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  1. Re: Official Red Devils thread Odds on van persie joining have come in to 12 to 1 on in last couple hours. Wonder what's sparked that tonight
  2. Re: Gold championship Why arnt you saying who your team is. Are you embarrassed. If you follow barca for example. Unless you log in the same minute a new gc is setup. Then someone will take them. I've logged in 10 mins after a new game world is setup and all best teams are taken. Who is your team
  3. When buying risers what are you generally looking for. Obviously a 70 going to 83 is a no brainier. But in general do you look for 75s going to 80/81 or 80s going to 83.
  4. Re: Spanish Championships The top division may have a couple friendly games thrown in cos the lower leagues have more teams so they can catch up games
  5. Re: Messi deal Just I case I'm missing something how do you swap 3 players for 1?
  6. If a player is valued at 30 mil cash or 35 mil exchange. And you bid 31 mil cash but someone else does players equaling 35 mil. Who wins. You for going a million over asking price or them for higher bid?
  7. Re: to Control one more club Instead of setting up another account just become a gold member. Think it's about £8 a year. So as good as free considering the time they put into this game.
  8. Re: transfer ban is permanent? I can't stand this rule. Me and a pal from work had a similar thing happen. I wanted a player that he never used but was blocked due to using same comp. I wouldn't mind but sm make a big thing about getting friends to join and then block fair deals.
  9. Re: I did not know CPUs could fix matches! But seriously My 94 rated man u got beat by Kettering the other day in the cup at home. I won every comp last year. Freak results happen on sm and in real life but more often than not the best team wins. If the higher rated team always won the game would be pointless
  10. Re: Best General Formation/Tactic? Cool. Just don't use it if other team plays 433wingers. If they do. I find 442 diamond counters 433 wingers
  11. Re: Price money Whats price money?
  12. Re: Simply the best tactic to use Thank god for this post. I thought all the other 9999 posts ive read about 352 being the best formation were all lies. But 10000 people cant be wrong. Will give it a try!
  13. Re: counter for 4-2-3-1 Personally I don't think so. At least not a reliable one. I won all cups last season using it. Only Chelsea playing 4132 caused me any problems. But I easily beat other teams playing 4132
  14. Re: Best General Formation/Tactic? 352. Direct passing. Deffensive. Slow tempo. Use playmaker and target man. Tight marking. Leave the rest on default. Sounds negative but should get you plenty of goals. This got my Leeds team 2 straight promotions then a 1st 2nd 1st again in 3 seasons in prem. Best alround tactic I find.
  15. If on loan from England to brazil. Will player ratings be done when England or brazil ratings reviewed.
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