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    chelsea4eva got a reaction from bigz786 in What's better...   
    Is it better to have a player who has a higher rating in their second preferred position or a player with a lower rating in their first preferred position?
    Eg: Cambiasso is a CM/LM rated 93 and I put him LM and Solari is a LM rated 88. Who would be better to put LM? Need urgent help.
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    chelsea4eva reacted to Smartdoc in What's better...   
    Re: What's better...
    I've found it depends on the level of opposition. If you are far superior to the opposition then I would go for Cambiasso. If you are playing stronger opposition then probably play the true LM. If ur around equal it is almost a coin toss in my experiences.
    If the gap in ratings was bigger than 5 (e.g in Liverpool Gerrard CM/RM 97 and Benayoun RM 89 for the Rm position), then I would always go for the player with the higher rating. If it's a smaller gap then go for the player whose primary position is correct.
    Hope I didn't lose you in that slightly over-complicated advice
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    chelsea4eva got a reaction from ngchowhui in goran pandev   
    Re: goran pandev
    91 maybe 92 mate. Rep me.
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    chelsea4eva reacted to Zozo Geericks in Help with strikers   
    Re: Help with strikers
    As much as you can squeeze onto pitch mate to hammer them down
    No seriously, depends on your formation really, doesn't it? For anything ending with 2 as 4-4-2, 3-5-2, I would put two of those lads up front, typically 1 CF and 1 F so I'd go for Kanoute and either of the 3 with best morale. Then if you play a 4-3-1-2 or 3-4-1-2 you might think about placing another F behind them to ramp up your attack.
    The reasons for your strikers not scoring could lie outside the control of your strikers as well like the opponents defensive tactics and defender's ratings so I wouldn't worry too much about your striker's form after just 1 game.
    Hope this helped a little mate.
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    chelsea4eva reacted to Daginator MCFC in the name draw setup   
    Re: the name draw setup
    yea lol every1 i know are hoping for them or ac milan lol
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    chelsea4eva reacted to Ahmed in Jonathan Grounds   
    Jonathan Grounds - A 19 year old left back who made his debut for a Premier League team against a BIG club this weekend . He eventually impressed and won a place in the EPL team of the weak , for his fluent game and matureness showed on the pitch .
    If you still don't know which club , then it is Middlesborough . In recent years it has been noted as having one of the most productive academies in the country, producing among others, England international Stewart Downing, and Under-21 internationals Andrew Taylor, Lee Cattermole and David Wheater.
    He was very impressive against Liverpool , how difficult to have your EPL debut against such a team .
    The nice part is that he is rated only 72 , so won't cost you much. And he is expected to play more as he impressed and showed he has the guts to stick straight for a starting place.
    Thanks .
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    chelsea4eva reacted to jacob23 in I need players that are considered...   
    Re: I need players that are considered...
    Diego Bounanotte 19 74 AM River Plate
    Prince Bauben 19 75 CM Dundee Utd
    Paolo De Ceglie 21 80 AM Siena but co-owned by Juventus
    Sebastian Blanco 19 80 RM/LM Lanus
    Alessio Cerci 20 78 CF On loan at Brescia from Roma i think
    Elini Dimoutsos 19 74 M Panathinaikos
    These have all been mentioned in the forum before and are all good prospect's who should rise in the future.
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    chelsea4eva reacted in European superstars   
    Re: European superstars
    6.Enea Koliqi

    This prospect is a 21 year old goalkeeper who plays for Iraklis Thessaloniki FC who is a first team regular at u-21 level. I added this prospect because he is a regular at the u-21's but also as samir ujkani has been playing at the best of his ability the pressure on koliqi will rise so in my opinion the added pressure might affect him in a positive way so he upps his game for the u-21's or it might affect him in a negative way but at the moment im thinking optimistically so be sure to keep an eye out for koliqi at the u-21 championships.
    On DB playing for iraklis
    Rated - 73
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    chelsea4eva reacted to Insider in U 20 Full Report - Part 1 (Keepers)   
    There are 4 parts, on each day for the next 4 days.
    Here's part 1.
    Top 5 Goalies to buy
    1. Luiz Mejia
    2. Radek Petr
    3. Rui Patricio
    4. Alfonso Blanco
    5. Christopher Toselli
    Full report on keepers on SM :
    Player name: Michael ZAGLMAIR
    Age: 19yrs
    Nationality: Austrian
    Position: Goalkeeper
    Rating: 73
    Value: £203k
    Club : LASK Linz (Austrian Bundesliga)
    His story : Led Linz to promotion to the first division. If he plays well in the first, will go up.
