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  1. Yes, this is a big bugs! Many multiple accounts happen all around the gameworlds.
  2. ANY SMFA boss can answer my questions? is already half year wait! THANK YOU!
  3. Like the member above said, please stop those annoying pop up for asking to switch to new interface... The reason for that is the new interface is rubbish, except more colourful... The "player not for sales" tag is removed and why? I am so annoyed by tonnes of request for my few talent players. Please have the "ban" setting for banning some idoit managers keep making stupid request(sssss) for my players. Or once the bid rejected, need to wait for let say 4 turns to make another bid. More clubs and players history statistic shown and keep the player in engine even he retired.
  4. Something for "Custom gameworld": -- The owner of the gameworld can go into the gameworld to see the progress even no single manager(s) owner in this gameworld. This is quite good because some manager actually like to watch the game rather than involve in the game. -- Or can be also the custom gameworld manager(s) can be chosen to manage a soccer team or international; team or both. This is also quite good as some manager actually like to manage international team only. -- The owner of the gameworld can choose to manage a external club. These external club can play only champion cup/shield
  5. They seem sleeping or having party, should make some refund for poor quality service + maintenance.
  6. Re: Gold Championship 1 News Great. The main cheat account removed, hope other accounts out sometime as well. but I still very disappointed with the anto-filter cheat report system. ALWAYS detect no cheat happen And whenever very lucky successfully make cheat report, 10 out of 9 end up with this or this The fix match report always end up with this Then the ticket ALWAY become this The most silly thing is the cheat can't report more than once Quite disappointed and not improved after so many years, may not renew the Gold membership any more.
  7. Re: Terrible market bug I think is bug.
  8. Re: Multiple accounts - taking and leaving teams - How to report bug This is illegal transfer. You can go to "transfer" screen and make report by pressing "illegal?" button. Then you have to fill in as many detail as you can, for example how abnormal the transfer and the value different as well as their log in time or any similarity that suspect is multiple accounts. Insufficient data will make the report not valid and your "can't" make another report on this transfer again. Only one chance.
  9. "The new contract offered" always block the "x" sign, not so convenient for multiple renew contract for players, additional effort need to be made in and out.
  10. Re: The Minor Improvments Thread The "new contract offered" always block the "x" sign, making additional step to move on.
  11. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread Anyway to see the highlight of yesterday match?
  12. Re: Soccerwiki Even Soccerwiki using that automated system? Should have the AI upgraded.
  13. Re: Gold Championship 1 News Why so much managers join and left this gameworld for this few weeks? is unusual. Are those "Pope United" clone?
  14. Re: SM Worlds Suggested Improvements Discussion I think something like 60 is more realistic. I didn't see in real world any club have more first team player as much as this.
  15. Re: What happen to this game world
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