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  1. 2nd favorites is still so generous - given we don't know yet about the incoming transfers. We can't automatically discount Leicester and Tottenham after the season they've had - Liverpool is on the rise - Arsenal could always finally reach their potential - and City are of course the favorites. Mourinho only got 3rd place in his first season back at Chelsea - and with the current squad even that wouldn't an easy feat
  2. Forgot he existed for a second - yeah he's alright. I still would like to see an attacking player to excite me though - Martial is alright, but more efficient than flashy and I'd really like to have a top quality flashy player to get behind. One can always dream of someone like Neymar... -- That being said, another weird thing that's going to happen here is that Liverpool is probably now going to be my second favorite club along with United - absolutely loving what Klopp is doing there - And so, what an odd combination for me to have...
  3. Intrigued by it - and the lack of information available on squad projections at the moment - but yes, very interested in the prospect of being able to watch a high stakes U23 tournament If the reports on Ronaldo not participating are true - I'd say such a shame really - he really should participate But yeah, who else is looking forward to this tournament?
  4. I'd preferrably bring someone in a different age range but considering the options available given the club's current standing - with no champions league football - he might be the best striker available to us
  5. Well, would Wenger consider options like Germain, Delort, Boufai, or Waris? Seemed to have done well in Ligue 1 last season so they could be an option - that is, if a big name signing doesn't materialize
  6. I did. See, as a non-Brit, I don't care for local rivalries and thus support teams based on players I like (or the occasional manager) - apologies if that offends your sensibilities. I won't change in that respect though No one really aside from Mourinho to pull me at United of the current squad but let's see if that'll change over time.
  7. As a consolation prize, a cheap Ben Yedder is available - if Lacazette won't work out I'm looking through Ligue 1 top scorers for potential options.
  8. I'm here to learn from and debate with the people who know Manchester United better Always liked the club, probably because of the vague memories of Ronaldo's dominance back in the days when I barely watched football - did probably always select United on FIFA precisely because of Ronaldo Interested to see which way this club is going - they've reached 5th, 4th, and 7th since Alex Ferguson left - that's simply not good enough for a club with such supreme financial infrastructure behind it
  9. .................delete
  10. Not even mad to admit, I am excited to support Liverpool today. Let's go!
  11. I was of the opinion that Mourinho was no longer at his peak - and I think it no less true on his last Chelsea months - but the next club that hires the manager could, with some reservations, get a rejuvenated, Inter Mourinho - the circumstances have a changed and so have a his mind. An non counter attacking attacking coach will he be - no - but a better one than a Chelsea one
  12. ^^ and yo ye everyone quit the forums like years ago it feels
  13. Some talking head predicted they'll finish 10th after losing Mahrez and Kante in off season
  14. Balague hates royal Spain and loves Catalonia. So everything around Real Madrid is cancer in his opinion I read his first 1 or 2 articles with interest but when his partiality became clear I lost all interest and consider the guy a joke now
  15. Safir

    The Random Thread

    What in the actual
  16. Safir

    The Random Thread

    Did this actually happen or is this an urban myth?
  17. Don't worry Finland sucked too in the group that was finally gonna be easy for us to qualify from
  18. For every Dele Alli there is a 20m domestic bust though who is bought only because he happens to be domestic Never mind another 10 5m domestic busts
  19. Bale to United, Hazard and Lewandowski to Madrid. Modric, Varane unavailable.
  20. You guys probably know by now that I've observed Mourinho and his career a lot... One thing is that he definitely wants to stay in England and in his next club for as long as possible. Other thing is if he can do it. Gone in 2 years? I don't know, in many other clubs Mourinho wouldn't have gotten sacked after winning the title last season, and would've probably been given next season to redeem himself, especially given how much of a club legend he was and all. But Roman has a particular kind of a temperament so no such luck there.
  21. Interesting league Pep at City Mourinho at United Klopp at Liverpool Pocchetino at Spurs Allegri at Chelsea Lots of good managers
  22. Mourinho to United done deal according to semi-reliable reports. Will start in the summer. Man united fans, thoughts?
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