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  1. Re: Zenit St. Petersburg World Championship 4658 Signings Evgeni Makeev Gojko Kacar Transfer Bids Lionel Messi Vladimir Gadzhev Zarko Tomasevic
  2. Re: Zenit St. Petersburg World Championship 4658 1st game in charge against Chelsea Chelsea v Zenit Division 1 - Saturday 23 Jan 2010 Stamford Bridge (42,055) Referee Attendance - 36,036 andy sulivan (82) Kristinn Jakobsson Jon Hill (73) Chelsea 1 - 3 Zenit Half Time: (1 - 2) Chelsea F.LAMPARD 11 Zenit V.BYSTROV 2 C.OBASI 37 S.NSEREKO 86 Zenit's starting lineup 01) G. Ochoa 02) M. Stein 03) R. Sirl 04) I. Krizanac 05) J. Magallon 06) I. Denisov 07) V. Bystrov (Man of the Match) 08) E. Granero 09) V. Ibisevic 10) C. Obasi 11) S. Nsereko Accepted Bids Evgeni Makeev Gojko Kacar Question How do you insert pictures of your players? I have tried copy and paste and that didn't work, I also don't know how to use the insert image button, because i don't know the address for the pictures.
  3. Re: Zenit St. Petersburg World Championship 4658 January 23, 2010 Signings Dani Pacheco Reuben Noble-Lazarus Pintos Dani Aquino Denis Alibec David N'Gog Dean Bouzanis Offers Esteban Granero to PSV (accepted) Maxime Gonalons to Clermont Foot (accepted) Transfer Bids Gojko Kacar Evgeni Makeev Andrei Arshavin
  4. Re: Zenit St. Petersburg World Championship 4658 Could anyone give me any recommendations about team management and who i should sell or buy? January 22, 2010 Jon is angry that because of site maintenance, even though the game will be better, he was not able to sign Sven Bender. Signings: Guillermo Ochoa Fernando Hidalgo Marc Stein Accepted Offers: Reuben Noble-Lazarus Pintos Dani Aquino Denis Alibec David N'Gog Dean Bouzanis
  5. Re: Zenit St. Petersburg World Championship 4658 Sorry about the names and age/rating not being lined up.
  6. Re: Zenit St. Petersburg World Championship 4658 CURRENT SQUAD as of January 22, 2010 at current game time: 01:27 FIRST TEAM GOALKEEPERS Kamil Contofalsky age: 31 rating: 83 Fernando Hurtado age:24 rating: 82 Left Backs Radek Sirl (also LM) age: 28 rating: 89 Dong-Jin Kim age: 27 rating: 87 Centre Backs Ivica Krizanac age: 30 rating: 89 Pedro Geromel age:24 rating: 88 Roman Shirokov (also DM) age: 28 rating: 88 Sebastien Bassong (also LB) age: 23 rating: 88 Tomas Hubocan age: 24 rating: 85 Right Backs None Defenders Jonny Magallon age: 28 rating: 89 Left Midfielders Szabolcs Hustzi (also wing) age: 26 rating: 89 Right Midfielders Vladimir Bystrov (also wing) age: 25 rating: 89 Defensive Midfielders Maxime Gonalons age: 20 rating:78 Central Midfielders Igor Denisov (also AM) age: 25 rating: 90 Attacking Midfielders Esteban Granero (also wing) age: 22 rating: 87 Forwards/Centre Forwards Chinedu Obasi (also wing) age: 23 rating: 87 Vedad Ibisevic age: 25 rating: 88 Carlos Orlando Sa age: 21 rating: 82 Youth Team LM/LB: Santos Pinto Zezinho age: 17 rating: 76 RM/CM: Filipe Andre Santos age: 20 rating: 82 AM/Fwd: Marcelo Lulinha age: 19 rating: 82 Wing/Fwd: Savio Nsereko age: 20 rating: 84
  7. On the 21st of January, Jon Hill takes control of Zenit St. Petersburg. On the same day, on the front page of the newspaper is a quote from Jon posted by Zenit:"Zenit St. Petersburg's new manager Jon Hill is excited to be managing Zenit, being a personal fan this is a dream come true, he is also looking to bring in new players with his 154.3 Million transfer budget." Transfer News on January 21: Transfer bids include: Dani Pacheco Sven Bender Marc Stein Fernando Hidalgo Guillermo Ochoa Dean Bouzanis David N'Gog Denis Alibec Pintos Dani Aquino Transfer News on January 22: Jon is attempting to lure Andrei Arshavin to Zenit, although Jon is having trouble agreeing on a price with Arsenal. Transfer bids include: Reuben Noble-Lazarus
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