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  1. Giggs doesn't have the experience unless there a surprise person coming out of retirement to be his number 2

    Pardew a great manager, not sure if he can step plus I think England trying to call him

    Hughes- doing a great job this season, somehow got Shaqiri and now Imbula for peanuts prices and no competition, made good creative team, I know Jamie, Stoke fan  hardly likes my posts but I that what I think of Stoke


    Hope Pep fails, really would Love if Ferguson did come back to get United back to where they belong


    Why not hire world beaters like Sam Allardyce and Neil Warnock? Big names recognized throughout the world who'll guarantee you won't be relegated :)


    Seems like a reasonable goal given how the club is run...


    For the world of me there is zero reason why new players and a new manager haven't been brought in. Even if it was someone who wasn't even that good, a change is obviously needed. This paralysis of epic proportions at the board level really deserves a punishment in sporting terms

  2. Shocked.......... not

    Guardiola has to take a already built team

    Really hope he struggles


    United need a class manager - Mourinho, Simeone or Spurs boss


    Giggs? Pardew? Mark Hughes?


    They'll strike fear in Pep for sure!!


    PS. Wonder if the average Ligue1/Bundesliga/Liga BBVA/Serie A fans even know of them as managers.

  3. Yeah, they could. Chinese League is becoming better due to the cash being spent but it pales in comparison to Europe. The AFC CL is nothing compared to the UEFA CL.


    Only clubs that would be happy are Chelsea and Roma. Roma have already loaned in El Shaarawy who replaces Gervinho on the left, and they could still get one more player. Chelsea are reportedly getting 25mil- great price for a 29 year old CDM who wasnt a starter. I don't see Chelsea re-investing that money in a replacement just yet- Hiddink likely to use RLC. Of course Remy is likely to move out on loan (to Newcastle) and Falcao is injured so he may end up back at Monaco. That leaves Pato (shrewd deal, although he is a younger Falcao in terms of injury) and Bertrand Traore (whose transfer is under investigation by FIFA). 


    Mikel is the first choice DM atm ahead of Matic/Ramires/RLC (roughly in that order)


    Chelsea could invest that money at either CB/ST

    Maybe that money goes straight to the Pato fund

  4. He started with the backlog, saying it is merely a set of hypotheses and beliefs rather than a form of requirements. The hypotheses need to be turned into experiments, which provide the data that can either substantiate or refute the hypotheses. “Learning leads to the next set of hypotheses. It’s not a random walk; it’s not a set guesswork; it’s a set of rigorous tests of beliefs using data to match against the beliefs,” he said.

  5. Switched my camera angle and instantly had the other guy pinned in his own half


    Usually my default camera angle gives me an advantage but not against this guy, he either had the same setup or the one that perfectly countered mine. A switch to the standard setup completely destroyed both his offense and defense! :D

  6. 100% focus feels good because of the a-ha moment at the end when you go from not understanding something to understanding something. The 0-1 switch is so much more powerful than moving a figure from arbitrary to arbitrary + 1


    This is the central aspect of the moving from external to internal motivation

  7. 100% focus feels good because of the a-ha moment at the end when you go from not understanding something to understanding something. The 0-1 switch is so much more powerful than moving a figure from arbitrary to arbitrary + 1.


    Tunnel vision and obsessive focus on that one spot one the page is important.

  8. Absolutely destroyed someone with a half time switch :D


    Defensively switched from double press to occasionally 1v1 containing and completely destroyed his offense

    Offensively combated his slow low block by speed passing through him. Once he began covering for speed passes tons of space behind appeared for my guys to run into, finally space appeared for those through passes I had tried unsuccessfully do for the first 45 min.

  9. Progress so far on Ruby


    Have a list of sources in mind and listed basically

    The main source in codeacademy is fired up and going

    Unilateral, 100% focus is necessary, essentially blind focus on a single visual spot, so text density is gold.

    Fatigue, caffeine, music boredom, music non-boring

    Visual insta updates on progress

    Poly bell schedule 



    Soccer stuff


    Cover wide of the ball possession player

    Press double 

    Cover the space for a few seconds but after that back double on the ball possessor

    3-4-2-1 to 4-3-2-1 to 5-2-2-2-1 essentially the same front and wide formation

    Only ruin the setup to destroy edges if forced 











  10. With respect to Chelsea I know what I'm talking about




    It is also understood, however, that Chelsea will have to make up the shortfall in any wage cut Mourinho accepts at a new club until the end of this season.


    So there you go. Chelsea will pay Mourinho a portion of his salary until the end of the season. Mourinho obviously won't go jobless for 4 years.


    One must have lost his senses if he believes that Chelsea will pay Jose 40m.

  11. Mourinho's agents announced that he specifically doesn't want a sabbatical and is looking to return to management immediately.


    Bookies have Man United as his most likely next destination, ahead of even Real Madrid where Benitez is tumbling himself into a sacking and Perez who is still in charge is known for admiring Mourinho.


    So like it or not fellas, brace yourselves, he's coming to Manchester :D

  12. Guardiola to City

    Ancelotti to Bayern


    Hmmm...who else even is there in the market? Simeone doesn't speak English. Idk. Some Italian guy like Conte?

    LVG will be unemployed soon but we don't want him. Benitez? Lol.


    I mean I guess there is city leftover Pellegrini


    Anyways, with how the modern managerial circus is going, Mourinho might be back in 2-3 cycles, so you never now, in 6-9 years he might be back

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