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  1. Re: Chelsea tactical help! its a good idea anyway u can play aggressive v.attacking mixed mixed fast all over u can as well use menbehind ball tight marking counterattack targetman playmaker but dont play offside since u are using tight marking this tends to confuse ur players . goodluck and reply me .
  2. Re: Chelsea tactical help! i know the formation they played was 1-2-5-2 any way the season just started anyway.have u gotten the winger yet.
  3. Re: Chelsea tactical help! hey i think we have already been through that . why didnt u post me the scores of ur match.
  4. Re: Chelsea tactical help! i think 3-4-1-2 is the best i use it with my roma and have been very successful i think ur chelsea would be successful with it u can play puyol,terry and carvalho as the 3 CB .ballack as the AM behind the strikers i think that would work.
  5. Re: Striker Advice i think u should get quagliarella. he really has the quality to get to the highest level.pandev might not be recognised nationally ,while the others tend to retire soon .u could get flofo flores for u youth squad .its okay.
  6. Re: help me with a formation for ROMA i think u should play 3-4-1-2 that would be good enough doni mertesacker marquez barzagli gonzalez rossi pirlo quaresma nasri milito kuranyi u can then use attacking mentallity ,press allover ,fast tempo then u use targetman as milito, playmaker can be pirlo or nasri, use tight marking and men behind ball,as well as counter attack.u can then bring on players like perotta, aquillani etc in the second half of the match .u can click on my profile to view my roma team its terrific
  7. Re: wesley sneijder thanks for the reply guys ,im the creator and dont worry next time im gonna search.and then what about philip mexes does he not deserve a rating increase if chivu got one
  8. Re: Please Help My Manchester United!!! if u have enough cash u can get good defenders but if u dont u can play neville, grown and if heinze if backfrom suspension u play him or if not play oshea in 2,4 and 3 respectively and ensure u use men behind ball and attacking mentallity.i hope this helps
  9. Re: wesley sneijder ya so when do u guys think he might get a rate increase.
  10. u know sneijder is in scintillating form for real madrid but wondered why hi didnt get a rating increase while roma's de rossi increased to 94. im really perplexed.
  11. Re: Please Help My Manchester United!!! in soccer u always go for the win 3-4-1-2 is the assured way of achieving that feat.
  12. Re: help me do my tatics 4-1-2-1-2 is too defence conscious u can play men behind ball using 3-4-1-2 and still defend and attack better than 4-1-2-1-2
  13. Re: help me do my tatics hmm uve got quite na outstanding team u know what,use 3-4-1-2 it will give u more possession, and attacking quality. u can play them as follows puyol,marquez,milito or any other good centre back messi,fabregas,iniesta,any other good winger. u paly deco behind ur strikers henry and torres in ur tactics u can play attacking ,fast tempo, press all over,mixed passing. them u can play tight marking, counter attack, use playmaker and targetman. messi or deco can be ur playmaker,while henry ur targetman.try these tips and see what happens.
  14. Re: Please Help My Manchester United!!! u can play 3-4-1-2 u have to get another good centre back 0f rating above 92. all ur 3 defenders have to be centre backs .then u play carrick and hargreaves as 5 and 6 .play giggs as 8, ronaldo as 7 then get a good AM or u play scholes as 10.then u pair rooney and tevez up front . u have to play attacking , fast, press allover,mixed passing to give ur team a variety then u use targetman, as rooney ,playmaker as scholes,use tightmarking counter attack men behind ball .i think that would do the trick. im sotu onome if it doesnt work send me a private mess
  15. Re: Bayern Munchen team Failing! well u got a good squad there u could play 4-3-1-2 using toni as targetman and playing eto along side toni play raul or deco as the attacking midfielder i think that will help
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