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  1. Re: Mezut ozil or Wesley Sneijder thanks everyone i will keep ozil.and what do you think abou etoo.how much he wil drop?
  2. I have Mezut Ozil and a coach make me the offerer.Should i trade ozil for sneijder?
  3. im getting cambiasso.toulalan will not raise bue chicharito will.cambiasso keep his 95?help
  4. Should i give toulalan and chicharito for cambiasso?i have players like khedira,pirlo and lass to midfeld and to forwad i have etoo,benzema.I think toulalan in the future has no chance to raise, but chicharito will definitely raise.cambiasso will keep 95?help me brothers
  5. Re: Pato and robinho for rooney? thanks everyone!i will gett etoo so i really think thatwold be a good deal for me
  6. I´m in at.madrid and the coach of arsenal give me pato and robinho for rooney.should i sell?robinho will grow up?and pato?help me people.
  7. should i give bale and other player for busquets?other players are khedira or badstuber!help me.thanks
  8. Re: a question thanks mate.thats its unfair because his manager should have the work of renewed him!
  9. Re: Falcao or Cavani??? it depends of your aquad.if you nedd def or med and if you have some backup for aguero.in future i belive that aguero can go to 95 if he goes to another team.so i dont sell it
  10. hi,My team is a.madrid and i´m playing in a world game in season 2.Just left 3 games to season ends.for a exemple in inter julio cesar have just one more year of contract.when season ends can i buy him from 0?is he a free player or his presidente will renew?thanks
  11. Re: 10 million and kaka for ozil i agree because i believe that kaka can become again a top player.and if he drop it´s to 95.i´m in atletico madrid in a world game.my team is: buffon,beck,marcelo,chillini,nesta,toulalan,khedira,ozil(kaka),muller,marin and rooney. i also have,bale,badstuber,beerbatov,thiago silva,gotze,ganso,willshire,de gea,wallcot,gameiro,etc.i think i have a good team to future and kaka will be very important.
  12. Re: 10 million and kaka for ozil tanks.i have in medfield khedira,toulalan,willshire,lass diarra,gotze,ganso.dzagoev.i will acept.thanks everyone for the help
  13. i have ozil in my team and other guy give me 10 million and kaka.ahould i sell?kaka how much is gonna drop?i need opinions.thanks
  14. Re: Help me please.i nedd your opinion Thanks a lot for the help.I agree it´s better to have willshere and ozil.I´ts a team for long future and both players should have a great future.thanks everyone for the help
  15. Should i give ozil and willshere for etoo?
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