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  1. Re: Ratings Thread Links Done & Done!
  2. Re: Ratings Thread Links Added! Welcome to the list
  3. Re: Ratings Thread Links DONE! Actually a big update took place today. I have been extremely busy this last month and have not had time to maintain the thread' date=' but it got an overhaul tonight. [b']Each country now has its own title[/b] (there were multiple countries covered in one before). It does mean that the thread is a bit longer now, and some links are repeated, but I think that each country deserves its own spot (let me know what you think). There are new links for: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia, Croatia, England, France, Greece, Iceland, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Scotland, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, & Turkey. Some threads have had their names changed, and also some authors, and these have been updated accordingly. Construction dates for each thread have been added (all are still current and providing feedback) The colour scheme has been adjusted to remove the bright red of the first dates and make them indigo (I thought the bright red was too distracting when the really important information are the thread names). Hope you like the changes.
  4. Re: Serie A - Analysis and Ratings Can I please get some updates on these players. I want to know if they will rise again next ratings. Gianluca MUSACCI Nicola RIGONI Elia LEGATI Marco VERRATTI Andrea SIGNORINI Luca MARRONE Sebastian DE MAIO Erik FABBRI Guido MARILUNGO Marco D'ALESSANDRO Does anybody have any information on these guys? Diego? Maxpayne? I really need to know! Thanks.
  5. Re: Serie A - Analysis and Ratings Can I please get some updates on these players. I want to know if they will rise again next ratings, or if I should cash in. Thanks Gianluca MUSACCI Nicola RIGONI Elia LEGATI Andrea SIGNORINI Luca MARRONE Sebastian DE MAIO Erik FABBRI Guido MARILUNGO Marco D'ALESSANDRO
  6. Re: Bundesliga Risers, Talents & Droppers 2010 Cheers .. money in the Bank!
  7. Re: Bundesliga Risers, Talents & Droppers 2010 Any news on: Fabian JOHNSON ... (VfL Wolfsburg) ... Def/DM ... 82 ... 22yo (I can get about 3m for him) .. Thanks
  8. Re: One Month After the Argentine Review: the Keep/Sell Thread Awesome write-up. I picked up some great money-makers from the first thread, and now I know which ones to hold on to. You are seriously making my life TOO EASY! .. Can't wait for you're crystal ball on AUED!
  9. Re: Spanish Ratings What do you think the changes will be next time around for these players? FUSTER, David (85, 28yo, AM/Wing) CANALES, Sergio (85, 19yo, AM/Wing) MUNIAN, Iker (85, 17yo, Wing/Fwd) HERRERA, Ander (84, 20yo, AM/RM) I am looking at adding Thomas MULLER (85, 20yo, Wing/Fwd) to my squad and might need to drop one of these players.
  10. I'm in desperate need of two quality DMs that don't cost a packet and could potentially rise, to round out my team. The rest of my team is around mid 80s, and this is good for my league. The following list of players is who I am currently looking at. If someone could help me select the best two from this list, (or suggest someone better), that would be great. Andreas OTTL 87 25yo 3.7m(Bayern Munichen - on loan to FC Nurnberg) Gilles BINYA 85 25yo 3.2m(Benfica - on loan to Neuchatel Xamax) Aleksandr DIMIDKO 85 24yo 3.5m(Dynamo Maskva) Roberto CARLAO 85 24yo 3.9m(Sochaux) Mickael TAVARES 86 27yo 3.3m(Hamburger SV - on loan to FC Nurnberg) Rafael MURAWSKI 86 28yo 3.5m(Ruben) Manuel Ortiz LOLO 86 25yo 3.7m(Sevilla) Jean Jacques GOSSO 86 27yo 3.8m(AS Monaco) Charles KABORE 85 22yo 3.8m(Marseille) Abel AGUILAR 86 25yo 4m(Zaragoza) Ricardo FATY 85 23yo 3.3m(Roma) Hossam ASHOUR 85 24yo 3.8m(Al Ahly) Luca RIGONI 85 25yo 3.8m(Chievo) Souza Teles RALF 84 25yo 3m(Corinthians) Alex BEGANTINOS 84 24yo 2.9m(Deportivo - on loan to Xerez) Thomas RINCON 84 22yo 2.9m(Hamburger SV) Serey DIE 84 24yo 3.5m(FC Sion) Cheers everyone!
  11. Re: Bundesliga Risers, Talents & Droppers 2010 How is Andreas Ottl (Bayern München; on loan at FC Nurnberg) playing this season? Is he in for a rise? (I noticed his last change was a -1) But he is cheap to buy ATM compared to other DMs. If Ottl is a no go, can anyone recommend any good DMs around 85 that are expected to rise? Cheers!
  12. Re: Ratings Thread Links Go to your team's page (in Soccermanager).. Look at the left hand side menu ... select "Game World" .. then click on "Player Database Changes". (This will take you to a page that shows the current leagues being rated' date=' and the upcoming leagues[/i'])
  13. Re: Ratings Thread Links I checked the link.. There is not really enough information on this thread to warrant it being added to the ratings list' date=' [i'](there are only 4 players mentioned, and no rating predictions)[/i].
  14. Re: your thoughts would be greatly appreciated
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