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  1. I don't think we've changed any rules ahhahaa
  2. I'm a bit afraid that some managers won't think about that and will just use up 120M as quickly as possible.
  3. Ya! By the way, did I mention the squad cap in the global in game message?
  4. He won't even be the priciest I think Zouma or Shaw will definitely cost a lot. Non English league players will go a bit lower but anyone young from the top 3-4 leagues and playing for a top side will be pricey I'm kind of interested to see how everything turns out lol Some other fun names around might be Ginter, Dybala, Can, Oliver Torres, Max Meyer, Umtiti, Bernardo Silva, Fabinho, Vietto, Carrasco Januzaj, Deulofeu, Baba, Talisca, Denis Suarez, Niang, Rabiot, Bellerin, Goretzka, Romagnoli, Stones Munir El Haddadi Ehehehehehe
  5. Same here, but 120M is a lot. 88 rated players are dirt cheap I'd be shocked if the biggest stars go for anything lower than say 10M above chairman value and possibly max bid
  6. Maybe. Think the main mess up was the budget size. Should've just made it much smaller so no team could buy more than a few big young stars to begin with so they get distributed more evenly. Could've made the economy a little richer so people could pick them up over time 50M budget for example would've been plenty given the max rating is 88 for season 1
  7. Hoyle, BarcaKes and Willzy yet to apply their for their clubs Either way, the transfer market will open in just about three hours
  8. Hmm, well by popular opinion we'll just let it be then I guess we just better hope that no one gets to hog everyone good I don't mind people having a few but if one or two teams have every single good player the gameworld is dead. Hogging kills every gameworld Zouma, Trapp, Shaw, Durm, Gimenez, Fekir, Burki, Ibe just to name a few
  9. Pedro, do you think we should have the kind of rule that if a player reaches rating 91 or higher, he needs to be sold or something The whole setup is kind of centered on parity
  10. I'm gonna let you four in but keeping everyone else away...please list somewhere your names because there's a few assholes trying to ruin this
  11. Sweet I'm good with Leverkusen, Spurs, Basel, and Zagreb
  12. Is Palermo really Laura? I highly doubt it I'm semi-suspicious about a few others too, so please post here to confirm if at all possible
  13. I'm gonna actually wait until most people have applied Let me know if someone has incorrectly applied for your club and I'll kick them out
  14. Safir

    The Random Thread

    A major component of intellectual development is this process of gradually moving from extremely concrete thinking to increasingly abstract thinking in an ever increasing array of content areas.
  15. Let's hold off on transfers until at least most managers are here please
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