    Player name: Asmir BEGOVIC
    Age: 20yrs
    Nationality: Canadian
    Position: Goalkeeper
    Rating: 72
    Value: £88k
    Club : Portsmouth (Premiership)
    His story : Bosnian by birth, moved to Canada after the war. Very solid at the tournament, but was hung out to dry by his D. Will go up if he can get a few matches in for Portsmouth. Will be first choice Canadian keeper soon.
    Player name: Cristopher TOSELLI
    Age: 19yrs
    Nationality: Chilean
    Position: Goalkeeper
    Rating: 75
    Value: £563k
    Club : Universidad Catolica (Chile)
    His story : Just turned 19 in June, was the keeper who went the longest without allowing a goal. New record, went until the semis without allowing a single goal. Very impressive.
    Player name: Antonio ADÁN
    Age: 20yrs
    Nationality: Spanish
    Position: Goalkeeper
    Rating: 78
    Value: £1.3M
    Club : Real Madrid Castilla (Spa. 2)
    His story : No luck for him. 3rd string at Real B. He will have to leave if he wants playing time.
    Player name: Alfonso BLANCO
    Age: 19yrs
    Nationality: Mexican
    Position: Goalkeeper
    Rating: 74
    Value: £361k
    Club : Pachuca (Mexican Primera)
    His story : Already named starter for Pachuca in top class Mexican football. He will rise, and he will rise high. Has just been added to the database. Bailed Mexico out a few times against Gambia and Portugal, amongst others.
    Player name: Pedro RUI PATRICIO
    Age: 19yrs
    Nationality: Portugese
    Position: Goalkeeper
    Rating: 75
    Value: £563k
    Club : Sporting Lisboa (BWIN Liga)
    His story : Most impressive keeper of the tournament with Blanco. He played one match this season for Sporting’s top side, saving a last minute penalty to beat Maritimo 1-0. Should be a big name in Portuguese football for years to come.
    Player name: Ramos CÁSSIO
    Age: 20yrs
    Nationality: Brazilian
    Position: Goalkeeper
    Rating: 72 (Now up to 77)
    Value: £88k (Now 1.0M)
    Club : Gremio (Brazil 1)
    His story : Tried, but this Brazil squad didn’t have enough heart to help his get past the 2nd round.
    Player name: Bartosz BIALKOWSKI
    Age: 20yrs
    Nationality: Polish
    Position: Goalkeeper
    Rating: 76
    Value: £787k
    Club : Southampton (Championship)
    His story : Had a great run a S’hampton two seasons before his injury. Less impressive last season. But he has potential, and could be key for Southampton in their quest for the Premiership.
    Player name: Chris SEITZ
    Age: 20yrs
    Nationality: American
    Position: Goalkeeper
    Rating: 73
    Value: £198k
    Club : Real Salt Lake (MLS)
    His story : Is struggling in the MLS. This could be the big confidence boost he needed.
    Player name: Sergio ROMERO
    Age: 20yrs
    Nationality: Argentinian
    Position: Goalkeeper
    Rating: 74
    Value: £351k
    Club : Racing Club (Argentina 1)
    His Story : Should go up. It’s about time he challenges for the starter’s role in Racing. 6’3 and uses it well.
    Now keepers to watch for, not yet on SM.
    Luis Mejia
    just turned 16 yrs
    Tauro FC (Panama 1)
    Already on the best Panamanian squad, he was phenomenal. Got Panama a point by himself. Was always left alone and just kept pushing other players back. I can’t say enough about him. And check out the age.
    Radek Petr
    20 yrs
    Czech Republic
    FC Banik Ostrava (Czech 1)
    Saved penalties in the shootout against both Spain and Japan. The reason the Czechs are finalists. Has been called the Petr Cech of the future. Can’t wait for him to get created.
    Jacob Spoonley
    20 yrs
    New Zealand
    Auckland City FC (NZFC)
    Played great agaisnt Portugal, and was pretty much left out to dry. Another small team keeper who gave his team a chance.
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    chelsea4eva reacted to Magic J in 10k Player Alert!!!   
