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  1. Re: The Underdog - Version.2 Discussions, M/R's Team and Losers of the turn Anyone else from the states?
  2. Re: The Underdog - Version.2 Discussions, M/R's Team and Losers of the turn No, I do not really follow the MLS. I am a Liverpool supporter.
  3. Re: The Underdog - Version.2 Discussions, M/R's Team and Losers of the turn Hey everyone my name is Erik and I am brand new to the league. I reside in the United States in the beautiful state of Maryland. I am excited to take over Munich. I was really into soccermanager for about 3 years straight and than took about 2 years off. I'm officially back into it and very excited to start up again. Looking forward to working with everyone.
  4. I am able to buy James MCCarthy for 9 mil? Is he worth getting in a competitive game world?
  5. I have the opportunity to buy Draxler for 29 mil? Should I go ahead with it?
  6. Re: Willian vs Schurrle Willian did go to Chelsea. I don't see him breaking into the starting lineup right away.
  7. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Any predictions for todays game guys? I am thinking 2-1 Liverpool...
  8. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions Can someone help me. I have recently returned to soccer manager and don't know where to find the list of countries that will be coming up for rating changes. Also, where in soccer manager is the list of players that have recently changed ratings? Thanks in advance guys!
  9. Ok i dont know where to post this so im posting it here because i know most people on here have knowledge about SM. The SMFA keeps blocking loan bids and i dont know why. Is there a way i can directly contact SM to stop this nonsense>?
  10. Re: Griezmann / Muniain / Rodriguez(from Porto) or Sidney Sam You really think 23 is not young? Really? This upsets me because this is my age....
  11. Re: Offer for Sandro Appreciate the quick response guys...Looks like i will be making the deal!
  12. I was offered Sandro for 9 mil. SHould i accept this offer? My other CM's are Daniel Parejo, and De Zeeuw...
  13. Re: Micah Richards - Rise? If Man City make the CL than i really think he should.
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