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  1. I was thinking along the same lines. I have seen and reported such blatant cases of duplicate accounts and get the same message no matter how much detail I go into
  2. Need to sell 1 out of Sensi or Ceballos. Which one best to keep long term?
  3. Can we get back to rating changes soon and not positional 😫
  4. Think Fernandes will hit 95 but maybe not just yet. Like you say if United win something will help. For Mbappe and Haaland the sky is the limit. Both should be 96+ eventually. Depending where Haaland goes next will determine how quickly. Henderson could be a 90+ keeper but needs to become undisputed number 1 at a big club
  5. Season ticket receipts 1.2m Gate receipts 9.8m Tv revenue 7.3m Sponsor 4.1m Merchandise 1.3m
  6. Couldn’t agree more with point number 2
  7. Welcome back. Looking forward to the Prague derby next season
  8. Nice one Jaybee. I hope everyone is pleased you are dealing with the situation
  9. Oh wow. Nice cash injection there. Straight into the transfer market 😂
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