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  1. They're just out of form Such a drama queen Rooney still is balls
  2. First half horrible, second half alright We're just not a very good team at the moment. Need to pull through this phase and recover asap I've stayed away betting on our games precisely because of how inconsistent/bad we are atm Though I thought about betting against Newcastle just because they're the bogey team of the league and almost guaranteed to suck atm. They always play well against us though. Think they'll be back to losing to nobodies next week
  3. What a gross betting day All excited looking forward to the Prem day and 20 minutes in it's all junk selections on the board In the end around minute 75 I almost pulled the trigger on Liverpool not scoring next with the score first at 3-1 and then 3-2 but didn't go for it.... On the other hand, damn Bayern is dominant. Beautiful football they play... a joy to watch
  4. Any of y'all ever won the division 1 online championship? I find myself cruising until I reach div 1 and then proceed to get destroyed by no life sickos
  5. I'm still rocking my FIFA 14 and have like 1.2mil coins on the FUT team there. No reason to move I guess as long as I can still get online games
  6. Ahaha this is hilarious OK, whatever From one extreme (no penalty) to another (3 games) 1 game suspension at most would've been fair
  7. When Martin Keown calls Arsenal soft, you know you've got to add toughness Hey, I can play this game too
  8. Aguero, De Bruyne and Yaya are playing well Don't see the others doing anything beyond ordinary Says something though that they can't score despite all this pressure City aren't creating much from crosses --- OK, game over. My pre-game read of City being just slightly off their best turned out right. Half-way chances were created but finishing was lacking. Was never a threat in crosses, though the whole time a Yaya or De Bruyne individual effort could've changed the game. They got closest to scoring after the first goal via a Yaya shot and a couple of blocked attempts. Otherwise lots of perimeter dominance and perceived high-end pressure without the finishing touch. Did not expect West Ham to be so badly pinned back though, much of my bet relied on West Ham being more able to hold possession. Anyways, entertaining game and made a tiny profit.
  9. Took my bet out in the face of this one way traffic
  10. So that's one goal De Bruyne looked clearly their best even before the goal Everyone else is a bit meh But one guy can certainly make the difference
  11. Made a big bet against Man City not scoring 4 or more today after Moses' goal. Counting on Man City's confidence taking a hit after that goal. They might win, but scoring 4 seems hard without a red card or a real change in momentum. Thoughts on City's odds of scoring 4? I'm just not seeing it today No Silva, and Aguero seems unfit Yaya, Sterling, De Bruyne and Kolarov still create a decent amount of offensive threat though, as of course does a partially fit Aguero --- Edit: So, West Ham scored again. Not sure that helps me, since now City have to score more to win.
  12. City egging up almost cost me a lot of money. Had to make 2 separate horrible exits on both occasions after City screwed it up. Fortunately recouped about 85% of it when neither team scored at the end Did not think City would be able to concede that badly when I made my commits around minute 65 and then minute 72. Horrid luck arggh
  13. Safir

    The Random Thread

    Hmm, first time I've had a young 70 rated player drop. A 20 year old german just dropped from 70 to 68 Sometimes I wonder who finds the time to confirm these changes
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