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  1. i'm a youth coach in this country and just come back from an england school boys meeting, keep these name close to your chest they will be premiership players. some even next year look out for them in the new players section. lee sweeney. attacking midfielder, manchester united. reckon he'll start about 85 defo riser upto 95+ within 2 years. paul hoz. forward. coventry. he'll start about 84 poss rise to mid 90's within 2 years. paul brennan.. dirty bast#rd. irish. start mid 70's poss drop to 60's.. but worth a punt. belives anything wrote on here. paul handy, attacking mid.. currently ay barnsley but big clubs sniffing around. craig wright. plays all over to be honest could'nt tell you his postition. currently at wolves, might of made the bench against liverpool. more names to follow.. watch this space!!
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