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  1. what ratings update is coming after the PL? is there a schedule?
  2. Any competitive leagues out there for me to join?
  3. I realize this isn't the place for this, but considering this thread is the most active in this forum.. if you are looking to join a highly competitive league with experienced managers, there are currently two vacant teams (Hoffenheim and Everton) in division 1. ID : 54721
  4. I’m sure it matters. I’ve subbed on 2 players with 100% stamina, one at half time and the other on the 75th minute, the half time sub got tired more.
  5. Does anyone know if age matters in this game? For example, who would perform better, a 91 rated, 37 year old Dani Alves or a 90 rated, 22 year old Hakimi?
  6. He’s only selling Courtois as he has Donnarumma so he wouldn’t be interested in De Gea... To clarify, Courtois and Odegaard are in two different clubs.
  7. I have Brandt and De Gea, I’m trading Brandt for Courtois, and De Gea for Odegaard and the other player.. I have Hummels, Orban and Akanji at the back, Lucas Moura would start on the wing for me though.. he should keep his 91 right?
  8. De Gea + Brandt or Courtois + Odegaard + one of (Bale, Alderweireld, Matip, Moura)
  9. The duo for sure, Pjanic isn’t the same player anymore, 94 is way too high for him, he’s only gonna drop from now on.
  10. Give De Gea and Brandt for Courtois, Goretzka and Yeray?
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