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  1. spot on mate and he has only played about 4 months of football in 2017 the rest hes been out injured and to add to that he was out for about 4 months during 2016, yet he is somehow still a 94
  2. i do miss the days of when the player was injured sm wouldnt drop them seems very poor that they would drop ibra and yet no drop for ozil? who has been poor this season, but with ibra u have to go back to 2010/2011 for the last time he had a poor season by his standards
  3. Re: Vidic Or Dani Alves ok cheers mate i was going towards alves myself just wanted to see what other people who watch barca more than me think as ive not watched barca this season apart from the cl like i did last year, will have to watch more of their games, vidic had a horrible game against sunderland last night but thats just 1 game
  4. ok so ive got vidic and alves is available in my league should i swap my vidic for alves ? ive already got silva,hummels and jones as cb my lb/rb are lahm,alaba and rafael de silva, what you think lads, vidic will be 32 this month and i think the only way is down for him from now on alves is a year younger but also 94
  5. Re: Help with ronaldo deal like every1 says keep ronaldo,vidic and ibra will only be heading down from now on
  6. Re: Mario Gomez absolute laughable stuff from sm to drop this guy the guys a machine gets injured and then mandzukic takes his place and shines not gomez fault even then he still manages to bang in 19 goals last season not bad for a guy who wasnt first team pick moves to fiorentina and has played 2 league games and scored 2 goals he will no doubt bang them in this season as he always does no matter what club hes at but shocking stuff to drop the guy like that
  7. ok my question is can you join a former club for the third time ive been manager of my liverpool side twice but havnt been the manager for them for a year and i seen they were available if i try and be the manager will it block me?
  8. my league is called euros elite and needs a few managers theres a few top teams available to managed, i dont like seeing teams be destroyed when a manager leaves so if your interested, div 1 has 2 top teams available and div 2 has a few. Details Euros Elite ID:28534
  9. i usually play the 3-5-2 defensive formation but the last 2 season someone with a far superior team has copied my formation, i usually play this tackling - hard Mentality - defensive Passing Style - short Attacking Style - mixed Tempo - slow Pressing - own area i tick counter attack tight marking use playmaker use target man a guy in my league has copied my exact formation and has won the league through this, has any1 got any formations other than this thats been successful that i could use.
  10. Re: Neuer or Hart cant go wrong with either but neuer for me, plays for the better club team and international side
  11. Re: Pique Deal like the two below have said no way, keep pique:cool:
  12. Re: Silva for Hummels and J.Boateng? keep silva
  13. Re: Afellay or Young? id keep both but id you have to get rid of 1, id get rid of afellay always on the bench for club and international, where as young always plays for united and now england, the only way is up for young atm, afellay will not be getting a rise anytime soon
  14. Re: Fed up of Messi that was his second hat-trick in his last 3 games for argentina
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