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  1. I'm Real Madrid, untouched, brand-new team (without Van Nistelrooy). Is this deal good?
  2. Re: MASSIVE DEAL: Iniesta, Xabi and Higuain - deal or no deal? Thanks for the reply, I'm also having a hard time deciding on this one. Does Xabi seem like a solid 94 or is there a chance of going down in future?
  3. I am Barcelona. I would give up Iniesta for Xabi Alonso and Higuain. Is this a good deal? The following should be considered: My best DM is Busquets, so 4 point upgrade there. My next best CM or AM is Keita. After that, no one. I use 2 wingers; I have Ronaldo on the wing. Higuain might fit as the second guy. My best forwards are Messi and Pato and Gilardino. It is the middle of season 1; I am 5th, 7 points away from the top. It should be noted that I care about winning now, not in few years (salary problems might eat me ). Thanks to all in advance, perhaps even in the form of a rep .
  4. Re: Wesley Sneijder - what to do? cmon guys, help me out .
  5. Here is the problem. I was offered Ballack+Malouda+20m for Sneijder. I am inter in a world champ league. I play 3-5-2, with Cambiasso the other CM. Giggs plays as my primary choice of LM, Malouda would be a back-up. What to do? Not sure if that deal is any good for me. --- Rep awarded for good answers
  6. Safir


    Re: Xavi Well, deal was completed. 20m cash and the 2 players. Thanks everyone for sharing opinions
  7. I am Barcelona, still untouched squad. I want to offer Iniesta + something. What would be fair to add? I player like Gabriel Milito (92 CB)? Cash? How much? Season 1, turn 24, so cash is still quite useful.
  8. Safir


    Re: Xavi I'm leading the league lol. Another reason for hesitation. But I play through midfield and I love Xavi, so Catch-22 here lol.
  9. Safir


    Re: Xavi Thanks, I made an update and clarified my situation. Do you think I could deal before getting another top (93ish) striker?
  10. Safir


    Re: Xavi Sry, but Rossi is under TB . give me one more idea and I'll rep you
  11. Safir


    Re: Xavi Thanks for the replies guys. The catch with Berbatov is that he's player very well under my system, he's in the top-2 of the highest rated players in the whole World league. The other catch is that I'm not very deep in the FWD position, after Rooney/Berba I have G.Rossi (91), after which it's all under-90 players
  12. Safir


    UPDATE: The deal is now Xavi for Berbatov+Carrick+20m. Situation: 1. Berbatov one of the top-players in terms of efficiency, 5 goals, 6 assists in 9 games. 2. My midfield is "bad", Xavi would be a massive boost 3. I play with 2 strikers. My remaining strikers would be Rooney (96), G.Rossi (91), Soldado (89). The latter two both under TB. I'm trying to get another 93 CF but no luck so far. 4. League is in season 1, turn 10, so cash is still quite valuable in our setup. Thanks a lot to everyone who has helped! I'd like to hear what you think of this new situation.
  13. Carvalho (Chelsea) and Lucio (Inter): Both are in externals, both are 31, both at 94 rating. So the question becomes, who to buy? So which guy has better prospects to maintain their rating/even go up? And which guy is more solidified as a 1st squad member for their team?
  14. Re: What should i do?!? Just in general would like to hear more people's opinions . I like variety. But I'll give you points too.
  15. Re: What should i do?!? More please?
  16. Re: Number of new game worlds Please help me . I'll offer rep for good answers
  17. Re: Argentinian Analysis Thanks for all the help in this thread . I have few questions though: Assuming I have a very limited budget (4th div. challenge...), which guys of the following would: a) Rise more than others in the list (--> make more money) next update Be good for long-term talent (Can be same name in both ). RODRIGUEZ, Patricio BERTOGLIO, Facundo RODRIGUEZ, James ALBIL, Damián VALENTINI, Nahuel GOMEZ, Jonathan David FILIPPETTO, Ezequiel VITTOR, Sergio MARCHESIN, Augustín CASTILLEJOS, Gonzalo Thanks for the help!
  18. Re: What should i do?!? Thanks, shortened the list a bit
  19. Re: What should i do?!? Thanks, any more suggestions? I'll give you reps
  20. So here's the thing: I've picked up a bunch of youngsters/risers/others, and I'm not sure if they're for real or just moneymakers. So, could you guys tell me whether I should: a) keep the player for long term sell for profit now/once they rise (Sry for the length , also, I'm not expecting that everyone predict all the players on the list , but all help is appreciated!) EDIT: Shortened the list a bit -------------------------------------------------- GARCES, Paulo Gk 25 78 COURTOIS, Thibaut Gk 17 74 OIER, Sanjurjo RB/LB 23 83 RODGERS, Paul RB/CB 20 73 OGOGO, Abu RB/RM 20 72 BOTIA, AlbertoCB/RB 21 85 ÁLVARO DOMINGUEZ, Soto CB/LB 20 85 COATES, Sebastián CB 19 78 ALANIS, Oswaldo CB 20 74 VELAZQUEZ, Luis David Def 25 77 JUAREZ, Roberto DM/Def 22 75 OCAMPO, Jorge Gastelum CM/DM 21 76 FRANCO, Pedro CM 18 70 FILIPE GOMES, Ribeiro AM 22 75 JOSUE, Pesqueira AM/Wing 19 74 CARDONA, Edwin AM 17 72 FEGHOULI, Sofiane Wing/AM 20 86 LESTIENNE, Maxime Wing/Fwd 17 77 RAMIS, Jhonatan Wing 20 76 DAUD, Ayub Wing 19 74 SOLDADO, Roberto Fwd 24 89 GANEA, Liviu Fwd/Wing 21 80 MENENDEZ, Cristian Fwd 21 78 CAMPOS, MatíasFwd/Wing 20 76 CORDOBA, Jhon Fwd 22 76 AVILA, Irveng Fwd 19 76 OROZCO, Ezequiel Fwd/AM 21 75 CORDOBA, Jorge Fwd 22 75 ZAZA, Simone Fwd 18 74 NAVA, Raúl Fwd 19 74 IONITA, Alexandru Fwd 20 74- MAXIM, Alexandru Fwd/Wing 24 73 GALVAN, Martín Fwd 16 73 LUCAS, Klysman Fwd 19 72 ZUNIGA, Sebastian Fwd 19 72 TROFIN, Pavel Fwd/AM 18 70 EDGAR, Bruno USTARI, Óscar DIOUF, Mame VILLALBA, Daniel SO THESE GUYS, WORTH KEEPING AFTER THEIR RISE OR SHIP OUT FOR SALE?
  21. Is there any logic in how frequently new standard game worlds are opened? I've seen times when they appear every 2 hours/each, but nowadays it's more like 1 world/day for each type of world. I'd appreciate if someone could shed some light in this matter.
  22. So for standard members who haven't purchased Gold membership, how many teams are allotted for each member? I know it depends on the SM rating but I'm not sure how it exactly works. Would anyone care to clarify? Another thing that puzzles me is a friend of mine, who has the same SM rating (43), has 4 clubs, but my maximum is 2. Anyone knows an explanation for this? And yes, he's also a standard member.
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