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  1. Re: Anybody noticed? This is actually not good as it takes away the value of money early on. Player can make tons of cash by "flipping" lower valued players for higher ones and then selling them off.
  2. Re: Manchester United Predictions
  3. Re: Rate My Team With In 2 SM Seasons:
  4. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Higuain+Benzema for Messi? Just consider value
  5. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Higuain+Benzema for Messi? I'm Real Madrid, unchanged except added Forlan.
  6. Re: Messi-Ronaldo balance? That was what I thought. I offered M. Diarra as makeweight who seems to quickly become rubbish. I'm making the trade mostly for positional purposes.
  7. Re: Messi-Ronaldo balance? help please?
  8. Re: Kaka for Sneijder Thanks, that makes sense. I'll hold on to him
  9. So I'm contemplating about buying Messi. I have Ronaldo and it is generally agreed that Messi is more valuable. But how much more? The other manager wants me to put up Lass Diarra on top. I feel that's too much. What would be a reasonable amount of makeweight?
  10. Re: Manchester United Predictions I'm talking about the latter part of the season during which Rooney sucked. I don't think the weight on his first goal of last season is gonna carry over to these ratings...
  11. I'm holding Kaka, direct swap. I'm trying to win now but also plan to play it long-term.
  12. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Sneijder for Kaka? I'm holding Kaka
  13. Re: Manchester United Predictions OK, something has to be explained here. Rating increases and decreases are very inelastic at the high levels. Only having to sit on the bench extended periods of time or drastic drop in the performance of the club are going to decrease ratings. Generally, just because you've been rubbish, you won't necessarily drop. Of course, if a star player plays badly, chances are, team also suffers/you get benched. But until then, guys like Torres and Rooney won't drop. Liverpool is sucking right now but Torres has been injured. Rooney is being just given a time-out because of the sex scandal. It's not because Ferguson thinks Rooney's abilities aren't there anymore and that he should be benched. And Rooney played all games for England in WC and still is playing. Also, ratings carry over from last season too. Rooney sucked but Torres didn't.
  14. Re: What is the best formation for this team? Try selling Lloris for an LB
  15. Re: Manchester United Predictions Liverpool fan? Rooney won't drop. Park won't drop. Ferdinand won't drop. If you start dropping people based on who's rubbish, Almunia wouldn't be over 80.
  16. Re: Help me for Rating's changes of my team please Transferred to Real He does have few minutes too but he's staying at 89.
  17. Re: Young rising CB help anyone?
  18. Re: Anybody noticed? I believe the min.max. problem concerns mostly overloaded squads who want to add in a young talent who is one of the best players in that external team (e.g. loaded offense adding Neymar from Santos) The two Messi deals were both stopped by Chairman. We also tried to do Messi+50m for Kaka but that was stopped as well. That's why I was hoping you could make limits more flexible. Later, we did the deal with the other teams, but had to use trust in each other and 2 separate deals. The deal was affected (World Champ 10069) but ultimately we pulled it through in 2 separate deals.
  19. Re: Forward problems Darn, I still need him...which one of the other 3 to buy? I'm poor, btw.
  20. Around 8-10m, upper 80s or 90 rating, please. I know Bonucci,, anyone else? Badstuber is gone.
  21. Re: Forward problems Totti down or buy Totti? I'm getting Totti anyways but need another guy too, help?
  22. The following are available: Who's likely to go down? Ibrahimovic Totti Ronaldinho Luis Fabiano
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