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  1. Hahahaha


    For someone that likes to portray themselves as a superior intellect you don't half come across as a cry baby b***h.


    I'm no Portuguese football expert but even I know of Quaresma and him being labeled as the next worlds greatest player.


    All you had to do was say


    "Sorry, quite new in relative terms to football. Got some points wrong but trying to add some relative point's to a discussion"


    Much better than trowing your toys out the pram.


    I'm no portugese football expert but even I now the story of Quaresma and him being labeled as the next worlds greatest player.




    Superior intellect? The hell is that


    The hell is going on with one idiot after another extrapolating left right and center yo


    You want me to apologize how bout I apologize for this - Sorry that I don't speak your screwed up language of extrapolation and zero reading comprehension


    Mods feel free to lock my account I'm done here with these extrapolating maniacs 

    I know there are people who are itching to do it anyways so go for it 



    Anyone surprised why this place is dead? Terrible mods sucked the life out of this place 

    Nazi mods keep order on an insanely popular high traffic environment but there's nothing going on here to keep order on. In slow places nazi mods kill the little life that is there


    Thx bye 

  3. Yup, that's why Barcelona bought him! I really hate when people talk like that, i don't doubt that you already saw him play, but how you talk about his skills in the past makes me doubt that you really saw him play back then.


    The way i'm writing perhaps looks that i think that all those player are/were the best, i don't, and all the player i spoke of here, i'm well aware of all their careers, but with the kind of lightness that some people call professionals garbage or similar makes me wonder what do they do for a living.


    What are you talking about homie 


    You're referring to none of the things I've referred to 


    1. Barcelona buying = a measure of anything. LOL. Clubs buy players poorly scouted all the time based on one idiot's opinion.

    2. An opinion is irrelevant, I forgot we were talking how things really are and not rehashing tabloid stories

    3. Really? About his mental game? Skills equals mental game? What's your reading comprehension?


    4. What the hell is your looks. Is that equal to the mental game I refer to? No? Then what are you on about 

    5. Most professionals are useless and borderline incompetent. Garbage is a word you used, not me. It's called a living for a reason, they do it but are like w/e about it, it's about the pay check for them, they have none of the passion for excellence a lot of the players do. 


    Sports are for idiots anyways so whatever I'm done with soccer too. Drugs for druggies. 




    You are right, it doesn't matter if he has superior technique on the ball, because he has, but if he has touted better than Ronaldo at the time in Sporting it was because he showed at the time he could be, well, things didn't pan out that way, but anyone who saw him play at that time would say that.




    Wrong people were looking at him brother


    The way his career failed to match his hype definitely meant anyone with an ability to evaluate his mental game would've known his limitations 

  5. Tecnically Quaresma was/is superior to Ronaldo, and at that time, he seemed to be destined for big things, but he didn't had the head for it. But nobody can't deny he was class for Porto, unless of course you never saw him play.


    Words Quaresma, Ronaldo, and superior in that order shouldn't be expressed


    My mental game is stronger than Quaresma's, therefore I could have had a better career than Quaresma. 


    That's not how it works at all. 


    Anyone with half a brain can see the hunger and will in the player and evaluate it. If you don't have it, you won't become it. The world is full of players with theoretical physical or on the ball attributes who never become anything 

  6. Yes, but he is Ronaldo, he would standout everywhere and would make most players in most NT seem crappy.


    Besides Germany, Spain and Netherlands, what other "big" NT didin't have a garbage 10 year or so span? England, France, Italy (after their win in 2006)? Especially France, what have they done besides giving headlines for the worst reasons, getting into the 2010 WC in the worst possible manner (a cheat goal architected by Henry) so they go there and be disrespectful towards each other, their manager and the whole FFF really.


    From all the NT's in the Tournament, France was the one that least deserved the trophy, and i am so darn Happy that we won it from them, fair and square.


    They above all, spent the entire tournament bad mouthing Portugal, like they were doing such great games or something, and then, after the loss, they continued with their crap and even became ridiculous to the point of petitioning for a rematch, Ahahahah.


    Portugal is not known for great tactics or team play like Italy though. England is anemic. France? Up and down, and mostly down. 

  7. Anyone that says Portugal team for the last 10 years was abysmal and full of garbage players just doesn't know anything else what to say about them and probably doesn't know the team or the players and is just running their mouth. Sure, most weren't as good as the Portugal standard most of us are used to and some weren't as good as they though they were, but they were always good players to choose from, most of the problem came from the rotten apples within the institution and the NT coaches, Queiroz and Bento, that never seemed to know what they were doing and always making weird choices when it came to choosing the players.


    Santos isn't the best of coaches, but isn't that bad either, i have mixed feelings about his choices, but he got us through. The thing is, that it should not have been that difficult, his experimentation on the group stage should had been done earlier, and of course Portugal should play with a striker, playing only with wingers/forwards is not the best way for Portugal play their best football.


    Under that narrative about 15 countries have good players to choose from 


    We're talking about true quality teams, not teams where Nani is a key player 


    Everyone knows Ronaldo is the only talent who stood out since the previous golden generation. Where was another guy like Figo in the last 12 years? Now with the new generation there are others who can compete in global clout 

  8. Ronaldo has been dragging through an abysmal Portugal side for a decade. Now the new guys can start sharing responsibility 


    It's funny his career has been cushioned between two golden Portuguese generations but his peak was all spent with a garbage side

  9. Noticed I like many others overrate Belgium


    They have all these names that make us think we know football better than the layperson but their performance on the pitch  when facing an opponent is equivalent to that of England or Spain in the elimination match 


    Looks better than it is

    An easy trap to fall into 

  10. Does seem dead.

    As for Debbie McGees knickers, reckon they'd be drier than sand on a cracker.

    I havent missed much then? SMH, Sir Sean, Smut, Fitz etc still around?


    haven't seen them around

    sm been changing the game so much that people have been leaving 

    last really old name i remember seeing here was sonofpluto saying how he was quitting if sm forced the new interface change on everyone 

  11. england russia

    running commentary


    all russian attacking play runs through shatov 


    he's not that good though so far




    rooney can be england's payet 




    close from russia's #10


    bring in sturridge 

    sterling off



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