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  1. You're right, living in Singapore means I know about the Chinese project, their determination to succeed means they'll find a way in creating a great league too.


    I think they have a chance. It's still very hard all things considered, but the Chinese market is very different from the previous money markets in the Middle East (LOL) or America (they don't care about soccer, at least not yet)


    Just noticed the link to your scout reports and it looks interesting. I'll certainly have a look when I can.


    Ibra wants a challenge though, I'm not sure he will want his legacy to be tarnished in China. Poor league etc. The only thing is the money, whether that outweighs his desire to play for another big-club (Utd) remains to be seen. He'd be better off at MLS than China though.




    The government is really trying to make their league happen though, they see it as an issue of national interest. Their economy is growing in gangbusters so they obviously have the money to make it happen and become the next giant league. I have the highest doubts about the state of their current infrastructure but it's not for the lack of resources and will. That infrastructure can be developed in a number of years but it might still be too early for them to reach their goals now.


    They are trying to sell their league as the next Paris St-Germain project, which senior top players (not the best but just the tier below) who'd like to be the main man would absolutely consider. There is a desire to feel important and to be a part of a giant project with huge potential of revolutionary transformation, and creating a top league out of thin air would certainly fall under that description. Their geographic location makes it very hard, but that does not mean they will not try. And to be fair to them, no other league has ever had this level of finances available to them, where they not only compete with European top clubs for free agents, but have shown an ability to massively outbid European clubs in transfer fees that are added on top of an inflated wage.

  3. I wouldn't really criticize Mourinho for the disaster at Chelsea. The players were a disgrace really. 


    I think if you put Mourinho on truth serum he would admit himself that he made a big mistake deviating from what made him a winning manager and trying to become someone he was not. 


    Now of course he can never admit that publicly in an alpha-dominated sport of football but you get the point. 

  4. he incredibly slows down the play and that's not what Mourinho wants from his players


    It was always about slowness of play and not just tracking back. Mourinho just can't say it publicly so he said something indirectly related but not really relevant. If Mata was quick but lethargic about tracking back, he could be protected like Ronaldo.


    This is why Blind is also being axed and Blind obviously isn't criticized for never playing defense.


    All of Mourinho's successful strategies have relied so heavily on speed on play. He is not Guardiola and will never be the master of slow play. He tried at Chelsea to borrow something from Guardiola but that ended up breaking him and getting him sacked.


    I don't think he's going to be so stupid again and try to become somebody he is not. He and the big team behind him have had lots of time to analyze why he failed and how to never allow that to happen again. Mourinho does fast counter attacks and Guardiola does slow 80% possession and smothers his opponents and that's just the way it is (this is infinitely better than Van Gaal with slow 50% possession). Neither will become the other.

  5. Unless we count Javeline and High-jump :P


    Well, he want's to play, the gaffer will select him... it's just down to the club he signs for to let him miss the first few games of the season..


    Yego and Abdelrahman in javelin and don't know if Swedes are dominant in high jump anymore lol


    He's 34, he should see how this as his last chance and just go for it 

  6. Haha you know what it's like in the north these days.. Everyone's labeled a racist for everything they say LOL



    Yeah I know it's a bit much


    Anyways, I hope Ibra comes, he could be pretty annoying to defend in a U-23 competition


    It's also not often Nordics have dominant summer olympics athletes

  7. Well that's nice of you, to casually imply a bit of racism.. Kudos.


    The way he's behaved throughout his career is enough for me to dislike him. Has nothing to do with his name.


    Laine will be a magnificent player, just a shame the leafs are looking like they want to snap up matthews instead.


    Homie I'm kidding, referring to the behavior part anyways - that's why I mentioned Laine rather than some Albanian lol


    If you go to hfboards Leafs forum it's the biggest Laine hatefest ever 



    Ibra hasn't got the best pokerface when he was interviewed in the Sweden press conference - Will he choose China money or try at Epl

    Ibra has a Jinx - Never won the CL


    We're not in the Champions League though - for the next season the main emphasis is on making the top 4, and preferrably top 3. Winning would be a great bonus but the squad requires significant upgrades for that to be realistic.

  9. Boufal is a winger however, not a striker, I like him but he wouldn't fit in Arsenal right now. 


    None of those strikers are close to world-class- at least they should aim a bit higher.


    Either way, I hope Arsenal take someone from abroad 

    Let Mahrez stay in Leicester :P

  10. Delort failed at Wigan for gods sake!


    Personally I wouldn't mind Wenger to sign any or all of them but pretty sure they are a world away from the world class forward the fans are after!


    The actual forward is Morata and Real Madrid are weighing up on whether to accept the bid or not.


    It's been many summers now where there's been a lot of talk about a big name striker coming in, but not a lot of actual business being done - and so I'm being quite conservative in my estimates 

  11. Oh joy, the Mou announcement is being held up due to conflict of interest. Mou and Utd differ on sponsorship of watch and some other ridiculous things.


    Best is this: Chelsea own the rights for Mourinho's name. 


    It's quite normal really for things like this to take some time

    Not really ridiculous at all :)

  12. I think Rashford, Depay, Martial can all be flashy but in England It's hard to produce flashy stuff as opponents will tactically even double team on the guy or even give the away a foul to let him know


    They're still young players and not ready to be dominant (leaving aside discussions on potential for the moment)


    I think Hazard was quite dominant in Chelsea's title season, and Ronaldo of course back in the day

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