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  1. Re: Serie A - Ratings Prediction 2010/2011 (II) Hi there, could I get some people's opinions on the player below please? Quagliarella - is he def. for a drop? Jovetic - will his current injury prevent a rise even though he had good form at the start of the season Krasic - will he def. drop? Elia (eljero) - same as above Krkic - how's his form been, likely to stay short term but what about long term at Roma? Veloso - stay for now? Hernandez (abel) - worth keeping? Is he likely to rise much more where he is? All help much appreciated. Cheers
  2. Re: Some Austrian Risers As a first stab i don't think I've done too bad; got a few right at least. Will try to post some predictions for one of the leagues to be reviewed in the future. Roman Kienast - SK Strum - 82>>84/85 84 Deni Alar - Kapfenberger - 80>>82 83 Marcel Schreter - Fc Wacker - 79>>80/81 81 Patrick Berger - Mattersburg - 78>>81/80 81 Daniel Royer - SV Reid - 80>>81/82 82 Thomas Schrammel - SK Rapid Wien - 80>>81/82 83 Alois Holler - SV Mattersburg - 75>&
  3. >>Quick disclaimer - this is my first post where I've made predictions so they may not be particlularly accurate<< Here goes, Roman Kienast - SK Strum - 82>>84/85 Deni Alar - Kapfenberger - 80>>82 Marcel Schreter - Fc Wacker - 79>>80/81 Patrick Berger - Mattersburg - 78>>81/80 Daniel Royer - SV Reid - 80>>81/82 Thomas Schrammel - SK Rapid Wien - 80>>81/82 Alois Holler - SV Mattersburg - 75>>78/79 Michael Gregoritsch - Kapfenberger - 75>>77/76
  4. Re: English Championship risers What are people's thoughts on whether Jay Rodriguez of Burnley will get a rise, and if so by how much? He's below average for his team with the amount of minutes he's played approx. 1950 mins, bagged 7 goals and has just made his England U21 début. Talent for the future maybe?
  5. Re: Method for predicting the size of rises/falls Thanks for he suggestions... I'll give it a go for one of the next rating changes (and when I have a bit of time) and post something Cheers
  6. Just wondering if anyone wants to share their method/system for predicting the actual size (e.g +1 or +2) of a rise/fall. I use several pages for scouting players but have never posted my findings because I'm never quite sure how much they will rise by. Any tips anyone? {I have read the 'sticky' posts from the top of the forum by the way} Thanks in advance for any help
  7. I have a feeling that the A-league might be up for review fairly soon and during my scouting work I came across this fella: Aziz Behich - Melbourne Heart fc - played 20 out of 23 games racking up 1527 mins of game time. Rated 70. In my set-ups he is only 10K so worth a punt I reckon.
  8. Re: Bundesliga Ratings 2010/2011 (I) dd my voice to the positive feedback about your post. Great layout, knowledgeable person; spot on post. Thanks
  9. Re: Help choosing a fwd/CF any more thoughts about these guys?
  10. Re: Help choosing a fwd/CF oops I also forgot to throw H Nilmar into the mix 26 90 and @12.3M does that change anything?
  11. Re: Help choosing a fwd/CF Thanks for the advice
  12. I'd like to get some opinions/advice on the following as potential replacements for J Carew in my fairly competitive set-up. Pretty much all the 90+ fwd/cf under 30 are taken apart from those listed below. Basically I was looking to get a new 90 rated striker to replace Carew (before/in case he drops). I could either go for a 90 who is young and should rise in the future or a 91 who has a safe rating (probably for a few years). I can afford all of the players listed below, but the club who owns Pazzini massively under values Carew, so I wouldn't get good value if I did a part ex+cash. The
  13. Basically a couple of times recently I have had players on my shortlist and I've had a message that another club has put in a transfer bid. When I go to the players page and try to put in a bid I can't seem to find how to as the normal options aren't there. However, I have put in bids for a couple of players, only to find that others have then come in a put in higher bids. Also, I then can't seem to go back and put in a higher offer. Can anyone shed any light on this? Cheers
  14. When I took over my Villa side I had this chap; Zoltan STIEBER 21 Yr Rt 80 SM Val ~£2M I could do with some extra cash, but not sure whetehr he will continue to rise at the club he's currently at. Should I keep him or get rid? All help opinions, gratefully received.
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