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    Re: League Tables im having the same problem with all my leages
  2. Re: 4 days later and still cant buy nobody else has took over ive checked the news feed and theres nothing
  3. i thought that you had to wait up to 48 hours after a manager had left a club before you could buy a player but its been 4 days now and on several clubs it still says - Chairman has offered the job to a manager.
  4. Re: SMFA keep blocking a deal why has this deal fell through luka modric value 8.7 for bojan krikic value 8.2
  5. Re: How to Avoid Chairman Rejection how much do you think eduardo da silva of arsenal should cost ive allready had two chairman turn bids down of 15 mil i dont think this is too much money but the chairman from the other clubs bidding on him seem to turn down every off:mad: er
  6. Re: South American Young Talents hi dexter can you help me im trying to find out how Pereira ILSINHO is doing hes rated at 88 at the moment do you think he will go any higher
  7. Re: argentinean league thread thanks for the advice i think i will keep him for now he plays ok for the teams ive got him in
  8. Re: argentinean league thread can any body tell me why Neri CARDOZO has gone down 1 in the ratings is he not playing well or not playing at all:confused:
  9. Re: OOOOOH GOOD FIND_Bojan Krkić ive got him for five of my clubs for about 4mil in 4 teams got on a free in 1 for 1.8 mil i put bids in the same night he was put on the database had all offers acepted bargin of the year:D
  10. Re: more realistic prize money i did a search but couldnt find anything
  11. Re: Transfer hasn't gone through what time do we think they will complete 8.00
  12. Re: Lucas Leiva - Leto - LIVERPOOL are you lot talking about the same player that played for liverpool in the cl this week called leto becuase he was rubbish gave the ball away all game and only made about 2 complete passes to his team mates. ive only seen him play that one time but based on wot i saw this week i wouldnt give him more than a rating of 84
  13. i have just finished one of my seasons with liverpool in a standard eng set up the prize money i received was only 9 mil my chairman invested 12 mil i finished second in the first div.if this was realistic i would receive a lot more this season in the pl the club who finish 1st get 50 mil in prize money and 12 mil is the sort of money derby have spent not liverpool
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