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  1. Re: greedy manager. i can't compete.. all you can do is compete and try to do it despite his cheating , i was in a league with cheaters and i stuck with it for a while but if you get too fed up quit.. its not worth stressing out over and try find a league thats cheat free thats what i did .. other than that report him .. who ever it is is not worth ruining the game for you
  2. Re: anyone know of a cheat free league with european teams? thanks for the suggestions appreciated but ive found a place to play in now ... alls fair and alls good
  3. anyone know of any leagues that they are next to sure are cheat free that have any spare german or russian teams to manage?
  4. Re: Same manager controlling 7, yes 7 teams ? ive just quit a set up for something similar they wont stop so i gave up trying to report them im sure its the same person but let them get bored and play with them selves i just got fed up
  5. Re: E-Mail From SM ive had one from michaelullman i dont even click the link in email just login as normal direct from the site i clicked nothing not even read receipt.. i noticed he was banned so that was a big warning best tip is when you know you have anti virus never click something that says use "this product" as its the oonly one that can "clean" your pc
  6. Re: i keep drawing :/ thanks for all the tips how do players .. get "match fit" is playing friendlies the best way to build that up ?
  7. scoring goals doesnt seem to be the problem .. i just cant seem to get the extra one to win the game ( as for my squad.. i sold all the original players .. bar a few and bough ones i liked :D no ronaldos etc .. just .... my fav players from all around the world no cheating im happy to say .. i payed for some the bare minum price it would allow heres my squad .. well my starting 11 and heres my subs and extra players on team formation wise ive no clue what to do formation and tactic wise ,, but one player i want to keep in the aquad no matter what ,, is my fav polayer florian kringe mad i know but any tips any one has please share ))
  8. Re: Can this be reported? theres 2 in my league ... and ive just noticed they are from hte same country ... ill not name it but ones a gold member with a rep of 100+ and the other has a rep of 83 i just cant see how they benefit .. so im not sure the worth of reporting it as they have since quit again
  9. Re: managers quitting a club and re managing that club the same day
  10. what are they doing that for ? .. ive had a few people do it in a game world im in sometimes they quit and resign the same day or sometimes a few days apart.. i cant work out if theyre stupid and bored or they somehow benefit from it ? do they get extra money or something? or have they been thrown out by sm and are just coming back?
  11. Re: reflections and apologies re support tickets .. i sent one the other day about what not thatimportant but this morning it was answered , no fuss no probs .. prompt reply and friendly , maybe just next time cool down a lil and write with a clear head ... and be polite.. it usually gets a better response and your question answered but thats just my 2 cents
  12. hi all just thought id introduce me im not new to the sm game i had an account before but i gave up after getting fed up of cheating managers (not all were though ) ) so i rejoined and decided to try and play in an invite only league where i figured there would be less chance of it iam new to the forums though ,, long time lurker .. first time poster iam from the fairer of the species (a girl who loves football) specifically bvb and hertha berlin even though im from manchester and one player in particular anyway thats just a short version of me have a good day to all
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