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  1. Personally would take deal 4. Two 90 rated players at a decent age and at good teams. Full back and an attacker would serve your needs too
  2. What I would take from that is that palace need to find a new team in the summer 😂
  3. No point reporting anything when things like this can happen without any action
  4. Walker at RB for me. Agree with front 3 but would like to see us play with one holding midfielder. I would put Rice/Phillips in there get grealish and mount ahead of that (I know it won’t happen but would scare the life out of teams) Henderson hadn’t played enough to start IMO.
  5. I wouldn’t. Messi still has some in the tank and Jesus won’t ever get near his level
  6. Would ask for more cash. I have Kane, mbappe and haaland but short of defenders
  7. Might try and counter with upamecano instead of Fimino
  8. Firmino and mount plus 20 mill for my Goretzka. What do you guys think?
  9. Ben white. Versatile and plenty of big clubs looking at him allegedly
  10. Might be a silly question but do I give Kane + Brandt + 10mill for Mbappe?
  11. Not in the slightest. If Kane gets his move he could rise further
  12. Well done. 2337 was my score. Would have taken second lol
  13. I was thinking along the same lines. I have seen and reported such blatant cases of duplicate accounts and get the same message no matter how much detail I go into
  14. Need to sell 1 out of Sensi or Ceballos. Which one best to keep long term?
  15. Can we get back to rating changes soon and not positional 😫
  16. Think Fernandes will hit 95 but maybe not just yet. Like you say if United win something will help. For Mbappe and Haaland the sky is the limit. Both should be 96+ eventually. Depending where Haaland goes next will determine how quickly. Henderson could be a 90+ keeper but needs to become undisputed number 1 at a big club
  17. Season ticket receipts 1.2m Gate receipts 9.8m Tv revenue 7.3m Sponsor 4.1m Merchandise 1.3m
  18. Couldn’t agree more with point number 2
  19. Welcome back. Looking forward to the Prague derby next season
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