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  1. Re: Graphics Design Feedback Heya guys, long time since I've been on the forums, if you don't remember me, then that's just unfortunate So, I've just gone onto render-making, because I'm feeling helpful I haven't added a watermark to this, but I'm trusting you guys to NOT steal it and post it anywhere else. You CAN use this in a signature, then post the signature somewhere else, but I'd like credit =) Enough talking, and ta-da!
  2. Re: Ronny77's Graphics - Gallery and requests!
  3. Re: Ronny77's Graphics - Gallery and requests! Wow, looking back at my older signatures in this gallery, I can see how much I've improved. A quick update on my latest sigs for archive purposes: My return to signature making after a couple months break. i remember making this. Vaguely. Another attempt to return to siggy-making. A while after this, I made: My best signature yet IMO. Unfortunately, this one couldn't get me back into siggy-making for good. Yet another attempt to return to siggy-making. I entered this into a competition on this forum :L Anime siggy. Oddly enough,
  4. Re: (Please Read) NEW FORUM FILLED EC I'll be interested
  5. Re: Graphics Design Feedback Wow, it's been AGES since I last visited. 5 months, to be precise. I haven't made a siggie for ages too, so it's only fitting to start off basic. What do you guys think? I think I'm still a bit rusty, and there's plenty to improve on, so tell me on my improvements etc. PS. If anyone's interested, drop me a PM if you want me to restart my graphic requests. I don't do PIADS yet :S
  6. Re: Graphics Design Feedback I really like the choice of stock, and it works well with the effect you've chose. Nice job. I'm REALLY disappointed with this outcome. I'll do V2 later. Thoughts and opinions on how it could be improved? P.S: I think it looks low-quality :S
  7. Re: Graphics Design Feedback I only just made this, thoughts? I know I ruined the text, but I done it in a rush to be finished.
  8. Re: Ronny77's Graphics - Gallery and requests! Since I'm back with vast improvement, I want to start doing requests again. Thanks.
  9. Re: Graphics Design Feedback The textures and effect is good, but the render is too dark.
  10. Re: new GFX competition I'm sort of loaded with homework that takes a long time to do, but I'll make sure I find space to make the signature
  11. Re: Graphics Design Feedback Resize diagonally, so it keeps it's proportions. But if you use gimp, you have to make sure it looks right.
  12. Re: Graphics Design Feedback It's good for your first signature, especially the background, but the render is resized very poorly and the text font is plain. But like I said, good for your first signature.
  13. Re: Graphics Design Feedback The background is too basic, add some lighting and get rid of the glow on him. But other than that, it's good. Maybe add one more effect as well.
  14. Re: new GFX competition I'll enter, if there's any more spaces. Sounds like a good idea.
  15. Re: Graphics Design Feedback My first signature in a while, thoughts? I went for a different style.
  16. Re: Graphics Design Feedback I haven't made a signature for a long time Is this up to my normal standards? Compared to this:
  17. Re: Ronny77's Graphics - Gallery and requests! I guess I can safely bump this up now that I'm back.
  18. Re: Graphics Design Feedback The black outline around Wesley doesn't look good, and the render itself doesn't look that clear. But a good style! I think this looks quite good, thoughts?
  19. Re: Graphics Design Feedback That's easily your best one imo. Some areas doesn't look right, but the badge works well. I basically made this for fun, and to further test out Gimp. I will add text to this soon. Thoughts? EDIT: It's Zhirkov if you didn't already know.
  20. Re: Graphics Design Feedback I am really rusty after 3 or 4 months not doing a signature on Gimp, but I hope you like it. I am trying more and more non-football related signatures. (P.S. I have quit soccermanager.com for a while now)
  21. Re: Graphics Design Feedback I originally had a picture of Eto'o, so I used a brush to make the background black apart from Samuel, and used render effects then made the text (Which is the weakest part of the sig in my opinion) If I can be bothered (Highly unlikely) I might make a tutorial on how to make a signature like this.
  22. Re: Graphics Design Feedback I like this one, although it's childish. A request:
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