    Re: 10K PLAYER ALERT!!!
    Never know they might, as i believed they were reviewing the leagues they have recently done unless i imagined this
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    chelsea4eva reacted to The Original Gooner in Arsenal Rating Changes   
    Re: Arsenal Rating Changes
    I am going to list every player in the database who plays for Arsenal and i will say what i think there ratings should be -
    Lehman - 92 --> 91 - He is not getting any better and the older he gets the less fit he becomes and his eyes get worse and he is being pushed out of the number 1 spot so has to go down.
    Almunia - 87 --> 89 - He is slowly becoming Arsenal's number 1 and when he has played this year he has played well and is a key to why Arsenal have been wining games, clean sheets are everything.
    Fabianski - 85 --> 85 - He played in the Carling Cup game at Newcastle and performed like an 85, so he deserves to keep his rating.
    Mannone - 70 --> 70 - Don't know much about him so i will go with SM and say keep his rating until he plays for Arsenal.
    Clichy - 90 --> 92 Was the best left back in the premier league last year and has started well again this year so he is a 92 at least and is pushing for a 93.
    Traore - 80 --> 82 - Many people may think he hasn't done much but he featured in all but 1 game last year in the Carling cup and he never looked out of place, not even against Chelsea.
    Eboue - 89 --> 89 - He was in for an increase until Sagna came along and he will now be a very handy sub. And a handy sub for a good team is a 89 nothing more nothing less.
    Sagna - 89 --> 90 - He is playing in front of Eboue and he has started his Arsenal carrier well so an increase of 1 is just desserts.
    Hoyte - 87 --> 87 - Not much to say really, hasn't done anything to go up or down.
    Toure - 94 --> 95 - He is better than Gallas and is a very good strong powerful no nonsense defender and he deserves a 95.
    Senderos - 88 --> 87 - I have no idea why Wenger plays him and he isn't any better than Hoyte so he needs to go down to his level.
    Nordtveit - 75 --> 75 - Not sure about him so i have to trust SM.
    Gallas - 94 --> 94 - A very good defender and is good all along the back line so he needs to keep his rating.
    Merdia - 72 --> 74 - Played in the Carling Cup game and he deserves an increase after being a regular star for the reserves.
    Hleb - 91 --> 91 - He i8s a great player and his assist for RVP's goal on Saturday showed that so he deserves to keep his 91 rating.
    Fabregas - 94 --> 97 - Is Arsenal's best player by a long way and is now in Gerrard's class so he needs to be on his rating, goals assists, tackling, passing he has it all so a 97 all the way from me.
    G.Silva - 93 --> 92 - He is playing enough to have a 93 rating so he needs to go back down to 92.
    Flamini - 88 --> 89 - I aswell as most Arsenal supporters have been very impressed by his performances and he has shocked many. Good player almost a 90.
    Diaby - 87 --> 89 - Wow he has came on leaps and bounds this year and he needs to be increased by 2. Great player now and is a premiership player now. 89 for me.
    Denilson - 85 --> 87 - Is a great player and will one day be in the middle with Cesc, just check out his goal against Newcastle needs to go up.
    Song - 84 --> 84 - His 84 rating is about right even when he plays in Carling cup games the whole team looks a few rating points ahead of him.
    Randell - 73 --> 73 - Needs more playing time to go up.
    Diarra - 87 --> 87 - Hasn't played much since his move to Arsenal and needs more time for us to judge him.
    Rosicky - 93 --> 93 - Great player and is not letting himself down needs to keep his rating.
    Walcott - 85 --> 88 - Is playing quite regularly now and that needs to be shown in his rating.
    Van Persie - 92 --> 93 - Arsenal's best forward and is always playing well so he has to be 93.
    Eduardo - 90 --> 90 - Has played okay at Arsenal but his International form should keep his rating.
    Sunu - 60 --> 60 - Not much to say doesn't play at all so he can't go up or down.
    Adebayor - 89 --> 90 - Is a much better forward this season and is scoring and assisting so he needs to go up by 1.
    Bendter - 85 --> 85 - Isn't playing but he played well in pre season so he needs to stay at 85.
    Rep would be nice as this took me about 1 and a half hours.
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    chelsea4eva reacted in My Liverpool team.   
    Re: My Liverpool team.
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    chelsea4eva reacted in Huntelaar   
    Re: HUNTELAAR, Klaas-Jan
    I dont think he'll go up...Read the blog..will ya and stop spamming..
