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  1. 1. So what's going to happen to his rating? When is he coming back? He showed promise in the World Cup but is he ready for a drop? If so, will it be limited to -1? 2. What is his trading value now? Kaka for Sneijder a good swap for a Real manager?
  2. so i'm real madrid and offered kaka+benzema for messi, now opposite manager counters with higuain and benz. good deal?
  3. Re: Man City new acquisitions Ok, why do you think Kolarov is rubbish? I thought jose was after him during summer so he probably rated kolarov over marcelo. not a lot asked but still...
  4. Re: First look at La Liga ratings Lass is not ready to drop yet, right? Garay hasnt played a game in 100 years, lol Ramos up maybe? Casillas back to 96 if Real win Primera this year? he won world cup... i know cristiano has been rubbish this season but what are the chances he actually goes down? 10%? benzema drop?
  5. So what's going to happen their ratings, both short and long term Boateng Kolarov Balotelli I have an offer of 9m+Flamini for Boateng. Any point in taking it for an original Man City team which already has barry, yaya, de jong, vieira
  6. Safir


    what are the chances nani will get a rise? he did well at the end of the season but is that enough?
  7. Safir


    Re: Messi? Thanks guys, I am the one trying to buy Messi. I first thought it would be a good deal to do (my) Gerrard+Etoo for Barca's Messi, but not sure now. In my squad, I know Maxi Rodriguez, Gerrard, and Eto'o are the ones in danger to drop. Maybe I should counter with Etoo+Maxi for Messi (maybe harder for him to accept)? -- My squad is the following, the one after slash are options for the same spot. 3-5-2: Cesar Mertesacker-Nesta/Lucio-Chivu/Samuel Zanetti/T.Motta Maxi/Simao/Beckham-Gerrard/Pirlo/Ze Roberto-Stankovic/Semak-Vargas/Quaresma Torres-Eto'o/Ronaldinho/Di Natale/Balotelli -- Another thing I'm trying to fiddle with is that I want to start playing 4-2-2-2. So Gerrard wouldn't quite essential there.
  8. Safir


    Messi is available for Torres+Gerrard. Should I accept? Maybe instead counter with Eto'o+Gerrard? I'm quite deep with my squad and could fill the void created by Gerrard by someone like Ze Roberto
  9. Re: SPANISH NATIONAL TEAM OFFICIAL THREAD - World Cup 2010 De Gea is not going +7 simply because they sucked in the league this year. Their Europa success will give him the +5/+6
  10. Re: INTERNAZIONALE ratings 2010 by Edox I'd love to see Milito and Cesar rise but it just ain't happening. Cesar as you said made too many mistakes. Milito is fantastic but just didn't score enough goals to justify a 95. Eto'o is in severe danger of dropping to 95, which is still a good rating. He hasn't scored enough goals to keep his Barca-time status. He was already dropped in January though so that's why he might evade the axe this time. We'll see. Balotelli has been in a doghouse for half the year. Absolutely no chance for a rise. Muntari: 91-->90/89. He's nowhere near his Portsmouth level. Overall, decent stuff but it seems like you're slightly biased toward giving the higher rating when choosing between the two. Oh and as for Pandev, no chance for a drop. He just moved in.
  11. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread Let me confess in the beginning that my knowledge of Portugal football is very limited. However, I know Portugal has usually been a good source of risers; thus, could someone who is wiser than me suggest the best risers in Portugal (5+ risers, highly rated 2+ risers, etc.) =)
  12. Re: Spam's Guide to - Risers, Droppers, Youngsters Pretty good thread, few things I'd like to argue about but too tired . Brilliant format by the way!
  13. Re: European title winning teams 2009/10 Looking at recent ratings, performances, potential etc. don't really affect the new rating, sadly. SM seems to just go with the stats.
  14. Re: Cristiano Ronaldo 98>96 All right, for all intents and purposes, I think the OP didn't really mean that Ronaldo personally should be lowered in rating, but rather create cushion for Messi to shine more. Personally, I think it's a dumb idea to manipulate the entire system to emphasize a single player's excellence. Just to play the devil's advocate here, I'm going to list a few things I believe Ronaldo is either clearly superior or far superior to Messi: 1. Free kicks. If you disagree, try to regenerate one of Ronaldo's dropping free kicks. No other top player can do it, at least from what I've seen. 2. Long distance bombs. Yes, he shoots a lot, but that's because he is good at it. He has proven it with countless goals from distance. Example: Porto v. Man U Champions League semi-final. Think if Messi or someone else in Barcelona's squad had Ronaldo's shot in semi-final against Inter. Somehow I have a feeling Mourinho's perimeter-strategy wouldn't have worked...some shots might have gone into the goal 3. Tricks. While many of his tricks aren't essential, they become useful in 1-on-1 situations, many times enabling him space to shoot that deadly blast into the bottom corner. Come to think of it, Ronaldo isn't that much worse than Messi at his best. Certainly play making is Messi's superior strength over Ronaldo. However, many of Messi's technical strengths are largely matched by Ronaldo. Having said all this, I still believe Messi has been this season the better player. His maturity, selflessness, and ability to make spot on-decisions combined with his superior technical skills make him the best in the business. However, I am not hesitant to suggest that his edge over Ronaldo is not as massive as some have suggested and that Ronaldo certainly has the ability to be the best in the world.
  15. Re: France, England, Germany Risers/Moneymakers All right, let's get a reality check here. Gonalons has played 1082 min this season for Lyon in the league, and some in the Champion's League. He has 15th most mins for the team in the league. There is absolutely no way - and I'd bet all of my possesions on this - that Gonalons rises to 85/86. That being said, he probably deserves it. However, SM doesn't give what players deserve but like to raise them gradually.
  16. Re: Premiership Ratings By MaoaM Merida, better chances to play and more class
  17. Re: What are the chances Inter stars rise? Are his injuries going to risk it? I also think Motta is a lock. With luck even 91?
  18. Re: What are the chances Inter stars rise? Ahh, I see it from your logo you probably know about this topic . Could you inform me why Sneijder isn't a lock for a rise? He's the player I'm most interested in (buying).
  19. Here is the list: Do these seem accurate? Or what would your predictions look like? Sneijder 94-->95, over 80%? Lucio 94-->95, around 50%? Samuel 92-->93 around 90%? Milito 94-->95 around 10-20%? Julio Cesar 95-->96 around 30%? T. Motta 89-->90 around 99%?
  20. Re: Premiership Ratings By MaoaM Ok, how about Ballack? Still pivotal to German NT so should be safe?
  21. Re: Premiership Ratings By MaoaM Is deco staying at 92? no chance at a drop?
  22. Should I buy this guy? I'd play him on the LB, assuming he keeps his def designation. 2 questions: 1. Is he rising in the next updates? 2. is he keeping his position?
  23. Re: English Championship 5 I'll second this. Just took over Man United which is struggling to stay in 1st div. Lots of quality, competition and excitement throughout the leagues. come and join
  24. Re: Bad Day at the Office Worst? 20 wins, 2 draws, 1 loss? ok, maybe a bit cocky. I guess the other day (2 weeks ago or so), I had around 15 wins, 10 draws, and 5 losses. That's pretty bad considering my teams are usually strong in their leagues (even my 4th div. challenge team (worth around 50x more than its competitors) drew lol)
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