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  1. Re: As Requested; August 2010 Brazilian Predictions. MAZOLA (60) of Gurani has not changed yet... is this normal, or have they forgot to do that team?
  2. Re: England, English players and the World Cup
  3. Re: please help me beat 3-5-2 formation only 2 days until my big game:) Today I drew the team in 2nd place by using my B squad, and I have a 12 point advantage with only 5 games lesft to play. All of my players are ready for the final, except for Pedro who will not recover from injury in time. Gonna post the result tuesday!
  4. Re: please help me beat 3-5-2 formation im thinkin of playing 4-3-3 wingers, with leiva , stankovic and malouda at midfield and messi, with mutu and adam johnson up front. would that work maybe?
  5. Re: please help me beat 3-5-2 formation i only have 1m in cash right now, and josh thompson which is valued like at 2.1m .. all my other players are transfer banned for example, my first choice for GK was frey but he kept outbidding me and canceling so i had to buy reina for 4m more then freys price. also, for rb i tried to buy maicon for a while but he always outbid me so i had to give up and settle for zambrotta. anyway, my budget is only about 3m so i cant really get a deacent CM
  6. Re: please help me beat 3-5-2 formation Thank you, this advice seems quite good and I might well use it. So the big game is next tuesday and I'm thinking of resting all of my first team players in the league game on sunday. I am currently first place in the 2nd division. I have a 12 point advantage, with only 6 games left to play! But on Sunday I play the team that is in 2nd place lol... Bad schedule, but stil I am thinking of resting my good players and just inserting Malouda, Mutu and Messi in the 60th minute as subs. You guys think it's a good idea? God forbid Messi gers injured or suspe
  7. Re: Enough stickies For You? wooooah i cant believe im the only one that voted stickies are my friend and they give me cuddles!! but then again thats maybe cause one of my threads got 1 lol
  8. Re: please help me beat 3-5-2 formation thank you for everyone's reply so far! The problem with loaning players from other teams is that this is a Romanian set up, so pretty much all the teams are poor. Some of the league 1 teams have good players, but no backup so their chairman wont let them lend out players . I will try to get a forward and a midfielder on loan to replace my injured guys. Since his defence is weakish do you suggest I use a very attacking approach?? My main concern is his midfield. He has many 95 rated CMs so he will control the game. How can I counter that? It would really
  9. Re: biggest WC pleasent surprise? For me it has to be Muller, this kid only has 1 full seasson at club level under his belt and has been spectacular for Germany. Too bad he misses the semi, it hurts Germany's chances against Spain even tho they do have depth. If Germany wins the cup he will be a serious candidate for tournament MVP.
  10. WHich of these players has been the most pleasent surprise/ revelation for you at this world cup?
  11. Re: biggest WC flop ? AGREED:D hahha
  12. Re: biggest WC flop ? For me it has to be Rooney, because he came in superb form and CHOKED big time, he was invisible and was a big part of Englands epic failure.
  13. who in your opinion among these 93+ rated megastars has been the biggest WC dissapointment?
  14. Re: please help me beat 3-5-2 formation please anyone? i need experienced advices, and the final is only 7 days away:eek:
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