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    chelsea4eva reacted to dai smout in Deal Collapsed!!!   
    actually deals collapsing due to a change in management is very fair. it stops someone from jumping in quickly to manage two teams in the same setup, arranging a deal and then leaving before anyone notices what they've just done.
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    chelsea4eva reacted to tebthereb in PM Abuse Allowed Unless Racist/Homophobic   
    This is easily one of the most ludicrous decisions by SM.
    So, now, if an innocent kid or someone with delicate sensibilites receives a tirade of abuse and filthy comments/insults, then provided it is not racist or homophobic, SM will take no action and just tell us to block the manager from messaging you again? This is what they have been telling people reporting abusive comments.
    Some questions I think need answering:
    1) What is to stop the culprit creating a new account and contacting the same manager again?
    2) What is to stop them giving abuse to other managers?
    3) Why is there no punishment inflicted upon them having shown unacceptable behaviour?
    4) How is this an improvement, besides reducing the entries in SM's inbox?
    Some decisions that SM take flabbergast me and this is one of them. I don't want to stop people messaging me, I want to stop people sending me abuse.
    I think SM need to reverse this change. If they feel they are getting too many complaints about PM abuse they need to look at ways of stopping the PM abuse not ways of cutting the amount of reports they are getting. I can suggest a few:
    1) Punish managers more severely who swear by PM when reported
    2) Stop the manager reported from sending PM's for a certain number of turns
    3) Censor words as we do on the forum via PM so people literally can't utter obscenities
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    chelsea4eva reacted to lukelufc in 16 Australian Ratings + 1 from Japan. (For small clubs)   
    I'd like to start off by saying that the whole of Australian Football is very under-rated and really all the players should be rated higher and i dont think SM recognise or will recognise this.
    Nigel Boogaard
    Started 10 times (out of 11) for top of the table central coast mariners, he is the defender with the most time for them this season clocking up 906 minutes. He is only 21 years old. Rating 68 --> 74/75
    Jonas Salley
    Started 10 times this season out of 11 for adelaide. 25 years old. Rating 70 --> 74
    Robert Cornthwaite
    Played 11 out of 11 times as starts for adelaide this season, aged 23. Has played the most this season for them. Rating 70-->75
    Bruce Djite
    Started 6 times, scoring 4 goals! For Adelaide. Very young. 70-->77
    Dez Giraldi
    Started 4 times for Adelaide scoring 1 goal. 60 --> 72 +12
    Adam D'Apuzzo
    Played 10 times for Newcastle United (3rd in table), 7 as starts. Has played the most time of any Newcastle united jets midfielders. 70 --> 77
    Tarek Elrich
    Played 9 times for NUJ, 6 as starts. 70 --> 75
    Michael Zullo
    Queensland Roar, played 5times as a start and 5 times as a sub scoring once.
    65 --> 73
    Ben Griffin
    Played 9 times for QR, 7 as starts from CB. 70--> 74
    Adam Casey
    Striker with the most playing time for Sydney FC, starting 6 times and scoring a goal. Age 21. 64 --> 74 +10
    Kaz Patafta
    Melbourne Victory, will be great in long term. 6 sub appearances only 19 yrs old. 70 --> 72
    Leigh Broxham
    Also only 19, has 8 starts for melbourne this year. 71--> 77
    Shane Smeltz
    Wellington Phoenix, 26 yrs old. 5 goals in 10 games. 65-->75
    Jeremy Christie
    On the DB as a RB, is actually an M. Played in 10 mathces for WP as starts. 70-->74
    Jamie Harnwell
    Perth Glory may be seperated from the rest of Australia and NZ as it is the only Australian main city on the west, and they may also e sperated at the bottom of the A league with no wins this season. But this man who plays as a defender has scored 4 out of their 7 goals this season! 74--> 78
    Nikita Rukavytsya
    20 years old and rated 70, he is on SM as australian, he is actually Ukranian. He is one of only 2 Perth Glory players to have appeared in all 11 of their games. 70--> 74
    Tomoaki MAKINO
    Playing for Sanfrecce Hiroshima in Japan. He is only 20 years old and player his age dont tend to break into the team at all in Japan. He has played 14 times, 10 of them as starts this season. He may be creeping into the first 11. 68-->76
    To be added to DB: Nikolas Tsattalios Played 3 times for sydney fc, one start. DOB - 01/03/1990. Age 17
    After hours of ratings checking, im knackered. I hope this helps this is a good strong list and will benefit the lower clubs so much. I hope this is recognised as doing so. Please comment. And if qouting, dont quote the whole lot it'll take us forever to get to the message
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    chelsea4eva reacted to bestpay in 80+ players, how much will unmanaged teams pay?   
