  3. Re: the best of the best setup Got it mate, just to confirm my PM
  4. Re: the best of the best setup Oh in that case I'll do a list of preferences:1.Inter Milan 2.AC Milan 3.FC Porto
  5. Re: 'New Forumers Setup being made'. What about me can I enter the draw?
  6. Re: the best of the best setup Can I please have Inter Milan??
  7. Re: Thank you Scouts Ali FUSEINI 70=>74 Liam DOLMAN 70=>75
  8. Re: Thank you Scouts Just signed Jonathan Grounds thanks to a tip-off by Ahmed, one of the forumers. Cheers mate 2 million deal on Bojan still pending...
  9. I have been managing a Fenerbahce team for a year already (and we're into the second season now) and I am finding myself in trouble regarding the strikers. Let me explain my situation: -I have Sanli Tuncay (rated 90) and his stats are: Season 1: 35(1) appearances and 17 goals (my Fenerbahce team won the title that season) Season 2 (ongoing): 21(1) appearances and 10 goals -Next up I have Fredric Kanoute (rated 94) and his stats are: Season 1: 26(1) appearances and 11 goals, with 8 assists Season 2 (ongoing): 20(1) appearances and 5 goals, with 6 assists -Up next is Dirk Kuijt (rated 91)
  10. Re: 'New Forumers Setup being made'. Can I go in the draw?
  11. Re: Brazilian JO Micah Richards and Vinicius Breno are future talents...
  12. Re: Rate My Team Thread LEHMANN, Jens G 38 91 £514k ALMUNIA, Manuel G 30 89 £4.6M VANHAMEL, Mike G 18 76 £831k BEGOVIC, Asmir G 20 74 £351k FERNANDEZ, Roberto G 17 74 £380k MANNONE, Vito G 19 70 £10k ROBINSON, Lee G 21 70 £10k YOUNG, Jamie G 22 70 £10k SENNAOUI, Mehdi G 21 70 £10k TOMOVIC, Stefan G 17 70 £10k CLICHY, Gael LB 22 91 £8.7M MATTOCK, Joe LB/LM 17 80 £2.3M SAKHO, Mamadou LB/CB 17 80 £2.3M BASEY, Grant LB 19 77 £1.1M SMID, Michal LB 21 75 £532k CISSOKHO, Aly LB 20 75 £547k SAGNA, Bakari RB/CB 24 91 £8.2M OMOZUSI, Elliot RB/
  13. Re: Thank you Scouts Joe MATTOCK 75=>80 Also bought Franseco BOLZONI and Lucas TRECARICHI. Only 192k in the bank. Anyone got any idea how I can get more money to buy Bojan? Which player should I transfer-list? Please help.
  14. Re: the name draw setup Joz are you going to PM us the password?
  15. Re: the name draw setup Btw what's the name of the setup and are you creating it now?
  16. Re: the name draw setup Brett Flynn - Barcelona p.s. good idea mate
  17. Re: goalkeeper ratings Yves Makalambu-Makalambay should be at least 93 imo.
  18. Re: we all create a setup from scratch, il make it you choose what it is! Well my name's Brett. Would that be Barcelona for me?
  19. Re: Perrotta Sort of average form, but I think he'll stay at 93 for the time being.
  20. Re: we all create a setup from scratch, il make it you choose what it is! Hey mate yeah good idea. I voted for having a random draw of the teams but a good idea would be that if your league had, say, 20 teams in it with two divisions consisting of 10 teams in each division, then the first 10 posters in this thread can get a team from a random draw in DIVISION 1 and the next 10 posters can get a random team in DIVISION 2 (also from a draw). Let me know what you think cheers.
  21. Re: My SPL Ratings... McDonald to 89 for me.
  22. Re: SM Predict - Season 3 - Week 21 Saturday 19th January 2008 Blackburn 1 VS 0 Middlesbrough Reading 0 VS 2 Man Utd Villarreal 1 VS 2 Valencia Norwich 0 VS 1 Leicester City Sunday 20th January 2008 Atletico Madrid 0 VS 2 Real Madrid (ESB) Real Betis 3 VS 2 Recretivo Huelva Manchester City 1 VS 0 West Ham United Wigan Athletic 0 VS 2 Everton
  23. Re: Thank you Scouts Total Wages = 1,215,570
  24. Re: Lionel Messi's rating? What does everyone think about Rooney staying on 96 and Messi (in your opinions) going to 96 as well. Imo Messi is better than Rooney...
  25. Re: Attempt to Create National Teams League! Can I join please? Or is it too late?
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