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  1. Re: Greek Superleage - Risers/Droppers & Player Analysis 2012 Do you think Jose Holebas will drop? If so, by how much? Transfermarkt has him dropping in value. Should I get rid of him? Thanks
  2. choson1


    Re: Croatia Not that I'm an expert by far but I reckon the following players stand a chance of rising: Luka Begonja, Nk Zadar - 2325 mins 6 goals (which isn't bad for someone down as a DM) 78 --->80 Ante Vukusic, Hajduk Split - 1837 mins 12 goals fwd 83 --->84 Mislav Komorski, Dinamo Zagreb - 1937 mins 1 goal CB 78 ---> 81 Marcelo Brozovic, Lokomotiva Zagreb - 2389 mins 4 goals CM 78--->79 Let me know your thoughts on these predictions... My first time posting for eastern Europe.
  3. I've been offered Ricardo Carvalho for Simon Kjaer but i just wanted to see other people's opinions on this. On the surface it seems quite good for me to get a 93 for a 90 but is it really as good as it seems? Carvalho's age obviously counts against him and I guess now he will only ever drop in rating, Kjaer is young but hi form at the moment tend to suggest he won't be rising any time soon, but he has the potential I guess. What do people think? All help is much apprciated.
  4. Re: Serie A - Ratings Prediction 2010/2011 (II) Hi there, could I get some people's opinions on the player below please? Quagliarella - is he def. for a drop? Jovetic - will his current injury prevent a rise even though he had good form at the start of the season Krasic - will he def. drop? Elia (eljero) - same as above Krkic - how's his form been, likely to stay short term but what about long term at Roma? Veloso - stay for now? Hernandez (abel) - worth keeping? Is he likely to rise much more where he is? All help much appreciated. Cheers
  5. Re: Some Austrian Risers As a first stab i don't think I've done too bad; got a few right at least. Will try to post some predictions for one of the leagues to be reviewed in the future. Roman Kienast - SK Strum - 82>>84/85 84 Deni Alar - Kapfenberger - 80>>82 83 Marcel Schreter - Fc Wacker - 79>>80/81 81 Patrick Berger - Mattersburg - 78>>81/80 81 Daniel Royer - SV Reid - 80>>81/82 82 Thomas Schrammel - SK Rapid Wien - 80>>81/82 83 Alois Holler - SV Mattersburg - 75>&
  6. >>Quick disclaimer - this is my first post where I've made predictions so they may not be particlularly accurate<< Here goes, Roman Kienast - SK Strum - 82>>84/85 Deni Alar - Kapfenberger - 80>>82 Marcel Schreter - Fc Wacker - 79>>80/81 Patrick Berger - Mattersburg - 78>>81/80 Daniel Royer - SV Reid - 80>>81/82 Thomas Schrammel - SK Rapid Wien - 80>>81/82 Alois Holler - SV Mattersburg - 75>>78/79 Michael Gregoritsch - Kapfenberger - 75>>77/76
  7. Re: English Championship risers What are people's thoughts on whether Jay Rodriguez of Burnley will get a rise, and if so by how much? He's below average for his team with the amount of minutes he's played approx. 1950 mins, bagged 7 goals and has just made his England U21 d├ębut. Talent for the future maybe?
  8. Re: Method for predicting the size of rises/falls Thanks for he suggestions... I'll give it a go for one of the next rating changes (and when I have a bit of time) and post something Cheers
  9. Just wondering if anyone wants to share their method/system for predicting the actual size (e.g +1 or +2) of a rise/fall. I use several pages for scouting players but have never posted my findings because I'm never quite sure how much they will rise by. Any tips anyone? {I have read the 'sticky' posts from the top of the forum by the way} Thanks in advance for any help
  10. I have a feeling that the A-league might be up for review fairly soon and during my scouting work I came across this fella: Aziz Behich - Melbourne Heart fc - played 20 out of 23 games racking up 1527 mins of game time. Rated 70. In my set-ups he is only 10K so worth a punt I reckon.
  11. Re: Bundesliga Ratings 2010/2011 (I) dd my voice to the positive feedback about your post. Great layout, knowledgeable person; spot on post. Thanks
  12. Re: Help choosing a fwd/CF any more thoughts about these guys?
  13. Re: Help choosing a fwd/CF oops I also forgot to throw H Nilmar into the mix 26 90 and @12.3M does that change anything?
  14. Re: Help choosing a fwd/CF Thanks for the advice
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