    I've floated this idea around with some forumers and have decided to post. I hope this is the correct section, it seems like general assistance.
    I wanted to start a thread on how much managers can eventually expect to realise when they sell their 80+ rated players to unmanaged teams.
    Please note this post relates to World Championships only as values seem a little lower in the English championships.
    I've been keeping info since the transfer rules changed and i've observed that many managers are selling players too cheaply by accepting the first bid and not waiting until they get a better AI bid later on.
    Of course it's every manager's right to sell at whatever price they want but I hope the info below, based on around 4-5 weeks research helps some of you out there.
    I've listed each rating 80 onwards, sorted by age, the target price you should aim for (which can be exceeded sometimes) and examples of players i've evidenced this information from. (e.g. if you had an 18 year-old player, rated 80 you should target a minimum 2.2M income, it could be more but this should be the minimum!) But an 18 year old rated 81 you should expect to realise 2.5M for.
    18/80 - 2.2M Chris Martin, Conserva Fagner
    19/80 - 2.0M Emiliano Alfaro, Hamill, Blanco,
    20/80 - 2.0M Mumin, Gaitan, Franco, Vestergaard, Haestad
    21/80 - 1.8M Pietron, Jendrisek, Owona, Rossini, Mbokani Bezua
    22/80 - 1.7M Fietta, Popkhadze, Malenovic, Dong
    18/81 - 2.5M Andres Rios
    21/81 - 2.1M Velthuizen
    22/81 - 2.0M Toudic, Dobrotka
    17/82 - 3.8M Ninis
    18/82 - 3.6M Okaka Chuka, Sinclair
    19/82 - 3.5M Dionisio, Borne, Pardo
    20/82 - 3.1M Alejandro Alfaro, Yedro, Cabral, Aban, Ede, Marcelo Moreno
    21/82 - 2.9M Kulakov
    22/82 - 2.8M Ba, Ricardo Jesus, Sankofa, Compper, Amri
    23/82 - 2.5M Oi, Erdal, Le Postellec, Murat, Oscar Diaz, Holaido
    25/82 - 2.3M Maierhofer
    26/82 - 2.1M Villagra
    27/82 - 1.9M Parral
    19/83 - 4.1M Montiel, Arias
    20/83 - 3.7M Vangioni, Edgar, Renatinho, Pandza, Ayala
    21/83 - 3.5M Santacroce, Danze
    22/83 - 3.4M Abelairas
    24/83 - 3.0M Piccolo, Szekely
    25/83 - 2.9M Gorlitz
    28/83 - 2.2M Ferreira Silvestre ADRIANO
    19/84 - 4.6M Villaluz
    20/84 - 4.4M Maidana, Marcelo Oliveira
    21/84 - 4.0M Pallardo
    22/84 - 3.8M Arce, Lima
    24/84 - 3.7M Roberto Lopes, Aliadiere
    25/84 - 3.4M Folan
    26/84 - 3.3M Asprilla
    28/84 - 2.4M Gledson
    31/84 - 1.8M Gonzalo De Los Santos
    19/85 - 6.3M Giles Barnes
    20/85 - 6.0M Sammir, Bispo Adriano, Antonio Marcelo
    21/85 - 5.0M Augusto Felipo Santana
    22/85 - 4.5M Papiss Cisse, Maurice-Belay
    23/85 - 4.5M Laas, Amaral
    24/85 - 3.8M Izco, Williams Martinez
    25/85 - 3.8M de Souza Júnior JORGE HENRIQUE
    26/85 - 3.7M Lavecchia, Fernandinho, Mtiliga
    20/86 - 6.7M Ramires
    21/86 - 5.7M Pozzi, Donk, Cahill
    22/86 - 5.6M Lindgren, Zelao, Torosidis, Kolar
    23/86 - 5.4M Trisovic, Jemaa, Zenteno, Fernando Vega, Jakupovic, Makiadi
    24/86 - 4.6M Ilic
    26/86 - 4.4M Kingston
    31/86 - 3.0M Skoko
    32/86 - 3.0M Ismael
    20/87 - 8.0M Cavani, Kruska, Dessena, Kleber
    21/87 - 6.8M Alvarez
    22/87 - 6.6M Chica, Diarra
    23/87 - 6.4M Jimenez, Jenner
    24/87 - 5.4M Jenner
    26/87 - 4.9M Solli, El Kaddouri
    27/87 - 4.8M Fernando Vega, Kehl
    28/87 - 4.4M Abel
    30/87 - 3.8M Ezquerro
    19/88 - 12.4M Banega, Fellaini
    20/88 - 11.4M Cabaye, Menez
    21/88 - 10.2M Asamoah, Zapata
    24/88 - 6.8M Andujar, Kleber
    26/88 - 5.4M Orion, Caracciolo
    27/88 - 5.2M Rincon
    29/88 - 4.9M Shatskikh
    30/88 - 3.8M Karagounis
    32/88 - 3.6M Federov, Vaschuk
    34/88 - 3.3M Koller
    If this information proves popular i'll update the table progressively over time and make it more accurate, with contributions from others where available. Clearly for some categories the sample is small so increased data would further refine the accuracy. NB: Where I have insufficient information for a category I have chosen not to publish anything.
