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  1. I seen no where that there a clause in his contract like that, Like you said "rumours"


    Atm we all know he on a £250k a week contract and recently signed a 4 year deal = 30-40mil


    Exit clauses specifying severance amounts are common


    That being said, LVG is a joke lmao

    At least we won something last season 

    LVG will not win a single thing with Man United

    Give him 50 seasons and he wouldn't win the league

  2. He hasn't been sacked because Chelsea would still need to pay his remaining years in this contract which isn't cheap(like 10-30mil) and who would want to go there and manager


    Rumors within the fan community have stated that there is a clause in the contract that only gives Mourinho a year's worth of wages should he be sacked.


    Guess again

  3. I admit we're horrible this season and Jose is completely at loss and doesn't have an idea how to fix it. Sure he can come around but even he isn't sure about that.


    Now if only other fans would admit when their teams are horrible


    Man United is a joke. LVG's current strategy must be the worst any manager in history has ever created

    Liverpool was an absolute joke when Rodgers was there. Klopp has brought some hope




    Watching Norwich - Everton right now and all I can say is GIVE THE DAMN BALL TO DEULOFEU. I'm looking at you Gareth Barry, always making that useless square pass out left that doesn't push the game forward at all. We get it, you have no talent and couldn't imagine what kind of a player can actually beat someone 1 on 1 or cross dangerously into the box consistently, but Gerard has done enough to prove that he's much better than you and can do much more with the ball than you.


    Deulofeu's flaw is that he isn't selfish enough. In throws he needs to grab the ball and demand that they friggin give it back to him immediately, and not let some talentless hack spread the game to the left.

  4. I talked to Zlook on Facebook' date=' a few minutes ago.

    He had the privilege to see my handsome mug. :P

    Yes, because I care so much about Facebook, that I can't even be bothered taking a lame selfie and uploading it onto Facebook.

    I can only be seen through photos, where I may happen to be, some other people take. :D[/quote']


    Take a webcam pic :D

  5. I bet all the money' date=' I'll ever make in my life, on Ricardo Oliveira ending the season as the Brazilan Serie A topscorer.

    Is he gonna get a much deserved +2 or is he getting frowned upon for being 35 years old? :o[/quote']

    +2/+1 I'd say

    Borges back in his time got two consecutive +1s but Oliveira isn't playing with Neymar :/

  6. Gz Allan

    For a moment we had hope too, up 1-0 against romania and faroes up against hungary. Romania had 95% possession but we probably had 5 chances to score the second in a 10 minute period (literally a guy with a free shot from nearly point blank range). Shocking defenders romania had

  7. Fully deserved win by Southampton' date=' congrats to them![/quote']

    Think it was mostly about us sucking. Didn't think Soton were particularly good either. Barely passable.

    Only Begovic can be pointed out from the defence for doing well to be honest. Only saving grace for Azpil is that Ivanovic has been 6458 times worse than anyone.

    [uSER=22456]Dreamers[/uSER] - I though Moses was our brightest spark in pre-season' date=' he's done really well at West Ham so far too.[/quote']

    Azpi is just fine defensively, he's doing this job, though his job isn't particularly complicated. Just in the offensive third he's never a contributor

    Nobody in the club could've anticipated that the entire squad is basically paralyzed and none of the players are playing at their level. Under normal circumstances, Moses is 3rd or 4th choice RM. Under bad circumstances, he becomes 2nd choice...so he was loaned out to give him the minutes he probably wants. Only under unprecedented circumstances was Moses to become relevant, which we happen to be in the middle of, oddly enough

  8. Jose ego is seriously getting in the way though' date='he has become delusional and is blaming everyone except himself,he is claiming no responsiblity and is blinkered.We are actually lucky to have 8 points from 8 games.If West Brom score their pen to go 1-0 up,we don't win that game,likewise if Arsenal keep 11 players on the field.He has lost the players its clear,that said some players are not trying which is disgraceful with the money they are on and unfair to match goers..[/quote']


    It's bad at this point to say I suck. Just demoralizes the team further. The team needs to feel like they have top players and a top manager and good results are just around the corner. Watching their play, it's clear everyone is playing with so much fear and pressure and that's completely paralyzing them

    He's also taking on football's impossible task of trying to shift the culture from blaming the manager 100% to not 100%

    You have to seriously let go of the Eva business. It's time to move on. Nobody gets to the top of football without being a tough character, and FA already cleared him, so what more do you want him to do? Geez. And really, it's about what's best for the club, not what can make Jose Mourinho look like the biggest fool. He's already in the middle of the worst moment of his career so if you want him to suffer, congrats, he's already suffering. I'm not a fan of kicking people when they're already down or at least giving them the chance for a few games to steer the ship.

    No doubt Jose's countdown has begun

  9. If he knew he was getting sacked he would've probably gone harder for the win

    Everton weren't that dangerous in the last 20 min so it's not like they were pinned back either. Just both sides kind of happy to take the point it seemed like. Everton tried harder but weren't that close

  10. So annoying

    Had bets all ready on Arsenal scoring the next goal at 1-0 and 2-0 and Arsenal goes and scores right before I get my bet in


    Guys too fast

    Could see from the beginning Arsenal was gonna dominate. Exquisite quality in attack, lots of fluency and forward-motion combined with being a genuine final third threat - the most dangerous kind of a football team. Their play in the first 20 minutes reminds me of Bayern this season

  11. From the team's perspective it's probably better if they're all given

    Soton probably should've got 2

    Idk, the team is psychologically and mentally so down and afraid of making mistakes that they just need a few things going their way

    Btw some random doctors have nothing to do with the club's play. Even if it happens to be a pretty lady. Honestly that story would've had no legs if it was just 2 male doctors, would've been a 1 day story.

  12. Think this could be good if it helps players stop being afraid of making mistakes

    Can immediately see some players not being so stiff anymore since there's nothing to lose in this game and they're suddenly playing so much better

    A little more practice and they'll come good as long as they ditch the low block for awhile

  13. Just bet against 3-1 and Mane scores almost right after. Got decent odds too.

    Didn't think we'd score even 1 never mind 2 with our low block. All relies on individual talent, Willian and Oscar producing a shot from somewhere or something.

    I'd say just haul off the immobile defensive guys and go gung ho with a high press

    Lol, Willian hauled off...probably our best player to the boos of the crowd

  14. It would be very interesting to see the usual top 4 fighting over 3 CL spots. PL teams need to step up their game' date=' they are falling like flies to teams in worst championships. [/quote']

    I think losing the 4th Champions League spot for two years in a row would be the minimum that would have to happen before the FA will consider revamping the schedule that's currently putting our clubs at a sporting disadvantage, and exists purely for marketing purposes (which has been very effective, but should PL be relegated to the 4th position, all marketing benefits would be lost due to the decrease in prestige). I am of course talking about the Christmas period which more or less breaks every top club in England every year.

    I love watching football during that period but it's certainly making our European success much less feasible.

  15. Massively underrated player' date=' but he started tonight and I'd assume he will start again on the weekend.. he really should anyway. Think he's capable of getting into any team bar maybe Barcelona/Real tbh. Does a lot of unnoticed dirty work.[/quote']

    I don't know what's going on outside the club, but within the fanbase Willian is very highly rated

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