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  1. ??? Superior intellect? The hell is that The hell is going on with one idiot after another extrapolating left right and center yo You want me to apologize how bout I apologize for this - Sorry that I don't speak your screwed up language of extrapolation and zero reading comprehension Mods feel free to lock my account I'm done here with these extrapolating maniacs I know there are people who are itching to do it anyways so go for it
  2. ARROGANT MOD Anyone surprised why this place is dead? Terrible mods sucked the life out of this place Nazi mods keep order on an insanely popular high traffic environment but there's nothing going on here to keep order on. In slow places nazi mods kill the little life that is there Thx bye
  3. What are you talking about homie You're referring to none of the things I've referred to 1. Barcelona buying = a measure of anything. LOL. Clubs buy players poorly scouted all the time based on one idiot's opinion. 2. An opinion is irrelevant, I forgot we were talking how things really are and not rehashing tabloid stories 3. Really? About his mental game? Skills equals mental game? What's your reading comprehension? 4. What the hell is your looks. Is that equal to the mental game I refer to? No? Then what are you on about 5. Most professionals are useless and borderline incompetent. Garbage is a word you used, not me. It's called a living for a reason, they do it but are like w/e about it, it's about the pay check for them, they have none of the passion for excellence a lot of the players do. Sports are for idiots anyways so whatever I'm done with soccer too. Drugs for druggies.
  4. Wrong people were looking at him brother The way his career failed to match his hype definitely meant anyone with an ability to evaluate his mental game would've known his limitations
  5. Words Quaresma, Ronaldo, and superior in that order shouldn't be expressed My mental game is stronger than Quaresma's, therefore I could have had a better career than Quaresma. That's not how it works at all. Anyone with half a brain can see the hunger and will in the player and evaluate it. If you don't have it, you won't become it. The world is full of players with theoretical physical or on the ball attributes who never become anything
  6. Portugal is not known for great tactics or team play like Italy though. England is anemic. France? Up and down, and mostly down.
  7. Under that narrative about 15 countries have good players to choose from We're talking about true quality teams, not teams where Nani is a key player Everyone knows Ronaldo is the only talent who stood out since the previous golden generation. Where was another guy like Figo in the last 12 years? Now with the new generation there are others who can compete in global clout
  8. Ronaldo has been dragging through an abysmal Portugal side for a decade. Now the new guys can start sharing responsibility It's funny his career has been cushioned between two golden Portuguese generations but his peak was all spent with a garbage side
  9. Noticed I like many others overrate Belgium They have all these names that make us think we know football better than the layperson but their performance on the pitch when facing an opponent is equivalent to that of England or Spain in the elimination match Looks better than it is An easy trap to fall into
  10. If Portugal loses it's because they don't bring on a striker If Poland loses it's because they were pinned in their own half
  11. Now now boys Given how bad sides make it to World Cup regularly, and how many good sides in Europe never get a chance at a big tournament, there's a logic to this
  12. martials in the same group fabregas is whatever that is
  13. Create a new forum Or congregate around a new game. Spades is decent for older guys http://www.playok.com/en/spades/
  14. haven't seen them around sm been changing the game so much that people have been leaving last really old name i remember seeing here was sonofpluto saying how he was quitting if sm forced the new interface change on everyone
  15. hi ed, it's a bit dead on these forums nowdays. some traffic in the club threads but not much perhaps check back once the new season begins or come say hi in one of the club threads now
  16. Sterling is all buzz no finish Buzzing around moving his legs a lot but always makes the wrong decision People with no football sense of what to do at the critical moment continue to disappoint always
  17. Doubt Kante is coming but the summer is long and a lot of time to be tied to new players!
  18. Should've brought on more strikers and removed Sterling at half time
  19. england russia running commentary all russian attacking play runs through shatov he's not that good though so far -- rooney can be england's payet -- close from russia's #10 bring in sturridge sterling off --
  20. Alright! just send a PM when you're good to go and we'll add you
  21. Slovakia Wales neither team has any fear because of their fearless leader
  22. Yeah added you, just chilling and watching the Wales game but let's do it for the England game Would be cool to have a forum group chat/watch party lol
  23. I'm watching all 3 if I can England game definitely if not asleep
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