    As expected you can see the values received reduce as the players get older. Having this info could make a big difference to some managers, e.g. I've seen 23/85 players sold for £3.3M (a £1.2M loss on above).
    There appear to be some major devaluations of players at the ages of 21, 24 and 30 based on the above info.
    People's thoughts on this info would be warmly welcomed.
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    chelsea4eva reacted to DP 91 in More Benefits For People With Higher Reps   
    Re: More Benefits For People With Higher Reps
    This is a subject I have brought up a number of times and it all relates to gold member's too.
    I feel that Gold Champs should have barriers for those who are caught cheating. For example if your a GM and you are caught cheating and are under 40 rep points then I think you should be banned from joining GC's until your 40+
    I understand that they are paying customers but so are the other 300 people in the setup that can play the game without cheating. Its just not right, its like favouring a cheat to the other 300 people who dont.
    I think that there should be more teams aloud on an account depending on your rep. Right now its something like this:
    40 - 45 = 1 team.
    45-75 = 2 teams.
    75+ = 3 teams.
    I think there should be more add on's if your a gold member especially. Even if you already have the 10 teams etc.
    75-100 if your a gold member = 11 teams.
    100-150 = 12 teams.
    I also read that rep goes to level 200 and then thats the max levels you can go up although your rep may still go up and because of that it should be:
    150-200 = 13 teams.
    Also if you buy a custom setup its an extra team like you get currently.
    I think the normal member status should remain that you get 3 clubs max but being a paying member and good rep should get you extra spaces for teams.
    I think SM are too easy on cheats. Paying customer or not letting a cheater remain in a setup with hundreds of playing customer's is so wrong its stupid.
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    chelsea4eva reacted to sweeeeeet in 10k Player Alert!!!   
    Re: 10K PLAYER ALERT!!!
    m8 your very wellcome to show your gratitude
    there is a massive problem with stuck up people who think there important calling everything spam
    when its just gratitude and having a laugh
    so.. thanks for the thanks and i would also take this short chance without going too off topic
    to say thanks x
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    chelsea4eva got a reaction from TomOwen in ¡ Need Everybodies Honest Opinion !   
    Re: ¡ Need Everybodies Honest Opinion !
    If the Chelsea team has John Terry, Ricardo-Carvalho and Ashley Cole etc. they will dominate your forwards IMO.
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    chelsea4eva reacted to TomOwen in create YOURSELF lol   
    Re: create YOURSELF lol
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    chelsea4eva reacted to rawzy in create YOURSELF lol   
    Re: create YOURSELF lol
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    chelsea4eva reacted to Magic J in create YOURSELF lol   
    Re: create YOURSELF lol
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    chelsea4eva reacted to bhfanaticos in international setup...   
    Re: International Management
    i like all of this except for the gold membership part. i want to be able to manage my home country(bosnia) without having to pay for a gold membership. as long as i can manage bosnia without paying, im satisfied.
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    you shouldn't plaguerise world soccer magazine with out saying you have copyed
    it out of there magazine
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