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  1. Re: Anybody noticed? Here's an example: I tried to sell Messi for Kaka+Higuain or Kaka+Casillas but it was stopped by the chairman. To resolve this, I would suggest that top players, say those rated 95 and above, would get more flexibility in their limits. Cheers.
  2. Re: Help me for Rating's changes of my team please
  3. Re: Anybody noticed? I'm not so sure about that. There are many examples that contradict this hypothesis. Huntelaar, Luis Boa Morte, Steve Marlet, Boulahrouz. Teams that can buy more than they technically need will buy more. Just look at Manchester City this summer (actually past 3 summers or so)...
  4. Re: Anybody noticed? I believe he means Marchisio+75 rated+cash...
  5. Re: Rising Central Mid under 6m Henri Lansbury from Arsenal
  6. Re: Shoul I swap Lloris for Cech? Cech is much superior in terms of rating potential than Lloris. The frenchman is done with his increases for now and Cech has a chance to regain 95. Easy deal for me.
  7. Re: Albiol substitute Vermaelen or Thiago are probably rising to 92. Kjaer will stay. I would definately get rid of Albiol.
  8. Re: Badstuber OK, can anyone throw an estimate of when Germany is going to be reviewed? How about Spain?
  9. What's going to happen to his rating? Bayern started badly but still he's a regular.
  10. I'm suggesting that Soccermanager undo or revise the new transfer policy regarding partial exchange that has taken place this week. There are major problems that come up when highly rated players exchange clubs and many fair deals thus cannot be completed.
  11. Re: The Minor Improvments Thread Here's an idea that I believe many would find useful: The ability to make multi-player partial exchange trade with other managers. What this means is that both teams should be allowed to trade 2 players and/or cash. For example: Barcelona trades Valdes+Villa to REAL MADRID for Casillas+Benzema.
  12. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... What do you guys think about this deal? It's done in two parts. I'm barcelona. 1. Valdes+25.7m for Casillas 2. Kaka+Ozil+15m for Messi. So overall this: Barca gets: Kaka Casillas Ozil Real gets: Messi Valdes 10m I play 4-1-3-2: Alves Pique Puyol Abidal Masch Iniesta Xavi Kaka Ibra Villa Subs: Busquets Ozil Dzeko
  13. Re: win lose situation Torres is injured, yet again, and has a chance of dropping to 96. Fabregas is safe, Gerrard might see future drops. Ibrahimovic has started well in Milan. I'd do the deal, of course, make sure it fits your formation.
  14. I'm being offered a chance to get Casillas but the opposing team wants Hart and Tevez. I'm holding an original Man City setup
  15. Re: Which two of these three would you pick? Well, I have Valdes but I decided to take Casillas+Kaka+some cash. I think I'll be fine with that deal. Thanks all to your replies
  16. Re: Which two of these three would you pick? Hmm, valuewise Kaka is probably worst but he'd go into starting XI
  17. Assuming I'm selling Messi which two to pick out of the following: Casillas Kaka Higuain Higuain would be sub for me, others go into first XI
  18. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Assuming I'm selling Messi which two to picks out of the following: Casillas Kaka Higuain Higuain would be sub for me, others go into first XI
  19. Re: CM- Scholes or Pizarro? scholes in a heartbeat. He's been terrific this season
  20. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Tough one, I'd say Lass because Lyon is doing awfully right now and Toulalan has reached his limit. Lass isn't getting regular minutes in Real anymore but he's still the preferred player in Mourinho's defensive formation (e.g. sub, or cover for Khedira).
  21. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... MESSI for KAKA and Higuain, deal or not? I'm barca and play 4-1-3-2 Mascherano Iniesta Xavi Kaka/Messi Villa Ibrahimovic Sub Higuain? Makes sense? Pedro and Bojan best offensive subs
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