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  1. No game in Euros will be easy, every team will be playing with so much emotion and effort This is why big national team games are great
  2. PM me Skype or whatever other voice chat nick, I'll add you If you're watching games later today I'd be up for a Euros watch party/talking football sesh
  3. I'll post this here too Who wants to voice chat about football, euros, the premier league or anything? Let me know and let's exchange infos on Skype or any other voice chat really No names, faces, personal details or anything, just interesting conversation
  4. Who wants to voice chat about football, euros, or anything? Let me know and let's exchange infos on Skype or any other voice chat really No names, faces, personal details or anything, just interesting conversation
  5. My guess is Romania won't score 1/2/3-0
  6. Google Eden Hazard overweight Quite a big issue last season Guy basically a pig this season lmao
  7. hey yo the dude would be back if he wasnt so damn fat lay off the food fatty and git running
  8. Zlatan is too much of a boss to let his wife decide his next club I have that much faith in him
  9. We don't agree often but we good on this 100% GET IBRA IN PS. active posts 6666 lmao it's a sign the devils are back
  10. I haven't watched him this season Always got to keep yourself updated. Don't want to go by old reputations Stats are strong but I want to see how he crushes goalies man to man
  11. Watched all of Zlatan's 56 goals this season Convinced me Give him service, he'll destroy the goalies
  12. I'll support him once he comes but until that moment I want someone else Goddamn January tournaments
  13. I came here just to comment on I don't want anyone who goes to African Cup of Nations From my very non-scientific memory, that has derailed multiple Premier League contender seasons I think back to the times Toure, Bony, Gervinho, Song et al. left and it always seemed to cause a problem and break the team's harmony I don't want it. Prefer they pay double for an equivalent player from any country that doesn't participate in that competition. I don't want players taken from our first XI for non injury or performance related reasons
  14. Blind is no Xabi Alonso Matic had a good year or so but then reliance on him also contributed to Mourinho losing his job I'm sure Blind is a fine DM on a team that relies on creative DMs. Mourinho better not, unless that man is Xabi Alonso
  15. Arsenal needs either a new manager or several star players in the mold of Sanchez who can do it all alone (which Ozil cannot) who can mitigate the negative effect that Wenger has Some managers gain points, others lose points. Once upon a time Wenger gained points but he has become a subtracting manager. Arsenal's team should finish much higher given the talent in the squad.
  16. Zlatan scored 50 goals last season. Any club that can fit in a striker is interested Wages are negotiable, and Zlatan has made enough money to have the freedom to choose the club he goes to. He isn't some Adebayor, he's Swedish at heart (and nationality). He cares about being important and being a part of something he believes in more than the money.
  17. Blind slows the game down, doesn't do the simplest thing. If he was an attacking wing mid being creative and not doing the safest thing would be accepted and encouraged by Jose (if you are good enough). At DM? Try a Guardiola team
  18. Jose likes having a third CB who plays at RB or LB if possible, a big reason for this is set piece defending which Jose believes when executed right leads to 0 conceded goals. Blind could occupy a fullback or DM position though if he is so tactically supreme that him slowing down play doesn't bother Jose enough As for ball-playing CBs, Jose doesn't really find that particularly important given the way he has wanted his teams playing. I think on the whole he prefers the midfielder come down rather than a CB take risks and pass through the middle. The CB must make non-risky passes to the wings or let Matic/Fabregas type player come down and pass the ball forward Blind is far more suited to a manager like Guardiola or as a player for a team like Barcelona if he is to play CB
  19. What SM management needs to understand is that this game's strength is NOT in its visuals. This is not FIFA and never will compete with EA Sports on its visuals. You occupy the complete opposite side of the niche and trying to muddy it over to what you think is somewhere in between, not only will all of your old customers go away (because you no longer fulfill the demand for that anti-visual product) but none of your theoretical new customers are interested either because your visuals don't even come close to competing with EA Sports. You are destroying your business and that is a damn shame.
  20. nah its a philosophical thing just suck massively and the whole thing is easier to run since they people running it are either idiots, pretending to be ones, or trying to cater to them while failing at it if they actually wanted to increase their business theyd have to do it in the complete opposite way but theyre too stupid to realize that this is why everyone just needs to quit the game to send a message so they get an incentive to possibly fix the game. or theyll just shut everything down thats possible too
  21. Blind slows the game down. If you're into that kind of stuff, he's probably decent. I personally think slowing the game down is a big crime in attacking play though if the gameplan doesn't revolve around that. Now that could mean Blind is a tactically sound defensive player. Does his tacticallly supreme play make him a better defensive player than say Chris Smalling? That's a tough ask given how much of an advantage Smalling has on him physically, that he make up all that back and more in intellect. The eye test basically says no way, but it is in theory possible that Blind is a more effective defender than an actual defender. I'd have to see some advanced stats with good data backing up that point though so as to be able to evaluate that argument. I personally have quite great doubts as to the plausibility of that.
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